Pope Benedict Cleaning House

The real reason Archbishop Favalora of Miami was made to resign.

A Conservative Catholic watchdog group formed in Miami reports on the early resignation of Archbishop John Favalora.   He stepped down 8 months before usual retirement time based on a canon law allowing this to happen if there is a significant reason a bishop cannot perform his duties.

Given that the Bishop has no serious health problems, the reasons for the resignation are attributable to the house cleaning efforts of the Vatican over the last several years.

In a nutshell, the archdiocese of Miami has had a bunch of  practicing gay priests, as well as other significant departures from church teaching.   Vatican officials have been paying visits to US Seminaries  since 2005.  Seminarians in Miami report a change of climate in the recent period preceding the resignation of Bishop Favalora, with more tolerance of the orthodox  traditionalists.   The much more conservative Thomas Wenski, a bishop from Orlando, is slated to assume leadership  of Miami Archdiocese.

The scrubbing continues.

Penalty for Inaccurate Census Form

Obama’s census form offers window to race views – Washington Times.

Yes, we are supposed to fill out our census form accurately.   There’s a penalty for not doing so.

Obama represented himself as being only of one race  (the least significant contribution to his genome and upbringing) on his census form.

It is most appropriate for people of mixed or uncertain ancestry to leave the race portion of these forms blank.

Number one, it brings forth the idea that race is not such a big deal since  most people are acturally  mixed race if one looks back far enough.

Secondly leaving a blank spot or checking ‘other’, when possible, averts the problem  of  inaccuracy.

Hard Week for the Dems

Obama takes immigration reform off agenda – Yahoo! News.

It was going to be a two pronged attempt to get more voters for the Dems in November.    Obama has seen that the method of supporting amnesty for illegal aliens is NOT popular with the American people.  So he only has the single prong of hoping that Puerto Rico will want to be a state, and support leftists.

Without action on the part of the government, it is up to Al Sharpton,  Obama’s man in the streets, to convince Hispanic voters that the Dems still  “care” about their issues.

Al Sharpton will continue to paint the Arizona enforcement of existing  immigration law in racial terms,  though Hispanics are a multi racial polyglot, same as the population of the U.S.

Fun boycotts  of Arizona are coming from the leftists.  San Francisco libs  are prominent in threatening to avoid trade and tourism with the desert state.   The best one is coming from  geographically challenged leftists who wants to boycott Arizona tea  (even though the company is headquartered in Brooklyn New York.)

Pay attention to the lack of consideration  our government gives  to the human rights issues of Cubans, for example the most significant doctor and journalist, Guillermo Farinas. What is the big difference between Cubans, whose plight is ignored by  the Dems, and other Hispanics???

CUBAN AMERICANS ARE 90 PERCENT REPUBLICAN VOTERS.  That’s the difference.     Your human rights  issues don’t count if you’re not with the Obama regime.

Now, back to the destruction of the US economy through government regulation of energy sources.    Obama has to do a quick back pedal from his statement about the safety of oil rigs after the spill from BP’s rig  in the Gulf .  (Check out the video from April 2 at Real Clear Politics)

A Swat team is being sent to the oil rig in the gulf………… why ???

Do you suppose there are terrorists or criminals engaging in some criminal operation on that rig?

Do you wonder if Obama can  effect a government take over of BRITISH Petroleum ???  😉

On that Wonderful Cuban Healthcare

Guillermo Fariñas  is a doctor of psychology who one held  a government position as General Secretary of Healthcare Union Workers.   In 1995, when he smelled the stench of corruption and spoke out, he was imprisoned.  Now free, he is  in solidarity with other political prisoners, and is hunger striking to protest Cuba’s maltreatment and torture of these people.

via » Exclusive: Second Hunger Striker, Cuban Journalist, Close to Death – Big Journalism.

If you read Spanish here’s a website that keeps you up to date.   Twitter is on the sidebar.

Prayers for Guillermo Fariñas, whose self sacrifice follows  hunger striker, Orlando Zapata Tamayo, in shining the spotlight on abuses and corruption of the Castro regime.

Baby boy survives for nearly two days after abortion – Telegraph

Baby boy survives for nearly two days after abortion – Telegraph.

This case of infanticide may cause trouble for the abortionist practicing in Rossano, Italy for two reasons.

The infant survived the procedure, but was left for dead.  He was discovered to be still alive 2o hours later by the hospital chaplain who had visited to pray beside the body.  The chaplain noticed movement, and the baby was subsequently rushed to a neonatal unit in Consenza hospital where he died a day later.

So number one reason that the abortionists have trouble is that they abandoned a living baby to die.

Number two reason is that the estimated age of the baby at induced abortion was not correct.    This kid would not have lived for a whole  day unattended if he  were only 22 weeks along.

So this is  a much later term abortion attempt than was initially represented by the health care practitioners.


Here’s a review of the Italian Abortion Law (194) which proscribes abortions of  fetuses which could potentially survive when separated from the mother, unless her life  is in danger.

Here’s hoping that the Italian health authorities are serious about their proposed investigation of this apparent  late term abortion turned infanticide.

Soft Porn on Television in Primetime, and This Worry About Senator’s Language

Goldman Hearing: How Many Times Did Sen. Levin Say ‘Sh**ty Deal’? – CNBC.

Ya, the Boob Tube pumps out stuff your little  kids really don’t need to see during the afternoon and early evening, but CNBC is really worried about Democrat Senator Carl  Levin of Michigan.  See, he really  pretends to think that Goldman Sachs has  been dealing some serious, subprime  feces, and said so repeatedly in the Senate grilling.

Eleven times, the S**t word was uttered by Sen. Levin,  the suddenly fastidious NBC reporter counted….and a video is supplied by the cable network,  for your primetime ‘enjoyment ‘.

Dems Knew the Health Care Bill Would Increase Costs, Before the Vote

» Breaking: Dems Hid Damning Health Care Report From Public Until a Month After Vote! – Big Government.

The CBO can only use numbers provided by congress for scoring the economic impact of  a bill.  So if Congress cooks the numbers and presents to the CBO…….. well,  “garbage in, garbage out”.  However the Health and Human services Dept is  able to use other data for evaluating the economic impact of a bill.  Apparently they filed a report with Kathleen Sebelius more than a week before Congress passed Obamacare.

Sebelius kept this concealed until now.    So what was obvious to anyone who has observed government control of ANYTHING, is now undeniable even by the more dense members of Congress.   Obamacare will increase costs for everyone who works for a living.    Taxes will increase for millions of middle class  Americans.  Millions more Americans will be left without insurance as the private insurers implode under the new regulations, and as employers stop providing coverage.

You will hear next to nothing about this from the mainstream media.

Pondering the Low Sperm Counts

Out for the count: Why levels of sperm in men are falling – Science, News – The Independent.

The mainstream media  exhibits the common skill of ignoring the obvious, and the above article is one example.

A decrease in sperm production and quality is noted among Western men, and it is claimed that the cause is very likely congenital,  and due to environment within the mother’s womb.

Various possible toxic causes are discussed, including dioxin exposure and smoking during pregnancy.

Androgen suppressors, and estrogen mimicking chemicals are discussed, without mentioning the ever popular and ubiquitous use of the birth control pills.