Rally in Okinawa – Ready to Lose Futenma Marine Base.

Ryukyu Shimpo.

Brought to you by Google translator, which butchers Okinawan sites badly….

Big rally Sunday (over Saturday night for us) in Yomitan with about 90,000 in attendance, and another 10,000 stuck in traffic jams. Okinawans are eager to get rid of that Futenma Marine base, which adds so much noise and disaster to the atmosphere of Ginowan. They don’t want it moved north to Henoko (Nago area), or even offshore of Katsuren Peninsula (near Uruma). The latter two sites are less populous, but tearing up more real estate, and environmental impact are big concerns.

Imagine one out of 14 people in any state of the U.S. attending a tea party. That’s the percent head count at this rally in Okinawa. Those people have long been ready to lose military bases, despite the negative impact that would have on their economy.

Tiny Okinawa has been hosting almost 80 percent of the U.S. military bases in Japan.

The Katsuren site had been the latest relocation possibility, even favored by some local business leaders, and made somewhat more attractive by including a relocation of Air Self Defense Forces from Naha as well as the Futenma base. It seems from the Ryukyu Shimpo article that this idea has also lost support.

Obama’s Chicago Pal Loses His Bank

No bailout for the Broadway Bank in Chicago, sunk by real estate losses.   It is one of seven Illinois banks to be closed, and will reopen under new ownership.

Giannoulias to Move ‘Forward’ in Senate Race After Bank Seizure – Bloomberg.com.

The Giannoulias family stands to lose financially, and the loss is certain to cast a pall on the senate race of  the owner’s son Alexi.  Opponent in the political race, Mark Kirk   stands to gain by alluding to the risky financial practices of the bank which led to its troubles.  Additionally, loans to such Chicago ” luminaries” as Tony Rezko  and Michael Giorango  add to the negative publicity.

Alexi Giannoulias remains hopeful for help and support in his Senate campaign from the Obama administration.

The Silver Lining of This SEC Problem of Porn Surfing

… is that these bureaucrats might not have time to perform their regulatory mission from Obama.

SEC workers investigated for porn-surfing – Washington Times.

At least 2 dozen Securities and Exchange Commission workers are under investigation for being too “busy” at work  do do their actual job.

A regional supervisor was found to have made 1800 attenpts to access filtered  porn sites within a 17 day time frame.   He called it  his obsession “kind of a distraction per se”.

NY Daily news reports an SEC accountant made 16 thousand attempts to click porn sites over the period of one month. That person probably did not have time at work to go to the bathroom.

Seventeen of the malefactors were considered senior level, with salaries up to $222,418.

We can see how the Bernie Madoff and other fraudsters have escaped scrutiny for so long.   The SEC  crew has something more interesting to look at than the financial records, charts and graphs .

Leftists Borrow From NAZIs in Attacking Catholic Church

MercatorNet: How the Nazis engineered a paedophile priests scare.

The above blast from the past is  a must-read.   Please pass it on.

It’s all been done before.  Goebbels took revenge on Pope Pius XI, for his opposition to the NAZI regime,   by engineering a panic about pedophile priests.

Like today,  rare  cases of  sexual abuse  were amplified by the propaganda ministry so as to generate a backlash against the church.

In Germany, hundreds of priests were arrested and sent to the concentration camps,  where many died.  However, only 21 of those accused   priests were “convicted”  of the crimes.

Here we go again.

These sex crimes occurring in the public education system are all but ignored,  and it’s considered OK for abortion clinics to cover up instances of  statutory rape and incest.   All attention is on the Catholic church for much rarer instances, and repeat tales of crimes occurring decades ago.

And do remember……… your church is next, if  it expresses any opposition to the policies of Obama.

Birth Control Pill linked with increased incidence of HIV / AIDS

The Pill’s Deadly Affair with HIV/AIDS | 2010 (v12).

Above linked is a precursor to a full review due in the May/June issue of Population Research.

The use of hormonal contraceptives is linked with an increased incidence of HIV infection, and more rapid progression of the disease to the need for antiretroviral drugs.

High dose hormonal contraceptives elicit the greatest risk, followed by injectable Depo-Provera, and lastly the low dose birth control pills.

A meta-analysis of 28 studies bu Dr. Chia Wang showed this significant positive relationship between hormonal birth control use and HIV I seroprevalence with a higher positive association found among the studies conducted in African populations.

Noted is the fact that HIV is more prevalent in women than in men worldwide, and that populations showing increased oral contraceptive use are experiencing higher infection rates than populations in which OC use is rare.   Japan and the Philippines,   have 0.01% and 0.02% incidence of HIV respectively.   Thailand, on the other hand, has been praised for popular adoption of OC use,   and its HIV rate is correspondingly higher – affecting  over 1 % of adults.

More details are available HERE Read up!

Obama’s Old Buddy Blagojevich Moves to Subpoena Him for Trial

Blagojevich Defense Team Moves To Subpoena President Barack Obama – cbs2chicago.com.

Former Governor Rod Blagojevich  Democrat, Illinois, has been in hot water for various allegations  of corruption, in which, Pharmer is convinced,  his administration was swimming.  These include an attempt to sell the senate seat formerly occupied by Obama .

There motion to obtain Obama’s presence at the corruption trial alludes to Obama’s knowledge about  allegations made in the indictment, and that Obama’s public statements contradict those made by other significant witnesses in the case.

Of interest is that Valerie Jarrett,  White House advisor had been interested in Obama’s vacated senate seat.

The SEC Fraud Charges against Goldman Sachs- a Charade

Goldman’s White House connections raise eyebrows | McClatchy.

Even the leftie media is starting to get on board with an understanding about the Obama administration’s side show.

There’s a need to push the current legislation  to regulate  (dismantle and destroy) Wall street.

Crew Obama bought Google ads last week in time for the announcement by the SEC that it was going after Goldman Sachs.  It appears for now that the ads  have disappeared, due to the ad budget being drained from  the huge number of clicks generated by the right wing media attention.

The link above features the multiple visits by the CEO, Lloyd Blankfein, to the Whitehouse during the time that the SEC investigation  was brewing.

And if you scroll down on this site, You’ll see a partial list of personnel who migrated from Goldman Sachs to Obama’s administration.

Oh yes……  Press secretary Gates sees no reason for Obama to return the almost 1 million dollars he obtained from the Goldmans and its employees  during the 2008 presidential campaign.

Yep, its a joke.   Forget this sideshow and focus on the disaster of the government regulating Wall Street and the banks to death.

Calgary U Students Face Expulsion for Pro-Life Display

Calgary U Students Face Expulsion for Pro-Life Display.

That graphic Genocide Awareness Project  display is just too much for Calgary University to take.

What had  not been seen as  too much to take in Calgary — is infanticide.  Here’s a blast from the past: an old Alberta Report article about the goings on at Calgary’s  Foothills Hospital.

Back to the present,  it appears that the pro-life  students who are hosting the GAP display at Calgary University might be expelled for their efforts, but appear to be willing to take that chance.   It might be up to the university to decide if the effort to suppress the students will be worth all  that  negative publicity which prolifers will give them, free of charge.

Think This Will Wake Hollywood Up? Naaaah

Here’s something for the Muslims, who see America as the great Satan, due to what our entertainment industry pumps out.

Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » SHOCK POLL: Public Has Negative Opinion of Hollywood.

Approval of  the entertainment industry  is at 33%,  according to a Pew poll of Americans.   Disapproval is at 51%.

Not that this will make a dent among the Hollywood elites, who only talk among themselves, but their remaining audience is primarily the Jerry Springer set, or those who make parodies of them, to entertain a wider audience.

Pharmer is personally hearing increasing numbers of people saying that movies aren’t worth the money anymore.  Home made videos on the net  have multi-millions of viewers.   You know we’ve found something else to do for laughs.