Leftists Borrow From NAZIs in Attacking Catholic Church

MercatorNet: How the Nazis engineered a paedophile priests scare.

The above blast from the past is  a must-read.   Please pass it on.

It’s all been done before.  Goebbels took revenge on Pope Pius XI, for his opposition to the NAZI regime,   by engineering a panic about pedophile priests.

Like today,  rare  cases of  sexual abuse  were amplified by the propaganda ministry so as to generate a backlash against the church.

In Germany, hundreds of priests were arrested and sent to the concentration camps,  where many died.  However, only 21 of those accused   priests were “convicted”  of the crimes.

Here we go again.

These sex crimes occurring in the public education system are all but ignored,  and it’s considered OK for abortion clinics to cover up instances of  statutory rape and incest.   All attention is on the Catholic church for much rarer instances, and repeat tales of crimes occurring decades ago.

And do remember……… your church is next, if  it expresses any opposition to the policies of Obama.