Abortionist Gosnell, the Disaster that Keeps on “Giving”

The disturbing  practice of  Philadephia abortionist Gosnell  appears to be a public relations disaster that keeps on giving.   Jill Stanek has sunk her teeth into this story, and is chronicling his many violations of  the minimum standards of abortion practice. She is now addressing the fact that  an outside agency (National Abortion Federation)  had observed  Gosnell’s unsanitary and unsafe  facilities, and failed to report them.

Pharmer would also like to bring up the fact that nearby hospitals had to be receiving Gosnell’s patients, and their ER staffs had to be aware that he was an abysmal practitioner.    Botched abortions,  incomplete abortions, infections, etc. all find their way into the neighboring hospitals, and after a time, the causative agent develops a negative reputation with police, paramedics, EMTs and emergency department staff.   One of the dampening influences which prevent such abominations from coming to the attention of authorities is fear of HIPAA sanctions.  Was this, (as well as the isolation of  other  hospitalized patients  from their social support system), an intentional thing, or an unintended consequence of HIPAA regulations?

Abortion is a self feeding system of negativity that drives standards of care downward in every institution that it touches.

People who  do abortions  represent the substandard of health care.   Abortion has invaded obstetrics and gynecology, and every institution which is touched by abortion has experienced decreased quality of staff and decreased quality of care.

Both abortion and euthanasia are cheap and easy ways to remove problems by eliminating the victims.   Innovation in medicine has been driven by compassion for people who suffer with certain disorders and illnesses.  When those people are killed off through abortion or euthanasia that impetus for innovation is removed. Additionally the killing erodes public trust in health care professionals.   The force of life and creativity is attenuated and humanity devolves.

Walmart in the CROSSHAIRS

Anti-Wal-Mart Leftists Literally Target Developer’s Home with Crosshairs Flyer, Plan March After Dark Tomorrow | NewsBusters.org.

WalmartfreeDC.org has missed Obama’s call for more civil speech.

Be sure to check out their crosshairs ad, calling people to an after dark protest at the home of a developer who’s allowing a new Walmart into the DC area.

As immediately surmised,  Obama’s  request for civility would be only for the purpose of censoring the right wing.

Washington to Hear Bill Soon Attacking Pregnancy Centers | LifeNews.com

Washington to Hear Bill Soon Attacking Pregnancy Centers | LifeNews.com.

A bill HB1366, designed to close crisis pregnancy centers is being heard by the Washington State legislature at this time.

Very simply, the bill adds medical regulations to the crisis centers which are applicable to no other facility, and opens the centers to lawsuits filed even by those who have never visited the facilities, nor have suffered damages.

It would appear that Democrat Sen. Rodney Tom, the sponsor of last year’s attempt to pass this bill, thinks that removing free services for moms who want to keep their baby a bright idea.  Coercing more abortions, by removing the alternatives,  was  his  way to deal with the current economic crisis.

Sponsors of the current HB 1366 are representatives

Clibborn, Walsh, Appleton, Goodman, Darneille, Moeller, Green, Carlyle, Fitzgibbon, Frockt, Reykdal, Roberts, Jinkins, Pettigrew, Cody, Pedersen, Van De Wege, Liias, Jacks, Maxwell, Dickerson, Ryu, Lytton, Ormsby, Seaquist, Hasegawa, Upthegrove, McCoy, Eddy, Sells, Haigh, Springer, Hunt, Tharinger, Kenney, Santos

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TransPOOsion – Treating Clostridium difficile the UK Way

Scientists fight bugs with poo | Reuters.

Thomas Borody, of the Center for Digestive Diseases in New South Wales instills transplanted Feces via a nasojejunal tube into the upper GI tract.

He’s had a 90 percent success rate in treating recurrent Clostridium difficile infections by this means.

Despite the success  (better than most drugs) the yuck factor is slowing down the adoption of this method.   A randomised prospective study is underway in the Netherlands, the results of which may bolster acceptance of Transpoosions.

Abortionist Kermit Gosnell charged with 8 counts of murder

Philly Doctor Facing 8 Counts Of Murder « CBS Philly – News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of Philadelphia.

After a botched abortion which lead to the death of a woman,  and the killing of 7 infants born alive after late term abortion attempts,  Kermit Gosnell is finally under arrest.  Also charged are Gosnell’s wife, and eight other suspects.

“Blog for choice” day  is fast approaching and thing’s aren’t looking so good for this yearly  celebration of death.

Update  – Read the report of  the Grand Jury overseeing this case.  Warning, it contains some late term abortion photos but they are not the primary portion of the document.

Sen Richard Lugar of Indiana Announces Plans to Retire

Lugar pushes to renew assault weapons ban – On Congress – POLITICO.com.

Yes, it’s true,   Lugar, who has favored the START treaty, and now is calling for a ban on assault rifles, is Obviously wanting to retire from the Senate.  He just wants a little push.

Hoosier teapartiers, such as Pharmer are eager to help him find his next career.

Rep. Peter King of New York has made disgusting noises about gun control, and will likely  be removed also, for trying to politicize the Arizona shootings by the deranged leftist, Jared Lee Loughner.

‘You’re dead!’ victim yells at Tea Party spokesman – U.S. news – Crime & courts – msnbc.com

‘You’re dead!’ victim yells at Tea Party spokesman – U.S. news – Crime & courts – msnbc.com.

One of the shooting victims apparently has been convinced by the media rhetoric blaming the Teaparty for Loughner’s shootings.  Eric J. Fuller was hospitalized for two days for wounds  in  his knee and back.   He went to a  memorial gathering on Saturday,   photographed the speaker, Trent Humphries and threatened him, saying ” You’re dead”.

So… Mr.  Fuller has been committed  for this act, done in full view of the public and media cameras,  and is  undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

Don’t you think the media should tone down its rhetoric, blaming people to whom Loughner was not listening, for his crimes?

Pharmacists interventions in health care

There’s an interesting and confused article called Pharmacy Wars, which should be read in order to understand the reason for posting this article.

A conscience clause is not “a pharmacists right to deny service based upon his personal belief”.
There are many kinds of conscience clauses contained in law which may excuse various medical professionals from involvement in participating in the act of killing a human. Such a thing is attached to the law allowing medically assisted suicide in Oregon. Pharmacists are not required to dispense medication for that purpose, for example. A very few states have laws which excuse pharmacists from dispensing drugs which kill humans very early in development. In most areas, pharmacists will refuse to dispense for that purpose based upon long standing legal protection of religious freedom and conscientious objection to killing. There have been some requirements for signage to be placed at pharmacies in which the pharmacist has a conscientious objection to killing, which are not related to any new legal protections of the human right not to willfully kill others.

I am eager to hear of any specific cases in which a pharmacist refused to dispense life saving medication citing the laws which protect him from being forced to help kill another human. The laws are actually unrelated to this. I have heard of none thus far. The author of this article appears to know of such things and can perhaps provide the references.

HIV patients tend to gravitate towards specialized pharmacists for treatment, as their problems are complex, and the anti-retrovirals have many drug and food interactions which must be juggled for the patient’s safety. Pharmacists in some states are required to take continuing ed in this topic, but it is really a subspecialty of pharmacy as is oncology, for example.

It is not the pharmaceutical industry, but rather academia and state and federal law which influenced the placement of pharmacists more prominently between the physician and patient. Pharmacists are educated that they are morally, civilly or even criminally liable for not addressing safety hazards of medication therapy and stopping medication errors.

A non-traditional Pharm D is not a bachelors degree. It requires graduate education after obtaining the pharmacy degree and license. Non traditional means that it is likely done partially on-line, partially in the classroom and with a different array of experience to make up the clinical requirement.

If one medical professional trashes another medical professional when speaking to a patient, he runs the risk of legal reprisal for anything said which is not completely accurate. He also runs the risk of violating the privacy of other patients.

The standards of safety regarding any drug, and the legal requirements for prescribing and dispensing it can be altered at any time, and when pharmacists become aware of it, they often have to give the patients and the physicians the bad news. This is usually greeted with resentment.

One recent example is the sudden removal of propoxyphine/acetaminophen from the market based upon 53 years of aftermarket experience. It has been decided that the drug bears too much risk for causing cardiac arrhythmia relative to its rather modest potential for pain relief. Some physicians were not at all pleased to hear this news, and might have had a temper tantrum similar to the one to which the author above alludes.

The article, Pharmacy Wars, is filled with so many inaccuracies regarding the function of pharmacists, and the driving forces behind them, that one wonders about the accuracy of the story regarding the pharmacists interaction with the physician.

I do not frequent the subversify blog, but was directed there to append some pertinent information to an article which misrepresented the purpose and function of existing conscience laws.