Media Malpractice Regarding the Pro-Life March in Washington Continues

Abortion Rights Opponents Rally in Washington.

Fox News gives pathetic coverage of the rally,  purposely eliminating the fact that it has become largely fueled by the efforts of pro-life YOUTH, who register to the right of their elders on this issue.  If you watch Fox’s abominable video, you will see the term anti-choice used instead of pro-life, and no young people interviewed on the pro-life side.

‘Tens of thousands’, instead of  ‘hundreds of thousands’ is falsely used for the um-teenth year in a row to misrepresent the crowd size of the pro-lifers.

Yes, it’s true……. Fox News is little better than the rest of them on this issue.

It’s why you come here…….. to the internet to get your news, instead of watching the networks.

You might wish to head to the European press for coverage of this rally and the Obama State of the Union Show, for some information from people with less of an axe to grind.

One more shot on the Pro-life issue……….. which isn’t just about abortion, you know.

The European Court of Human Rights has published  a preliminary finding that there is NO human right to assisted suicide.

Those Muslims are really turning Europe around on the life issues.  Could it be that Christians had  turned the other cheek a little too much when dealing with the issue of other people’s lives???


Clout St: Emanuel asks Illinois Supreme Court for emergency stay.

An appellate court actually booted Rahm Emanuel off of the ballot of the Chicago mayoral race!

He doesn’t meet the residency requirements, and a couple of judges in Illinois actually upheld the law:  Justice Thomas E. Hoffman and Justice Shelvin Louise Marie Hall.

(Will they receive dead Asian carp delivered by mail?  Inquiring minds want to know.)

With the ballots about to be printed,  Rahm has appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court to allow him to be included.

Media is Not Letting Go of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell

It’s the anniversary weekend of Roe V Wade, the March for Life is Monday, and the media really has its hooks into Kermit Gosnell.

They’re wringing their hands over the deaths and mutilations of his female patients, and wondering how the state failed in its oversight of the action for 30 years.

Meanwhile it’s party time for Obama, who’s thrilled as can be that Roe V Wade usurped the states rights to regulate and prohibit abortion.

Obama’s schedule for the week of Jan 23rd does not include an address of the pro-lifers when they’re in town.

Cut it Out, You Vampires!

A  44 year old Maori woman of New Zealand woman has suffered partial paralysis from a stroke which has been attributed to a HICKEY!

Yes, she suffered a clot of an artery leading to her brain after receiving a “love bite”  from her significant other, says Dr. Teddy Wu, who had treated the woman  at Middlemore Hospital in Auckland.   The case has since been reported in the New Zealand Medical Journal.

Docs say that the damage might have been worse had the difficulty not been quickly treated.

Don’t look for accurate medical reporting on this in the regular media.   You’ll  see stuff  implying  ‘warfarin dissolved the clot‘  (warfarin  helps to prevent clots), and the ‘clot in the artery…. traveled to the heart’…. (no, arteries lead away from the heart to the periphery, except in the lungs).     Someone find that journal article.

Media Creates a “Backlash” Against Cyber Socializing

Social networking under fresh attack as tide of cyber-scepticism sweeps US | Media | The Observer.

Yes, the leftie press is  criticizing the social interaction on the internet, as it becomes the more reliable mix for obtaining news, and edges out the old  media.

This article manufactures a luddite leftie movement harkening back to a  time  when (?) leftists used to talk to each other and assist each other in real life.

In the Blue cities, crimes  occur in plain view, out on the street, with no one intervening.   Urban denizens  die alone in their apartments, with no one wondering what happened until the remains are mummified, or degraded down to the bones.   So this article’s lament about the facebook suicide occurring without immediate intervention rings hollow.

The negative of internet surfing  and socializing is that it’s somewhat addictive, particularly in the cold winter months.   The positive aspect is that people with severe disabilities have been able to converse on an equal social footing  with others, in an online  setting, without notice given to their physical difficulties.

The availability of computers and  internet, coupled with  the ability to work from home,  has also decreased the waste of talent of those with physical limitations or mental illnesses.  Now that they have more available avenues of  productivity,   as well as a voice,  leftists have less excuse to “abort”  them at any stage of life.

Kieth Olbermann booted from MSNBC slot

The acquisition of MSNBC by ComCast has just been approved, and on the heels of that is the firing of Leftie commentator, Kieth Olbermann, from his primetime slot.

He’s to be replaced by Lawrence O’Donnell, along with a reshuffling of the night time lineup.

It’s trading one  leftie for another, so the move is no big deal, except for a change of style.   When Olbermann was around, people could have reassurance that they were  doing the right thing if Olberman listed them as his Worst Person in the World.

Teaparty moves to recall Tucson sheriff Clarence Dupnik.

Outspoken Tucson sheriff faces recall bid – Washington Times.

Teapartiers have initiated a bid to recall the mouthy leftie, Sheriff Clarence Dupnik,  and will hold a rally to kick off their signature drive.  They need to collect over 90,000 signatures (almost a fifth of the registered voters) in order to hold a special election to replace him.

It’s an uphill battle, but perhaps enough Tucsonians have tired of being flagellated verbally for the crimes of Jared Loughner.

Where’s the Birth Certificate??

Hawaii governor says Obama’s birth record ‘exists’ but can’t produce it | Mail Online.

Hawaii’s  “helpful” governor, Niel Abercrombie,  wanted to help Obama with his documentation problem, and pledged to provide proof that Obama was born in that state.

But he can’t find a birth certificate!  You know, the one that Hawaii’s health director claimed to have seen….

I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawaii State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen”.

Yeah, that one….

So Abercrombie should inquire of the good Dr. Fukino… where’s the birth certificate!?