Spontaneous Abortion in Other Species

Jill Stanek’s blog featured some Aggie News, relating equine behavioral and biological phenomena to the abortion issue.   Pharmer, being Pharmer, can’t pass up such hot issues as animal husbandry  (that’s breeding livestock …ok.)

It’s been noticed that bringing in outside male zebras to prevent inbreeding at zoos has resulted in an extremely high miscarriage (abortion) rate among the mares.    Horses share this difficulty, as do other animals such as some rodents.  In the presence of the males from the home location, the mares which have been bred by outsiders will often lose their offspring.  Some of the mares will copulate with the home males, and if unable to do so will be more  likely to abort.  It is surmised  that this is a biological adaptation to the fact that the male equines will very often kill the offspring which resulted from relations with outside males. It is believed to result in a conservation of energy and resources for the mare to lose the offspring before birth  rather than go through the effort of delivering a foal which will be killed anyway.

In one of the fluffy news pieces describing the phenomenon among horses, it was suggested that the mares could actually will the loss of the pregnancy if the circumstances regarding the presence of non parental males were untoward.  Pharmer supposes that this notion is no more crazy than man-made global warming.

In a somewhat related phenomenon, the  smell of urine from newly introduced  males who did not breed with the female mouse will elicit failure of implantation, but does not cause loss after that stage. This is referred to as the Bruce effect, in which production of a functional corpus luteum is prevented.  This effect is abated by the presence of familiar males, even if they did not breed with the female mouse. The Bruce effect  is not seen in rats, and is a good deal different than what is being observed in horses.




Doing the Right Thing – Japan Does Not Heed UN

via FRANCE 24 – Despite UN recommendation, Japan will not widen evacuation zone.

The UN, full of whacko alarmists  who believe in Global Warming, are recommending for Japan to expand the evacuation around Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant.

Japan, which has “been there, done that”,   is  doing its own monitoring and should be left to make its own decisions.

It’s time for the clamoring nutjobs at the UN to shut up and let the Japanese concentrate on cleaning up the mess.

Looks as though they’ll be burying Fukushima  Daiichi in concrete, however.

On the Advance of Civilization

The United States is at a cross roads. Some of our representatives have gotten a hold of this idea. They have correctly recognized that social issues and economic issues of the United States are intertwined, and that the social issues have to be addressed in order for the economic issues to be resolved.

This is the reason:

The Advance of Human Civilization is fueled by the desire to alleviate human suffering and human need.
If the suffering and need are concealed or erased by killing the victims, there will be no advancement.

We can see this already happening in the countries with socialized medicine. They have decided to stop treatment, and/or kill off those who have too many difficulties, or whose existence is not seen as profitable for the society as a whole. You can see what has happened to their capacities for medical and others scientific innovation. Which country still fosters the most scientific advancement, so that the most gifted people of the world flock here in order to accomplish their aims? It is still U.S.

If we decide to kill people because they have unmet needs, we will cease to advance as a civilization. All sorts of innovations will grind to a halt. We will enter a prolonged depression and dark age.

Listen to the likes of Bachmann, Palin, Cain, West, and the ones who came before them. They have a gut understanding of the main point, given above, though they might not be able to express it in as few words.
These people have the charisma to convey a more hopeful future for humanity, and lead others to it.

-K. L. Brauer

More Maggot Medical News From Ohio

Morbidly obese man found fused to chair he sat in for two years dies in hospital | Mail Online.

This one is from Bellaire, Ohio…. where a morbidly obese man had become fused to his chair, in a matrix of his skin, feces, urine and maggots.

His girlfriend had undertaken to feed him by hand since he had become too big to leave the chair.   The man apparently refused to accept medical help for an arthritic condition in his knees which had made it impossible for him to ambulate.

The individual, yet to be named was finally found unconscious by his girlfriend and was transported to a hospital in Wheeling, West Virginia where he later died.

See a   similar story from the Cincinnati Ohio area.


Bill O’Reilly – Qaddafi Brutalities

Bill O’Reilly speaks to Wafa Sultan, author of the book, “A God who Hates”. Dr. Sultan discusses the plight of women under Sharia law, which persecutes/kills women who dare to bring charges of rape.

Go to The Blaze for an update on the story of Iman al-Obeidi who was raped by Qadaffi supporters and has publicly accused them of this crime.
Possibly world-wide publicity of her precarious situation will cause her life to be spared.

Parasites Tear Up London

Anti-cuts demo: Protesters occupy Fortnum & Mason as half a million march on London | Mail Online.

It started as a Labor Union protest of the budget cuts in the UK,  but then the anarchists added their special touch.

Yes the UK is broke, and has to cut the budget.   The parasite class, is expecting money to fall from the sky  (same as in Greece) to fund the dependent lifestyle to which they have become accustomed.

Anarchists utilized the opportunity to tear up the Ritz  Hotel, and other landmarks  of  central London.

More pics and a timeline  are available at the the Telegraph.


Reporter Locked in Closet at Biden Fundraiser

Orlando Sentinel reporter Scott Powers was designated as the pool reporter to cover a Biden Fundraiser at Alan Ginsberg’s “Winter Park” house in Florida.

The reporter was confined to a closet by Biden staffers during most of the event to keep him from mingling with the guests, and was only let out to hear Biden’s prepared remarks.  He was then confined back to the closet.

Powers sent an image of his “holding cell”  to his editors, and that is available for a short time the Drudge Report.

The host of the event later apologized to Powers, saying that he was only following the lead of the Democrat staffers, and claimed that he had no idea that the reporter was confined to a closet.

A Whole lot of Transparency Going on in the Democrat Party.

Update: an interview with Scott Powers is at Breitbart.com

Government Electric Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether – NYTimes.com

G.E.’s Strategies Let It Avoid Taxes Altogether – NYTimes.com.

Jeffrey Immelt has a special position as Obama’s Liaison to the Business Community, and as Chairman of the President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness.

Immelt’s Company, General Electric is numero uno among U.S. corporations in Tax Avoidance.  Their net payout on (5 billion in profit) to the IRS is Zero.

The company has managed to balance it’s financial statements of profit from the U.S. and abroad so as to be paying zero U.S. taxes.

These kinds of strategies are out of reach for normal U.S. taxpayers, and of course we are not serving on Obama’s special committees.  So we do not have most favored Tax Status. Ronald Reagan had noticed such outsized advantages for large corporations and eliminated many loopholes, while drastically lowering the tax rates for everyone.  In succeeding decades  the large entities regained much of their preferential tax advantages.

In the last 8 years, GE has reduced US employment by 20 percent and has increased overseas employment.  Cumulative overseas profits have increased from $15 billion to $92 billion in that period.   Declaring profits in countries with much lower taxes than the U.S. is highly beneficial to the bottom line

Wouldn’t you like to be multinational too?