Ky teen may face adult charge in couple’s slaying – Yahoo! News

Ky teen may face adult charge in couple’s slaying – Yahoo! News.

After an amber alert and car chase, a  15 year old KY kid is charged with killing his 50 year old second cousin and her husband. The couple, Gary and Barbara Holloway, had taken this incorrigible  kid in and cared for him after his mother had given up on him.

Their adult son had gone  to check on them, after he had been unable to reach them by phone, and found them dead in their bed.

The apparent cause of contention:   the Holloways had tried to prevent the teen from dating a 12 year old girl.

Single comment from Pharmer’s hubby:  “Hope he likes guys.”

Redundant expression for War

‘Kinetic military action’ or ‘war’? – Jonathan Allen –

Remember when the lefties began using an alternate term for the A word.  You know……. Choice  = Abortion.

Now there’s a new word for another kind of killing.  It’s “Kinetic“.   Kinetic used to mean ‘of or pertaining to motion‘, before the lefties got a hold of it.   Of course, action is pretty much a similar thing.  So you have extreme redundancy surrounding the term ‘military’ to refer to WAR when the lefties do it.

So there you have it:  War = Kinetic Military Action.

The bonehead who may be credited with this latest idiocy is Deputy National Security Advisor, Ben Rhodes, and here’s his statement quoted at the Politico:

“I think what we are doing is enforcing a resolution that has a very clear set of goals, which is protecting the Libyan people, averting a humanitarian crisis, and setting up a no-fly zone,” Rhodes said. “Obviously that involves kinetic military action, particularly on the front end. But again, the nature of our commitment is that we are not getting into an open-ended war, a land invasion in Libya.”

The SEIU Plot to Take Down Banks

There’s a video under heated discussion showing SEIU leader Steve Lerner (who headed the Justice for Janitors effort). His bright idea was a sort of mortgage strike….. everyone refuse to pay, in order to take down the lenders. You will want to see the transcript, and especially the last line of it at the Blaze. The initially presented video and an uncut version also are there.

The SEIU seems to have a problem with capitalism.

That Lerner is no longer holding his former position with the Union might be used to exonerate SEIU of this plot to destabilize the US economy, (similarly to planned parenthood firing Some of their errant employees after they were caught aiding and abetting child prostitution.)

Here’s a copy of the video at Youtube.

More on Steve Lerner, and some history of his SEIU career is at the Blaze.

White House: Helping install ‘a democratic system’ is goal in Libya –

White House: Helping install ‘a democratic system’ is goal in Libya –

Remember what Obama said about avoiding war, ending US involvement in wars, avoiding nation building……..


The Libyan mission has morphed from doing nothing, to saving the lives of the Libyan rebels, and now  to installing a democratic government in Libya, which is REGIME CHANGE.

“Oh by the way”,  Obama has finally notified Congress that we’re at war.

It appears that no one wants to lead the war, and France is proposing a steering committee.

New Washington Times is Baaaaack

New Washington Times hits stands | Washington Business Journal.

The Washington times has been  purchased by  investors connected with Rev. Sun Myung Moon who had  originally founded the newspaper.

It is back out, with it’s sports page,  down to half price at the news stands, and set to put up a revitalized  website in the near future.   Delivery has also resumed.

Rev. Moon’s paper has been  a standout for  having reporters who dig harder on many stories,  are  more careful with details, and ……..  report accurately on medical matters!

The availability of  a right leaning opinion section is always a plus.

Jennifer Harper of the Washington Times is linked here on the Times.


Planned Parenthood would like to bury this

pp-screenshot.jpg (JPEG Image, 1213×896 pixels) – Scaled (88%).

but You should see it first.   It’s a message from planned parenthood of Illinois to their activists, concerning three bills that regulate abortion clinics.  One of the bills, which would require all personnel working at the abortion clinic to report visits by victims of child sex abuse, was met by the protest that such reporting would overload the department of children and family services.

Apparently the people at planned parenthood feel that there are a huge number of abused underage girls utilizing their abortion services.   This kicker is in the second paragraph of the letter linked above.  Check it out.

Planned parenthood has since backed away from this a bit….. realizing that their opposition to this bill   (particularly after having been caught   in aiding and abetting child abuse)   is not good for public relations, and further government funding.  They have since taken the offensive paragraph out of the letter at their website.

See also  the  “NEVER MIND” letter from Illinois affiliate of NARAL  to their activists here.

See more detail at Jill Stanek’s place.  She’s got some supporting audio here.

Deroy Murdock Chronicles the Leftist Propensity Towards Violence

Death Threats by the Dozens in Wisconsin – Deroy Murdock – National Review Online.

In the National Review Deroy Murdock has compiled  a sampling of the death threats and unsavory behavior of the leftist Union supporters in Wisconsin.

Attention is called to it here because the Leftist media will not speak out against its own people, in the same way that Attorney General Eric Holder would not prosecute  his own people for crimes committed.

There is not even a pretense of respect for the rule of law under the Obama administration.  We have become a banana republic.


Nuke reader help: I Sievert = 100 Rem

For conversion purposes when reading the Nuke articles.  Sieverts radiation dose units used everywhere else, and Rems are used in the U.S.

1 sievert is 100 rem

milli is a one thousandth.

1 rem is 10 millisieverts.

It appears that the approved yearly permitted radiation dose  for workers at the Fukushima plant has been jacked up to the level that the shuttle astronauts are permitted to take per mission.

Japan wouldn’t need to ban all the food from the farms near Fukushima.  A lot of the radioactive contamination has  short half life.  The produce  would  become edible after some time in the can or freezer, even if initial levels are too high for immediate consumption, after washing.  (When the glow starts to go,  chow down.)   Moving food and processing it will be a much bigger job than usual in some of these areas.

The radioactivity in the water found in Tokyo is below safety limits thus far.

In the AM of today, some smoke is rising from the spent fuel storage of reactor 3 at Fukushima Daiichi, and the workers have scooted out of there for a bit.

Wouldn’t you know it,  the Fukushima Daiichi data is being amassed at Wikipedia. It’s a starting point for learning about this,  not the final word, and the article even indicates this  at the top.    The wiki piece is  pretty comprehensive and  appears to be  infinitely  more useful  than the garbage coming out of the media.

This timeline at Wikipedia is being kept current.