Planned Parenthood would like to bury this

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but You should see it first.   It’s a message from planned parenthood of Illinois to their activists, concerning three bills that regulate abortion clinics.  One of the bills, which would require all personnel working at the abortion clinic to report visits by victims of child sex abuse, was met by the protest that such reporting would overload the department of children and family services.

Apparently the people at planned parenthood feel that there are a huge number of abused underage girls utilizing their abortion services.   This kicker is in the second paragraph of the letter linked above.  Check it out.

Planned parenthood has since backed away from this a bit….. realizing that their opposition to this bill   (particularly after having been caught   in aiding and abetting child abuse)   is not good for public relations, and further government funding.  They have since taken the offensive paragraph out of the letter at their website.

See also  the  “NEVER MIND” letter from Illinois affiliate of NARAL  to their activists here.

See more detail at Jill Stanek’s place.  She’s got some supporting audio here.