Over the Holiday Weekend, the Entertainment is Not a Barbeque

It is a weenie roast, specifically involving Rep. Anthony Weiner, D, NY.

Apparently  a bulging undie pic was sent from the congressman’s twitter account to a college student in Seattle.

No Sheeples Here Blog weighs in with the following illustrated comment: No Sheeples Here: Weinergate: Teensy Weensy Anthony Weiner, That Is.

The Blogosphere is afire with the obvious humor stemming from this gaffe, as the mainstream media pretends that nothing happened, and little censors scrub the internet  of all traces of Gennette Nicole Cordova a Whatcom Community College student and reporter for the school newspaper, to whom the questionable pic was directed.

Inquiring minds ask if Congressman Weiner will be attempting to find the supposed “hacker” of his  face book account, (but yfrog and twitter aren’t facebook)  and press charges.  There’s no hint of this yet.

Here’s another example of the avid interest in  this joke which continues to unfold  this weekend:  a massive collection of updates and links. It’s everywhere, and readily available if you need a laugh.

Leftie Media: An Unreliable Source Regarding Medical Events

The tale of  Salon contributor  Mikki Kendall  getting an abortion to save her life serves as an example.

She relates a late term (20 weeks) gestational hemorrhage  (possibly from placenta abruptio, detachment of the placenta) and postulates  that an abortion was needed to save her life.

The trouble is that neither this nor other causes of late term  gestational bleeding  are  addressed with  abortion procedures.  If the bleeding cannot be stopped,  an emergency delivery, usually  by C-section, is done, and frequently  the baby is lost due to prematurity, or complications stemming from the condition of the mother.

The patient admits to being incompetent to sign permission for surgery,  due to her medical condition.   Her memory of events also appears to be significantly impaired.

Another important note  is that  hospital records and discourse  utilize the term “abortion” for any end to a pregnancy which involves the baby’s demise prior to birth.   This includes  natural causes,  result of injury or disease, and purposely  induced abortions.  This is possibly what has led to the notion that a surgical abortion procedure was involved in this case.

If accuracy in describing Kendall’s  treatment was desired,  medical records could have been utilized  in order to correctly relate what had occurred in her treatment.

Instead,  the procedure is described simply as an abortion, and utilized by Salon for the political purpose of  generating a feeling of need for  induced  abortions.

This hospital pharmacist can attest that it is quite possible to enter an emergency room which does not have a physician present who can manage late term gestational bleeding.  In that case, a physician who can handle the situation is called in.   Normally a physician arriving late in the evening under emergent conditions is not accompanied  by  her own “cadre of students“.

This particular Salon story serves mainly as  a means to propagandize the wonders of  induced abortion to those who don’t  know how  late term gestational bleeding  is  properly managed.

The Living Remains of Larry the Flynt

Larry Flynt: Freedom fighter, pornographer, monster? – Profiles, People – The Independent.

At age 69,  there’s not much left of the notorious pornographer, Larry the Flynt.

Johann Hari conducted a difficult interview with the semiconscious Flynt for the independent, who was able to recite a long form story of his life, but did not seem to fully understand many questions put to him.

Flynt got some attention in other news venues for his inaccurate evaluation of Trig Palin’s mental state, and hatred towards Sarah expressed during this interview.

Flynt’s own mental problems likely stem from an already legendary  history of childhood abuse and family dysfunction.


Horse herpes outbreak forces rodeo queens to ride stick ponies – ksl.com

Horse herpes outbreak forces rodeo queens to ride stick ponies – ksl.com.

Above is a shining example of how to craft a headline in order to  expose more people to your ads, and generate clicks.

Millions of people are unfamiliar with equine herpes EHV-1 (out of 5 types), and will become curious as to the relationship of the disease with the rodeo queens.  Click Click Click!

There is no direct relationship.  Equine herpes is not an STD, not contagious to humans,  but is highly contagious to other horses.

This outbreak of equine herpes is becoming a big concern, as this strain is potentially fatal, and  it can remain latent in a horse which recovers from the clinical phase of the disease.    From an Aggie  standpoint it is serious business.

The Davis County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse Junior Queen Contest had to subsitute their  actual riding event  with stick pony riding to prevent the horses from being exposed to each other and spreading herpes.   A former contestant commented that this would be strange, but would still serve to test the contestants knowledge of the routine.

Barney Frank Helped His Lover Get a Job At Fannie Mae

at the time he was supposed to be regulating the Mortgage Lender.

Boston Herald: Rep. Frank Admits to Helping ‘Ex-Lover’ Get ‘Lucrative’ Fannie Mae Job, While Regulating Mortgage Giant | NewsBusters.org.

Frank’s former “spouse”  Herbie Moses worked for 7 years at Fannie Mae, where he was a leader in relaxing mortgage restrictions for rural customers.  His entire time there was during the 10 years that Frank was serving on the House Banking Committee.

Barney Frank staunchly opposed efforts to rein in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. During many media appearances, Frank was never asked to address  his special cozy relationship with Fannie Mae, and the campaign donations he received from them.

This is News?

Mark Zuckerberg’s new challenge: Eating only what he kills (and yes, we do mean literally…) – Postcards.

The big Facebook developer, Mark Zuckerberg has decided that this year’s challenge is to only eat the meat of creatures he personally kills, and the requirement is causing his meat consumption to decrease.   So far  his kill list is  fish, lobster, chicken, goat and pig.  The idea he conveys is that people should be thankful for what they’re eating instead of ignoring where it came from.

Says Zuckerberg:  “This year, my personal challenge is around being thankful for the food I have to eat. I think many people forget that a living being has to die for you to eat meat, so my goal revolves around not letting myself forget that and being thankful for what I have.”

Looks as though  Zuckerberg is getting  into his right mind.

Walgreens Fires Pharmacist for Stopping Robbery with his Legally Carried Firearm.

Pharmacist  Gets Fired for Using a Gun to Stop Robbery – Big Government.

Pharmacist Jeremy Hoven has a concealed carry license which he obtained subsequent to having his pharmacy robbed in 2007.  Workers at that pharmacy had asked Walgreens to step up security measures there, to no avail.

On May 8th, Hoven again was confronted by armed robbers at the Walgreens on Napier Avenue in Benton Township, Michigan.  The event was recorded on store cameras.

Police Lieutenant Delmar Lange supported Hoven’s actions, saying that Hoven had no alternative.    A store manager’s family  sent Hoven a thank-you card showing a pic of his four children.

Hoven had retreated as far as possible in the situation, and fired only after a robber jumped the counter and confronted him.

Walgreens policy allows customers in the store to have concealed carry weapons, but not employees.   Hoven stated that he had not been aware of this. Concerns about non-specific OSHA  regulations are possibly  to blame for the situation forbidding employees to carry firearms in this instance.   It’s OK only for customers and criminals.

Hoven’s lawyer is determining whether to pursue a wrongful termination lawsuit, which is likely to be a complex matter, but could  go further with the involvement of a government regulation.

You can give Walgreens a piece of your mind  at consumerrelations.bb@walgreens.com

USDA fines Missouri family $90k for selling a few rabbits without a license – Yahoo! News

USDA fines Missouri family $90k for selling a few rabbits without a license – Yahoo! News.

The heavy hand of the government is punishing the Dollarhite  family, of Dixa, Mo, for a 4 H sized rabbit project taken on in order to teach their teenage son responsibility.

They sold rabbit meat to friends and neighbors,  but the US Dept of Agriculture claims that they were selling rabbits to a pet stores.  This part time business generated about $4000-5000  dollars in sales over a couple of years, of which less than one tenth was profit.

They were classified as an unlicensed breeder of pets, putting them IN THE CROSSHAIRS of the USDA, and set them up for a series of threats and persecution.  They were told that the agency was making an example of them.

Judy Dollarhite stated that one USDA inspector intimidated the family, and said that he had interviewed neighbors about the family’s political leanings.

They are fighting an offer, from Sarah Conant of the Animal Health and Welfare Enforcement Branch, of “settlement” to the USDA of $90,643.

Their Democrat senator and Republican representative have agreed to intervene for them and a protest in front of the USDA office in Ozark, MO  is planned.

Check out the details of this story at Bob McCarty Writes. He has his hooks in this story and is giving constant updates which are really worth a look.

Call a Waaaaaaaaaaambulance: students requested to clean toilet after use.

Hartford Toilet Teacher Investigated | NBC Connecticut.

A Hartford, Connecticut teacher, Catherine Saur,  is “under investigation” for her rule of having her art students clean the toilet [seat] with a spray cleaning product called Fantastic and a paper towel, after they used the bathroom.

Says the PTO secretary, Nancy Moreaux, who agrees with the teacher: “If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat and wipe the seat,” She believed that Saur was only trying to teach her students an important lesson.

The Kennelly school has four custodians but, according to NBC news,  the principal admits that the condition of cleanliness in the bathrooms is not good.

This frightening issue 😉  came to light when one student apparently suffered contact dermatitis as a result of using the Fantastik product.  The mother of that student doesn’t want the teacher fired, just an apology to her kid.  This mother stated that the toilet seat cleaning is for the  custodians.  (Who is the custodian in her house?)

Your friendly pharmer is coming down on the side of the teacher, who has been showing  her students, some of whom might never learn otherwise, that cleaning the bathrooms well can prevent the spread of disease.

As for the student with the contact dermatitis?  Vinyl gloves exist.  Or the cleaning product could be switched, though any  product could cause contact dermatitis in a susceptible individual.  The school can address his problem without spending thousands of dollars and wasting hours self-flagellating.

What is most likely to happen?   Ms. Saur, who appears to have adapted to the environmental conditions at her school,  will be suspended or fired.   The students will be forbidden to clean up after themselves in any way.  The poor sanitary condition of the bathrooms will continue.    Methods for preventing the spread of MRSA and other disease causing organisms will be neglected.  Health care dollars will be wasted, and preventable absenteeism will continue.

View more videos at: http://nbcconnecticut.com.