Over the Holiday Weekend, the Entertainment is Not a Barbeque

It is a weenie roast, specifically involving Rep. Anthony Weiner, D, NY.

Apparently  a bulging undie pic was sent from the congressman’s twitter account to a college student in Seattle.

No Sheeples Here Blog weighs in with the following illustrated comment: No Sheeples Here: Weinergate: Teensy Weensy Anthony Weiner, That Is.

The Blogosphere is afire with the obvious humor stemming from this gaffe, as the mainstream media pretends that nothing happened, and little censors scrub the internet  of all traces of Gennette Nicole Cordova a Whatcom Community College student and reporter for the school newspaper, to whom the questionable pic was directed.

Inquiring minds ask if Congressman Weiner will be attempting to find the supposed “hacker” of his  face book account, (but yfrog and twitter aren’t facebook)  and press charges.  There’s no hint of this yet.

Here’s another example of the avid interest in  this joke which continues to unfold  this weekend:  a massive collection of updates and links. It’s everywhere, and readily available if you need a laugh.

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