This Had to Happen after New York’s Journal News Published Names and Addresses of Gun Owners

Fury After Paper Publishes Names, Addresses of Legal Pistol Owners in New York |

Pistol permit holders in two New York counties experienced the honor of having their names published in the Journal News, and with it, the increased likelihood of having their guns stolen.   A map indicating the locations of neighborhood gun owners was published, which included handgun owners, but excluded those who only owned long rifles or shotguns.

Naturally the gun owners were displeased at the prospect of being targeted for home invasions by those who would like to steal guns for possible use in criminal activity. One commenter at The Blaze Blog pointed out that the Roanoke Times in Virginia had published names and addresses of concealed carry permit holders, including that of a woman who was hiding from an abusive ex-husband.

The natural result of the latest  action of the Journal News was retaliation, and there was only a short wait for the fun to start.

Bloggers have published the names and addresses of Journal News employees and editors on a map, leaving out the freelance writers.  New Yorkers can learn Where Are the Journal News Employees in Your Neighborhood.  The journaLOSTS have been given a taste of their own medicine.   Perhaps this will serve to discourage any future targeting of lawful gun owners by the press.
See the full sized map here, and the work of another blogger amassing names and addresses here.


Breastmilk: How will Mayor Bloomberg Control the Quantity Babies Drink?

Pharmer was ROFL when she heard that Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the anti obesity NAZI who is controlling the size of sugary drinks in New York City, was going to encourage breast feeding. He’s got a plan called Latch On (named after what babies do to breasts to get milk). Starting in September his health department is going to track the formula bottles given out in hospitals. He wants lactation counseling for all the moms, and a medical reason to accompany each dispensing of a formula bottle to a baby.

Pharmer has news for Bloomberg. He can’t control how much babies get when they breastfeed. It’s likely he hasn’t realized this problem yet. Breast milk is produced on demand. The more a baby drinks the more the breasts produce. It could, given a dedicated stay-at-home mother, lead to Early Obesity. A mom on government assistance could do unlimited couch time, and feed tremendous amounts to her baby, without Michael Bloomberg being able to determine the quantity!!

This is gonna drive that obsessive compulsive mayor NUTZ!

Read more about Bloomberg’s unregulatable Latch On to Breasts of Plenty program Here:
Mayor Bloomberg's breast-feeding initiative urges hospitals to lock up baby formula |

Is Judge Ed a Ped?

Judge to Determine if Pre-teens Can Buy Morning After Pill |

Unfortunately we have been allowing too many medically ignorant people to make  legal decisions regarding health. (We’ve also seen some of their writing invade the medical journals.)  Pharmer sometimes  speaks  with  politicians about drug issues. Even the ones who are making a sincere  effort to understand  get the glazed-eyes look when pelted with too much medicinal chemistry and pharmacology.  Others are simply disinterested in  drug mechanisms of action and their  relative risks and benefits.  A third group overlaps,  which has an agenda of increasing sexual access to younger girls, and increasing abortion business by this means.  They  have  political supporters to pay off.

A New York Federal Judge, Edward Korman has agreed to hear a case from from the Center for Reproductive “Rights” on whether the morning after pill should be placed out on store shelves.  This case was filed before the Sebelius decision regarding Plan B.

Judge Edward Korman had previously ordered the FDA to let seventeen year olds obtain the medication without a prescription, so Pharmer already feels that he likes them pretty young, at or just after the legal age of consent.

The next question is whether or not Judge Ed likes them VERY young, before they have the ability to form the first dimple of cellulite in the adipose padding of the female curvatures. Is Judge Ed a Ped?

Pro-life people have to pay a social price for not wanting to participate in killing humans.  We are ostracized,  less employable,  and pelted with every sort of obscene epithet and accusation.  Some do jail time for peaceful protesting, while the much more violent leftie protesters are left to trash public and private property as they please.    There is one law for pro-lifers and another for the lefties.

The usual response from our side  is to try to be sooooo nice and hope that the lefties learn to love us.   Someone needs to tell the USCCB , the Republican party, and various other pro-life groups that this will never happen. (Soon they might  be where the Egyptian Coptic Christians  are now.)

Pharmer is not in the mood to be nice to sexual  predators, and those who profit from them.

Maybe Judge Ed will wake up and determine that it is just too sick to let guys buy or steal these pills so easily  and use them on drugged out pre-teen runaways who have been pressed into prostitution.

But if he doesn’t…. it would mean that there’s  something hugely wrong with him and his family, that they’re abnormal.   Should your kids be allowed anywhere near such people?  Would you want to be known to socially prefer the company of sex perverts?  Would  you then  feel safe in Judge Korman’s  neighborhood or want him at your school functions?

These are the things which need to be decided. What kind of world to you want to live in?  What will you do to adjust your environment so that it doesn’t deteriorate any further?   People who are interested in the well being of their children should be protecting them from the ones who think that it’s OK for an 11 year old to be having sex and buying plan B with their school lunch money, or being fed with the pills by sexual predators.

Brooklyn Catholic school rejects donation from politician who voted for gay ‘marriage’ |

Brooklyn Catholic school rejects donation from politician who voted for gay ‘marriage’ |

New York Democrat assemblyman Joe Lentol normally gives a small donation to a Catholic school around graduation time.   This year, Queen of Rosary Catholic Academy returned his donation.

This is in compliance with a request from Bishop Nicholas Dimarzio for the Catholic institutions to refuse any ‘honors, donations or distinctions bestowed’ on them by the politicians who passed New York’s gay marriage law.

Pharmer wishes that more of the U.S. Catholic  bishops had felt so strongly about the abortion, embryonic stem cell, and physician assisted suicide issues.

Over the Holiday Weekend, the Entertainment is Not a Barbeque

It is a weenie roast, specifically involving Rep. Anthony Weiner, D, NY.

Apparently  a bulging undie pic was sent from the congressman’s twitter account to a college student in Seattle.

No Sheeples Here Blog weighs in with the following illustrated comment: No Sheeples Here: Weinergate: Teensy Weensy Anthony Weiner, That Is.

The Blogosphere is afire with the obvious humor stemming from this gaffe, as the mainstream media pretends that nothing happened, and little censors scrub the internet  of all traces of Gennette Nicole Cordova a Whatcom Community College student and reporter for the school newspaper, to whom the questionable pic was directed.

Inquiring minds ask if Congressman Weiner will be attempting to find the supposed “hacker” of his  face book account, (but yfrog and twitter aren’t facebook)  and press charges.  There’s no hint of this yet.

Here’s another example of the avid interest in  this joke which continues to unfold  this weekend:  a massive collection of updates and links. It’s everywhere, and readily available if you need a laugh.

New York’s Union Death Panel

We’ve been hearing that New York city spent a much longer period locked in by snow than was necessary, due to an intentional work slowdown by protesting union workers.

A group of supervisors with the Sanitation Dept. is under media fire for partying in a van, drinking beer, next to stranded snow plows and vehicles.  Reporting that they had run out of fuel, the guys decided to kick back and enjoy each other’s good company.  That the supervisors felt they could do this reveals something about the chain of command in New York City.

Highlighted in the news were the deaths of an elderly person and a newborn baby who could not receive medical attention during the paralysis of transportation.

The New York  union death panels deserve credit for hundreds of uncounted deaths, and perhaps the inaction of city government was purposeful.

New York is a bankrupt city,  heavy with dependents needing medical and other tax payer assistance.   The fastest way to be rid of these people is to allow natural disasters to take their toll.  Exacerbating problems by inactivity and unresponsiveness of course increases the number of “natural” deaths.

Your friendly Pharmer knows exactly what happens in a hospital during a snow storm.  The rate of new admissions, particularly through the emergency room drops off precipitously.  This  extends for as long as transportation remains  blocked by the weather.

Do people stop having traumatic  injuries, chest pains, diabetic keto-acidosis, psychotic episodes, suicide attempts, births, strokes, and other emergent medical conditions just because it snows?   Of course not!   They simply go unattended and many of them die.

The news will not tell you about Bloomberg’s New York, Union, Death Panel,  which has likely stripped hundreds, or even thousands  of dependent human individuals from the welfare, medicaid, and social security rolls, by delaying cleanup.

That’s one way to deal with a financial crisis.  Expect more of it, especially if health care becomes both government controlled and unionized.

Federal Roundup of Elections, and the Lame Duck Session

Randy Altschuler has conceded to Tim Bishop in New York’s district 1.  This brings the Republican gain to 63 seats in the House.

Meanwhile,  Joe Miller is continuing his court battle against Lisa Murkowski in Alaska’s senate election, with a decision from the state court due on Friday.  It’s expected that Miller will appeal to the state supreme court if he is not successful.

The real fun is watching those racist Democrats pounding Obama on his tax compromise with the Republicans.   Obamanator gave in on extending Bush tax cuts for all tax PAYERS, in exchange for extension of unemployment benefits.  But the Dems in congress are pushing  Obama  under the bus on this issue.    In addition, the bill to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell” has gone down in the Senate, due to a republican agreement to stop all bills until the tax cuts are handled.   Joe Lieberman promises to resurrect it again as a stand-alone bill.

The Dems have also dumped the DREAM act,  an alternate path to citizenship, which really didn’t matter since benefits for illegal aliens, in some states, actually exceed those available to American citizens.

Here’s hoping for a gridlocked  lame duck session, and a happier New Year.   The less that happens in Washington, the better off we are.

Big Bad Michael Wolfensohn Busts up Kids Bake Sale in the Park

New Castle councilman calls cops on boys’ cupcake sale | | The Journal News.

New Castle Councilman Michael Wolfensohn came upon some busy underage entrepreneurs selling refreshments and baked goods at Gedney park, and called the cops on them.

Yes, it’s true, this  politician  says that the kids’ business needs to be licensed, and, instead of just telling the kids, he called the cops and Busted them!  This guy’s a real, socially adept charmer

I recommend for the kids, Andrew DeMarchis and Kevin Graff, and their friends  to dial up a  conservative radio host or two.   That would bring Wolfensohn all sorts of entertaining  email. He deserves it for  using the cops to break the bad news of government interference  to these budding businessmen.

I did not find the party of Michael Wolfensohn in the article but will now go look for it, because I bet………….. yes he is a Democrat  🙂

Special Condemnation of this Crime from The Elites

8 gang suspects arraigned in NYC anti-gay attack – Yahoo! News.

Sure wish that the Elites, such as Mayor Bloomberg of NYC thought that abuse and  rapes of women and children merited the special condemnation that they  reserved for attack on gays  by a gang in his city.

Pharmer is one of those people who thinks that equal crimes should bring equal punishment, and that torturing and raping children and women is just as bad as doing that stuff to gays.

Perhaps there would be less of that going on if our leftie elitists felt the same way and acted on it.

Remember, Portland Oregon……… the US capital of sex slavery..…. has TWO,  count em….  ONLY TWO vice cops.