This Had to Happen after New York’s Journal News Published Names and Addresses of Gun Owners

Fury After Paper Publishes Names, Addresses of Legal Pistol Owners in New York |

Pistol permit holders in two New York counties experienced the honor of having their names published in the Journal News, and with it, the increased likelihood of having their guns stolen.   A map indicating the locations of neighborhood gun owners was published, which included handgun owners, but excluded those who only owned long rifles or shotguns.

Naturally the gun owners were displeased at the prospect of being targeted for home invasions by those who would like to steal guns for possible use in criminal activity. One commenter at The Blaze Blog pointed out that the Roanoke Times in Virginia had published names and addresses of concealed carry permit holders, including that of a woman who was hiding from an abusive ex-husband.

The natural result of the latest  action of the Journal News was retaliation, and there was only a short wait for the fun to start.

Bloggers have published the names and addresses of Journal News employees and editors on a map, leaving out the freelance writers.  New Yorkers can learn Where Are the Journal News Employees in Your Neighborhood.  The journaLOSTS have been given a taste of their own medicine.   Perhaps this will serve to discourage any future targeting of lawful gun owners by the press.
See the full sized map here, and the work of another blogger amassing names and addresses here.