Big Bad Michael Wolfensohn Busts up Kids Bake Sale in the Park

New Castle councilman calls cops on boys’ cupcake sale | | The Journal News.

New Castle Councilman Michael Wolfensohn came upon some busy underage entrepreneurs selling refreshments and baked goods at Gedney park, and called the cops on them.

Yes, it’s true, this  politician  says that the kids’ business needs to be licensed, and, instead of just telling the kids, he called the cops and Busted them!  This guy’s a real, socially adept charmer

I recommend for the kids, Andrew DeMarchis and Kevin Graff, and their friends  to dial up a  conservative radio host or two.   That would bring Wolfensohn all sorts of entertaining  email. He deserves it for  using the cops to break the bad news of government interference  to these budding businessmen.

I did not find the party of Michael Wolfensohn in the article but will now go look for it, because I bet………….. yes he is a Democrat  🙂

8 thoughts on “Big Bad Michael Wolfensohn Busts up Kids Bake Sale in the Park

  1. Mr. Wolfensohn ran for town board himself on a newly formed independent line, the New Castle Community Party. Douchebag, but not Democrat. Suck it.

  2. After seeing the Photo of the Town Council, it is all very clear, His recent actions appear to be the ultimate manifistation of THE SHORT MAN Complex at it finest>>>>>>>>

  3. Come on, man. He "turned" Democrat a few years ago. Anyone who wants to make a duck pond into a 9/11 memorial is really a Republican at heart. Besides, Big Biz Repubs love to squash little businesses… after all he IS a banker by trade.

  4. By the way, let's keep this in perspective. He's a jackass. That's all. He didn't kill your first born or anything like that, so let's all stay cool. Yeah, send him a nasty e-mail, but don't go jihad on the dude, please.

  5. Republicans are the ones trying to preserve the BUSH Tax Cuts for individuals making over $250,000. Why? Because that's the kind income you see for small businesses which haven't yet grown enough to incorporate, and still file under the owner's social security number.

    Republicans had also cut the death tax so that small businesses ( and farms) could be passed to the owner's children.

    The biggest punishment for small businesses is coming from Dems allowing those tax cuts to expire, plus the Obamacare regulations.

    Fortunately it appears the Congress will be too busy shredding papers and finishing up ethics trials for Maxine and Charlie, so the Cap and Tax, punishment for all business, will likely die.

  6. With all those baked goods off the street …I for one feel much safer.

    Micheal good luck on your next election (the word douchebag is coming to my mind for some reason)


    Thanks for being such a hardcore crimefighter and getting those dangerous muffins off the street and away from our children. ROCK ON DUDE!!!! (not really)

    PEACE Russ Coe

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