Federal Roundup of Elections, and the Lame Duck Session

Randy Altschuler has conceded to Tim Bishop in New York’s district 1.  This brings the Republican gain to 63 seats in the House.

Meanwhile,  Joe Miller is continuing his court battle against Lisa Murkowski in Alaska’s senate election, with a decision from the state court due on Friday.  It’s expected that Miller will appeal to the state supreme court if he is not successful.

The real fun is watching those racist Democrats pounding Obama on his tax compromise with the Republicans.   Obamanator gave in on extending Bush tax cuts for all tax PAYERS, in exchange for extension of unemployment benefits.  But the Dems in congress are pushing  Obama  under the bus on this issue.    In addition, the bill to repeal “don’t ask, don’t tell” has gone down in the Senate, due to a republican agreement to stop all bills until the tax cuts are handled.   Joe Lieberman promises to resurrect it again as a stand-alone bill.

The Dems have also dumped the DREAM act,  an alternate path to citizenship, which really didn’t matter since benefits for illegal aliens, in some states, actually exceed those available to American citizens.

Here’s hoping for a gridlocked  lame duck session, and a happier New Year.   The less that happens in Washington, the better off we are.