Replace the faulty Washington Politicians says Colorado Senate Campaign ad

Conservative candidate Robert Blaha points out that the Washington politicians, particularly Senator Michael Bennett D Colorado, need to be replaced. They’re not getting the job done,

from our exploding borders

If the Plumber can't fix the leak (illegal immigration)
If the Plumber can’t fix the leak (illegal immigration)

to the pain of Obamacare which was designed to fail.

The pain of Obamacare which is designed to fail
The pain of Obamacare likened to incompetently performed  proctological exam

Mr. Blaha is promising that if he can’t produce significant change in his first term, he’ll volunteer to leave office, and that if he succeeds, he will limit himself to 2 terms.

Watch the ad here.

Senate Votes to Defund Planned Parenthood

Just a reminder as you call your senator regarding the vote to defund Planned Parenthood…….  this cannibalistic  practice of using the cells from aborted babies for ‘medical’ purposes is not at all new, and we have vaccine products developed by use of these cells entrenched on the market.

Perhaps we’ll have better vaccine efficacy if we stop producing them in a unethical manner.

Weigh in with your senator today and any other day by using THIS easy resource.

Expect Obama to veto this bill, but keep on trying.  America needs to fish itself out of the septic tank.

How to FAX your Senator or Representative.

If you want to FAX your congressman instead of getting your comments lost in the email, delayed for weeks in the snail mail, or ignored on the phone, try this site at  A link will be permanently located on the sidebar. Faxing may also give you the opportunity to reach representatives outside your own district. Other means to contact the politicians is also supplied in an easy to use interface.  What’s going on at this site?  Naturally, it has ‘reviews’ of online and fax by email services.   Not everyone has immediate access to fax, so the advice to try that as a means to get to your congressman seems very sound.

This link was supplied by Sandra, who supports HR 546, the ACE Kids act of 2015 .

Did Larry Beat Harry? Inquiring Minds Want to Know

Harry Reid's Original and modified explanatios involving large rubber bands
Harry Reid’s original and modified explanations of his head and rib injuries involved  the use of large rubber bands in the bathroom.

An alternate theory to explain how Harry Reid lost the sight in one eye, and obtained a concussion and broken ribs has surfaced.  It appears that on New Years Eve, near the time  that Harry was said to be  injured, his brother Larry was apparently seen at an AA meeting, (not far from the home of his brother Harry).  “Larry” was said to be  intoxicated, to have  blood on his clothing and a swollen hand.  On New Years Day, Larry Reid was was arrested for assaulting a highway patrolman near Searchlight Nevada.  People at the AA meeting thought not much Larry mentioning a fight with a family member, and his fear that the secret service would be after him.  Later, when the story of Harry Reid’s injuries surfaced,  the pieces seemed to fit into an explanation of his injuries which is more plausible than the exercise rubber band, bathroom story.

Matt Bevins has Tea Party and Conservative Support

Matt Bevin, the  underdog challenger to Senate minority leader, Mitch McConnell , is endorsed by various tea party groups, including Tea Party Patriots.  Bevin is a more conservative pro-lifer than most, and therefore could not garner the support of some of the mainstream “pro-life” groups.  They might not agree with his idea of cutting medicaid funding for birth control.  They might also find his family of 9 kids, four of whom are adopted from Ethiopia, to be over the top.

Andrew Bair, writing in LifeNews,  notes that Bevin has support from the Northern Kentucky Right to Life organization, a group too conservative to be on his radar.  NKRTL is an uncompromisingly pro-life  group which opposes the birth control scam with which the left has successfully held women in thrall.  Mitch McConnell does not answer survey questions coming from Northern Kentucky Right to Life.

On the other hand, Tea Party support for Matt Bevins has been due to such things as  his insistence upon debt limits, and respect for immigration law. Mitch  McConnell has voted many times to increase the government debt ceiling, (thereby funding Obamacare), and has been  supporting amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Pro-lifers such as Andrew Bair would do well to ponder if it is OK to vote to increase government debt, (thereby upholding the basis of the anti-life  Obamacare), to allow people who broke immigration law to push ahead of immigrants who have shown respect for U.S. laws, and to give these illegals access to health care coverage which has been R E M O V E D from working Americans.

Move Washington to Nebraska

Move U.S. Capitol to Nebraska - Ben Sasse Senate Campaign Ad
Move U.S. Capitol to Nebraska – Ben Sasse Senate Campaign Ad

Ben Sasse a conservative Nebraska Senate candidate has created a fun ad, touting the concept of moving Washington to Nebraska.

Pharmer’s mind wanders to contemplate leftists with bulging eyes, losing their minds among the wheat and soy and livestock around them.
Then pity erupts for Nebraska….. THERE GOES THE NEIGHBORHOOD.  It’s like installing a giant cesspool in your back yard.

Sasse is speaking figuratively of flushing Washington of the leftist insanity and transforming it into a government that understands how Americans live.  Check out his cool ad. 

Reid Changes Senate Rules: Now Obama Can Appoint any Judge He Wants

Harry Reid and his Dems have changes long standing Senate rules which have stripped the Republicans of any power to stop such things as judicial appointments and cabinet appointments. It will no longer take a 60 percent majority to stop debate on a judicial appointment. Apparently this rule change is designed to apply only when the Democrats are in power. It becomes void if the Democrats lose the majority.

Pro-lifers, Greenies,  Anti-war protesters, and Tea Partiers get ready for some jail time. You know how sensitive the Dems  are about any public dissent to their policies. Remember when pro-lifers were being fined and jailed under the RICO laws?? It’s going to be worse now, and not just for those of us who don’t like abortion.

By the way, Harry Reid cried and moaned whenever the Republicans even thought about such a power grab.

Preaching and praying in public is going to bring jail time, just as it does in so many other countries without first amendment rights. Just you wait.

Republicans, how’s that bi-partisanship working out for you?

2014 is a good year to go and vote against your democrat senator.  One wonders if this is enough to pry  the U.S. Catholic hierarchy loose of their attachment to the lefties.