Reid Changes Senate Rules: Now Obama Can Appoint any Judge He Wants

Harry Reid and his Dems have changes long standing Senate rules which have stripped the Republicans of any power to stop such things as judicial appointments and cabinet appointments. It will no longer take a 60 percent majority to stop debate on a judicial appointment. Apparently this rule change is designed to apply only when the Democrats are in power. It becomes void if the Democrats lose the majority.

Pro-lifers, Greenies,  Anti-war protesters, and Tea Partiers get ready for some jail time. You know how sensitive the Dems  are about any public dissent to their policies. Remember when pro-lifers were being fined and jailed under the RICO laws?? It’s going to be worse now, and not just for those of us who don’t like abortion.

By the way, Harry Reid cried and moaned whenever the Republicans even thought about such a power grab.

Preaching and praying in public is going to bring jail time, just as it does in so many other countries without first amendment rights. Just you wait.

Republicans, how’s that bi-partisanship working out for you?

2014 is a good year to go and vote against your democrat senator.  One wonders if this is enough to pry  the U.S. Catholic hierarchy loose of their attachment to the lefties.