Obamacare Fun Facts

Hundreds of thousands of individual health care policies have been cancelled in the wake of Obamacare regulations, and this is just the tip of the iceberg of cancellations to come.  Florida Blue is cutting off 80 percent of its individual policies in the state…. amounting to 300,ooo individuals who have to find new coverage.  Kaiser Permanente has cancelled about half of its individual polices in California with 160,000 clients sent packing.  Insurer Highmark  is dropping 20 percent and Independence Blue Cross is dropping 45 percent of individual policies in Pennsylvania.

It is estimated that 14 million policyholders purchase their own insurance, and if the above trends continue,  about half of those people will be without health insurance.  Why??  Because the obamacare sites don’t work, and less than one percent of the visitors to the sites have been able to sign up for insurance.

Consumer Reports  rates Obamacare website as a disaster and tells people to  stay away from it for at least a month.

Remember that additional huge cohorts of people are being converted to part time by their employers, who cannot afford the extra expense of obamacare.

Remember,  if you do not, or CANNOT purchase health insurance through the obamacare sites,  you will have to pay that fine to the IRS.

Remember that the Republican’t establishment has deemed it  most prudent to fund  Obamacare, and the RINOs  hope to personally benefit as it crashes down on millions of Americans, who are left uninsured and without access to healthcare, through no fault of their own.

Just like the Dems, the Republican establishment is OK with allowing working Americans, who formerly took care of their own health care needs,  to die as Obamacare implodes.

Our federal government is becoming one giant death panel.

Republican FAILure to Defund Obamacare

Dear Sen Coats,
Senator Dan Coats (R.) of Indiana replied to requests that he vote against cloture on the bill which allows Obamacare to be defunded. He, as expected, supported cloture.

The Republican response is to delay the individual mandate of Obamacare, so that people cannot feel so much damage until after 2014, thereby ensuring that the leftists keep control of the Senate after the 2014 election. (DUH!)

The Pharmer wrote back to him as follows:

Re: Obamacare vs government shut down.

Those of us who have memory, recall that the government has “shut down” numerous times in the past, and the U.S. has survived.
We know that a “shut down” has never caused the total stoppage of all services.
We are not made afraid by the term “government shut down”.
Delaying the Individual Mandate will do only one thing…… prevent people from blaming the Dems for Obamacare damages, and keep that party in power after 2014. Delaying the individual mandate will ensure that Dems keep the Senate. (Repubs should fire their political consultants.)
We wonder why the Republicans have become so fearful. Have their cushie jobs become more important than the U.S.A. itself? Are their lives being threatened by the Chicago mob in Washington? What has caused the loss of testosterone in the Republican party?
Is it time for the Republicans to be replaced by a party which puts the people (who oppose Obamacare by a large margin) first?
My first presidential vote was for Ronald Reagan, but the party has thrown me, and other conservatives aside as it tries to recast itself as leftist-lite.
What the Republicans do next determines whether I continue on as an independent conservative, or assist a third party to supplant the GOP.

Two Colorado State Legislators Recalled over Gun Control Bill

Two democrat senators,  the president of the Colorado State Senate, John Morse, and Angela Giron, from a heavily democrat district, have been recalled and replaced with republicans.

These successful recall elections were fueled by voter backlash against the ridiculous gun restrictions which these two, and other Democrats had touted, and pushed upon their electorate.

Dems are whining that the NRA spent money in Colorado, but leftist national funding sources (including NYC Mayor Bloomberg)  spent more on these elections, trying to bolster the two former senators.

Perhaps other politicians will take note that supporting such gun restrictions will cost them their political careers.

Late Term Abortion has a Cover Girl in Texas

Texas state senator, Wendy Davis, has volunteered to be the poster girl of late term abortion by attempting to filibuster a bill which would limit abortion to 20 weeks, and also put in place some regulations regarding hospital admitting privileges for abortionists. Leftists feared that this would have forced closure of dozens of abortion clinics, so they mounted a vigorous and disorderly protest, which turned out to be what eventually killed the passage of this bill. The vote results are said to have been delayed just past midnight, thereby setting things back to ground zero for the SB-5, TX bill prohibiting late term abortion.

Update: Governor Perry has brought SB-5, back to life by calling another special legislative session, saying that “too much important work remains undone for the people of Texas”. Business resumes on July 1.

Wendy Davis TX State Senator D face of abortion
TX Sen Wendy Davis (D)

Update: The regime added Obama’s support for Davis during with a tweet at #standwithwendy : “Something special is happening in Austin tonight”.

Leftists are cursing Governor Perry for adding another special session to finish the business which the pro-abortion mob shouted down during the couple hours of 6/25.  Check out more of  Wendy Davis’s classy  twitter backup crew here, and here.

Barbara Boxer: Gosnell’s Clinic is Situation Normal

A cadre of pro-life Republicans have signed onto a senate resolution to hold hearings on the matter of Kermit Gosnell. Barbara Boxer and Richard Blumenthal have opposed this resolution, with Boxer saying that Gosnell’s problems are like those of any other medical clinic.

Sooooo, all of you medical clinic owners……… how do you like being compared to Kermit Gosnell?
Are newborn babies killed at your facilities?
Do you regularly fail to clean your examination rooms, procedure rooms and equipment?
Is meperidine still your pain reliever of choice?
Do you keep separate waiting rooms for Blacks and Whites as he did?

How would you like to give Barbara Boxer a piece of your mind for smearing your business?

Boxer, Barbara – (D – CA)
(202) 224-3553
Contact: www.boxer.senate.gov/en/contact/

Lawmakers Secretly Plot to Exempt Themselves From Obamacare

You knew it would happen.   Members of congress,  including all Democrats, understand that Obamacare really sux.   They want no part of it for themselves, their families, or their staff.

That’s why they have been engaging in secretive talks to exempt themselves and their staff members from requirements to join the abysmal government exchanges.

The government officials know that entry level staffers cannot afford the ravages of rising health care insurance costs under the “Affordable” Health Care act.   They fear that the best staffers will leave Washington in search of more lucrative jobs in order to be able to afford the M A N D A T E D health care insurance.

The thought of “brain drain” in Washington DC (mentioned by the Politico) is vastly amusing.  Are Americans to believe that intelligent people planned this debacle for us, and chained us to debt eternally?

Readers should be aware that  Finance Committee Chairman, Senator Max Baucus (D-Montana)  ripped into Sebelius and stated that Obamacare is going to be a train wreck. Recall that he was one of the original authors of this disaster.   Immediately after this show, he announced that he will not be running for office again.

Are Politicians Smarter Than a Seventh Grader?

The answer is NO!

Newtown  middle schoolers Max Goldstein and his brother VOLUNTARILY quit playing the shoot ’em up video games. Goldstein says that continuing to indulge in them  is “rude and disrespectful to the families” of the Sandy Hook  victims.  They’re encouraging others to follow suit.   The CBS headline (below)  describing Goldstein’s  initiative is inaccurate, as he’s asking for people to follow his example of their own free will.   His goal is to reduce the presence of the games in the U.S. by a third.

Newtown 7th Grader Starts Movement To Rid America Of Violent Video Games « CBS New York.

It’s more reasonable to suppose that continuous overindulgence in extremely graphic video violence would have more influence over a developing mind than the mere presence of guns.  Maybe if the kids get outside and interact with each other a bit more,  some of these tragedies might be averted.

Rather than asking people to change their gaming habits,  the big kids in Washington want to pass federal versions of the ineffective regulations banning guns in schools, and heavily restricting them in the entire state of Connecticut.   The federal lawmakers have gone home for Christmas.  Hopefully  next year they’ll be too distracted by angry tax payers looking at their shrunken January paychecks to  waste time with the gun laws.

Rising number of states seeing one-party rule – Washington Times

Rising number of states seeing one-party rule – Washington Times.

The Dems now have veto-proof majorities in California and Illinois. Expect those two states to die. Develop an escape plan.

One party rule has become dominant in the states, whether it is Republican or Democrat. There are only 12 states with divided government. Republicans still hold most of the one party states, with 23, and the Dems now hold 14, having picked up 8. Republicans picked up 2. Interestingly, the Republicans picked up the Wisconsin senate. With that news, Pharmer now has some work to do in Wisconsin. Republicans also picked up Arkansas and really own the Old South, with 11 states. They added one governorship, for a total of 30 to the dems 20.

Pharmer isn’t so worried about one party rule in the case of republicans That really isn’t one party rule anymore, as that group itself is going to discover over time.

Harry Reid taken to ER after six car accident

Reid's condition unknown after traffic accident – News – ReviewJournal.com.

As of now, the condition of Senator Harry Reid is unknown, even to his son Rory.
Reid had just visited the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas prior to the auto accident. He was headed to an editorial board meeting of El Tiempo, a Las Vegas news publication. The live feed of the traffic alert system was shut down shortly after the accident. A photo of the accident scene is HERE.

Update: Politico sez Reid is not hurt.

THE REMNANT NEWSPAPER: Pro-Choice Senate Candidates Believe in Spontaneous Generation

THE REMNANT NEWSPAPER: Pro-Choice Senate Candidates Believe in Spontaneous Generation.

Click it!   The author, Chris Jackson notes that two Connecticut Senate candidates have purported the idea  that human beings spring spontaneously from non living material at the time of birth.

It’s like being thrown back in time to  when people believed that maggots sprang directly from the flesh of dead animals. In the 17th century, Francesco Redi disproved this idea.

Such antiquated ideas fly in the face of countless observations  in science and medicine, but the leftist media, being largely unfamiliar with these disciplines have not a critical word to say about Chris Murphy and Linda McMahon.

Meanwhile, the journalosts  continue to lose their hive-mind  over Richard Mourdock and Todd Akin, who understand that the human organism is alive from fertilization onward, and believe that all human life should be respected.