Late Term Abortion has a Cover Girl in Texas

Texas state senator, Wendy Davis, has volunteered to be the poster girl of late term abortion by attempting to filibuster a bill which would limit abortion to 20 weeks, and also put in place some regulations regarding hospital admitting privileges for abortionists. Leftists feared that this would have forced closure of dozens of abortion clinics, so they mounted a vigorous and disorderly protest, which turned out to be what eventually killed the passage of this bill. The vote results are said to have been delayed just past midnight, thereby setting things back to ground zero for the SB-5, TX bill prohibiting late term abortion.

Update: Governor Perry has brought SB-5, back to life by calling another special legislative session, saying that “too much important work remains undone for the people of Texas”. Business resumes on July 1.

Wendy Davis TX State Senator D face of abortion
TX Sen Wendy Davis (D)

Update: The regime added Obama’s support for Davis during with a tweet at #standwithwendy : “Something special is happening in Austin tonight”.

Leftists are cursing Governor Perry for adding another special session to finish the business which the pro-abortion mob shouted down during the couple hours of 6/25.  Check out more of  Wendy Davis’s classy  twitter backup crew here, and here.