Are Politicians Smarter Than a Seventh Grader?

The answer is NO!

Newtown  middle schoolers Max Goldstein and his brother VOLUNTARILY quit playing the shoot ’em up video games. Goldstein says that continuing to indulge in them  is “rude and disrespectful to the families” of the Sandy Hook  victims.  They’re encouraging others to follow suit.   The CBS headline (below)  describing Goldstein’s  initiative is inaccurate, as he’s asking for people to follow his example of their own free will.   His goal is to reduce the presence of the games in the U.S. by a third.

Newtown 7th Grader Starts Movement To Rid America Of Violent Video Games « CBS New York.

It’s more reasonable to suppose that continuous overindulgence in extremely graphic video violence would have more influence over a developing mind than the mere presence of guns.  Maybe if the kids get outside and interact with each other a bit more,  some of these tragedies might be averted.

Rather than asking people to change their gaming habits,  the big kids in Washington want to pass federal versions of the ineffective regulations banning guns in schools, and heavily restricting them in the entire state of Connecticut.   The federal lawmakers have gone home for Christmas.  Hopefully  next year they’ll be too distracted by angry tax payers looking at their shrunken January paychecks to  waste time with the gun laws.