Real Men Don’t Hire Hookers.

“Real men don’t hire Hookers.” That’s what Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters is quoted as saying on the O’Reilly Factor, and Mediaite’s Frances Martel thinks that is a controversial statement.

The topic under discussion was the secret service Prostitution scandal in Columbia. Pharmer has not spending much time on that, because it distracts from Obama’s larger projects of destruction.

The left has always been the party of slavery and it continues to this day. The vast majority of the world’s prostitutes are operating under conditions of slavery.

Sometimes lefties like to mask it by railing against suboptimal employment, e.g. “sweat shops”, which for many women of the third world, are the first available alternative to prostitution. Some women don’t want the sex abuse, diseases, and botched abortions. Some parents don’t want that for their daughters. Sometimes the alternatives to starvation are quite limited. But the left doesn’t like choice.

Real men don’t use slaves.

Wouldn’t Want to Be Living on Panatag Shoal Right Now

China is trying to grab it from the Philippines. Panatag (Scarborough) Shaol is off the cost of Manila, and has been under Philippine control for quite some time. China asserted its claim after some Chinese fishermen were detained by Philippine forces when they were caught with illegal cargo of coral, sharks and other sea creatures. This touched off the current confrontation and dispute between the two countries over this island.

The Philippines is in a less advantageous position in this conflict, while there is a wuss at the helm of its historical ally, the U.S.A.

Kaboom! Prototype Lithium Ion Battery Explodes at GM Lab

Gases from prototype battery blamed for blast at GM Tech Center | The Detroit News |

Gases from a  prototype lithium ion battery at a GM test lab are blamed for an explosion that blew out windows and injured a worker at the Technical Center in Warren, Michigan.

A battery produced by A123 in Massachusetts was being put through its paces in a laboratory setting  when it blew.   The same company will be supplying batteries for the 2013 EV version of the Chevy Spark.

While considerable structural damage occurred, only one worker was injured badly enough to be hospitalized, according to info from GM.

As Obama Loses Secret Service Agents in Columbia

It has been discovered that  Obama Twitter Account Follows ‘Celebrity Sideboob’.  

Yes, it appears that either Obama or the other operators of his twitter account have followed the creator of a website that features side views of celebrities’ breasts…. which show a bit more than is properly viewed in public.

We will never know the real reason that there has been an exchange of secret service agents in Cartagena, Columbia.  Perhaps some are losing enthusiasm for protecting the president.   The reason for dismissing a cadre of agents has been presented as a matter of misconduct with ladies of the evening.  

Very Late Term Abortions Have Been Suggested for Bioethicists Minerva and Giubilini

A bit of a media uproar was generated by Alberto Giubilini Francesca Minerva who were published in the Journal of Medical Ethics. These two were former associates of the Journal’s Editor, Julian Savulescu, who seems a bit disturbed by the backlash. It seems that some people have written to these two large masses of unproductive tissue that they might be eligible for very late term abortions.

While your friendly  Pharmer  desires to avoid killing any humans, she is not surprised that the same slippery slope of habitual and gratuitous killing that is now justifying infanticide, would be extended a little further to include bioethicists. After all, that group certainly has less  claim than infants do in the area of productivity and value to society.  While newborns don’t do too much, they  seem to bring a sense of hope and joy  to many casual observers.  The same is not true for these bioethicists.