Homosexuality on UMC’s docket (OneNewsNow.com)

Homosexuality on UMC's docket (OneNewsNow.com).

2012 might be the last possible year for the liberal faction of the United Methodist Church to obtain official approval for practicing gay clergy and for same sex marriages. This topic tops the list of items for discussion at the United Methodist General Conference in Tampa, Fl.
The opportunity for leftists to hold sway on these issues is closing as that Church is shrinking in America and growing in Africa, where the members are much more conservative. Almost 40 percent of the delegates at the conference are coming from Africa and other countries, and these people will likely be the ones to save their church from its leftist Americans.

The United Methodist Church
in America has more significant problem which should be recognized. It is a signatory to the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Perhaps the African delegates can fix this problem too.

Medicare Advantage Will Continue Until After Election

President Obama’s Medicare slush fund—Benjamin E. Sasse & Charles Hurt – NYPOST.com.

There’s 8 billion dollars coming from tax payers which will essentially serve as an election fund for Obama. It will prevent the Medicare Advantage Plan from crashing until just after the election.
The current regime understands that if seniors lose this particular medicare plan, and get funneled back into the standard plan, they’ll get upset and vote Obama out.

Why did the Pharmer Unsubscribe from Groupon?

Major U.S. company offers torture-porn tour.

Groupon is too KINKy!

The Waronillegalpornography folks have spotted two ads from Groupon for a tour of a historic armory in San Francisco which has now houses KINK, a producer of torture porn.

The tour offering specifies the possibility of being able to see a live filming. Gross.

Pharmer took a look at the story in the film below and promptly unsubscribed from Groupon. Don’t need their spam mail and won’t be using their offerings.

‘Create the family you want: Boy or Girl’: Sex selection advertized in Canadian newspapers | LifeSiteNews.com

‘Create the family you want: Boy or Girl’: Sex selection advertized in Canadian newspapers | LifeSiteNews.com.

A Seattle Fertility Clinic has been running ads in Canadian newspapers,  targeting immigrants to British Columbia.    It uses a preimplantation diagnostic procedure to determine if embryos produced by in vitro fertilization are  males or females.   This allows an opportunity to destroy those of the “wrong” sex, and implant only those of the desired sex.

In the National Post, Kelly McParland takes aim at Canadians who might be put off by this sex selection industry.  Canada has next to no abortion restrictions, and the Seattle  fertility clinic is taking advantage of Canada’s very liberal environment.    He notes that sex selection “puts feminists in the odd position of defending the right of women to decide against female babies on the basis that females aren’t as valuable or desirable as males.”

Vatican Spanks U.S. Conference of Nuns

Vatican Slaps Wayward Nuns, Sisters ‘Stunned’ says Newsmax.

The influential Leadership Conference of Women Religious, of the U.S. has gotten a severe reprimand, from the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,  for wandering astray from the flock.

Among it’s offenses are its foray to the radical feminist side, its   teaching on homosexual behavior, and its public statements at odds with Church teaching on various issues of faith and morals.   One major bone of contention is their profession of love and support for Obamacare.

Sr. Simone Campbell, Executive Director says she’s “stunned”.  Likely she’s also shocked and dismayed because the boys are taking charge, now.  The Women Religious will be further investigated and then fumigated by Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, Bishop Thomas J Paprocki and Bishop Leonard Blair.

(The Catholic Housecleaning continues.)


Does Obama Wagyu the Dog?

Obama’s campaign has taken multiple pot shots at Mitt Romney for crating the family dog on the roof of the car to travel on vacation, back in the 80’s

The politically alert realize that Romney campaign groups are just plain MEAN, and could not be expected to miss the opportunity found in Obama’s first book, “Dreams from my Father”. Obama even read this info aloud in audio book form. Lolo Soetoro fed him dog meat when he was young.

Yep, the president was fed dog meat, snake, grashoppers and other delectable items by his stepfather while he lived in Indonesia. Pharmer wonders if in his new rarified existence, Obama has had access to a Wagyu form of tenderized dog meat. Mmmmmm mmmmmm goood! More fun and pics can be found at Gateway Pundit.

PETA is probably going to blow a gasket.

*Update:  An Indonesian diplomatic source says that eating dog is NOT common practice in Indonesia, and is generally illegal in Jakarta and other areas.

Obama is following the path of Hitler and Stalin, Says Bishop

Archbishop Daniel R. Jenky, Peoria, Illinois, speaks up about Obama in a sermon:
“Hitler and Stalin, at their better moments, would just barely tolerate some churches remaining open, but would not tolerate any competition with the state in education, social services, and health care,” Jenky said. “In clear violation of our First Amendment rights, Barack Obama – with his radical, pro abortion and extreme secularist agenda, now seems intent on following a similar path.”