Homosexuality on UMC’s docket (OneNewsNow.com)

Homosexuality on UMC's docket (OneNewsNow.com).

2012 might be the last possible year for the liberal faction of the United Methodist Church to obtain official approval for practicing gay clergy and for same sex marriages. This topic tops the list of items for discussion at the United Methodist General Conference in Tampa, Fl.
The opportunity for leftists to hold sway on these issues is closing as that Church is shrinking in America and growing in Africa, where the members are much more conservative. Almost 40 percent of the delegates at the conference are coming from Africa and other countries, and these people will likely be the ones to save their church from its leftist Americans.

The United Methodist Church
in America has more significant problem which should be recognized. It is a signatory to the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice. Perhaps the African delegates can fix this problem too.