Vatican Spanks U.S. Conference of Nuns

Vatican Slaps Wayward Nuns, Sisters ‘Stunned’ says Newsmax.

The influential Leadership Conference of Women Religious, of the U.S. has gotten a severe reprimand, from the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,  for wandering astray from the flock.

Among it’s offenses are its foray to the radical feminist side, its   teaching on homosexual behavior, and its public statements at odds with Church teaching on various issues of faith and morals.   One major bone of contention is their profession of love and support for Obamacare.

Sr. Simone Campbell, Executive Director says she’s “stunned”.  Likely she’s also shocked and dismayed because the boys are taking charge, now.  The Women Religious will be further investigated and then fumigated by Archbishop J. Peter Sartain, Bishop Thomas J Paprocki and Bishop Leonard Blair.

(The Catholic Housecleaning continues.)