Does Obama Wagyu the Dog?

Obama’s campaign has taken multiple pot shots at Mitt Romney for crating the family dog on the roof of the car to travel on vacation, back in the 80’s

The politically alert realize that Romney campaign groups are just plain MEAN, and could not be expected to miss the opportunity found in Obama’s first book, “Dreams from my Father”. Obama even read this info aloud in audio book form. Lolo Soetoro fed him dog meat when he was young.

Yep, the president was fed dog meat, snake, grashoppers and other delectable items by his stepfather while he lived in Indonesia. Pharmer wonders if in his new rarified existence, Obama has had access to a Wagyu form of tenderized dog meat. Mmmmmm mmmmmm goood! More fun and pics can be found at Gateway Pundit.

PETA is probably going to blow a gasket.

*Update:  An Indonesian diplomatic source says that eating dog is NOT common practice in Indonesia, and is generally illegal in Jakarta and other areas.