“Four” is Unlucky Number for this Medical Student

Chinese student died of heart attack as he looked at ‘sexy magazine’ at sperm bank | Mail Online.

23 year old medical student, Zheng Gang, died of a heart attack during “his fourth visit in just over a week“, at the Wuhan University fertility clinic, says the Daily Mail.

“Four” is an unlucky number in much of Asia.  Its pronunciation is a homophone for the word for “death” in various languages and dialects.

The tragic demise of Zheng Gang, and subsequent law suit filed by his family, provide more incentive to use a substitute syllable when speaking of that number.

Wacoal My Beautiful Woman

Wacoal My Beautiful Woman.

One of the vids from this series was featured at Jill Stanek’s blog, but there are more.

Wacoal is a large conglomerate, known for ladies’  lingerie, which started out as Wako Corporation in Japan.  Its subsidiary in Thailand is celebrating the beauty and courage of women.

Take a refreshing break from such nastiness as Cecile Richards and her abortion valentines, and watch the stories of heroic women in Thailand.  It’ll make you “happy happy happy”!

Putin Bans Foriegn Same Sex Couples from Adopting Russian Children

A new edict from Vladimir Putin comes on the heels of France’s approval of same sex marriage.  He’s banning foriegn same sex couples from adopting Russian babies.  This is actually self consistent with the internal rules banning gay marriage, and banning unmarried people from adopting within Russia.

It follows the ban on Russian adoptions by any U.S. citizens.

None of the above should come as a surprise from a country which has been battling under-production of new citizens for many years.   The population of native Russians is shrinking.   The government has been trying various incentives to inspire Russian citizens to make more babies.

Mom Escapes Forced Abortion in China

Pressure from groups inside China, and from the U.S.  stopped the execution of  Cao Ruyi’s baby by abortion.

China Cao Ruyi baby escapes forced abortion

Shown above are Cao Ruyi, with her husband Li Fu, and baby boy, whom she named Li Dahai, acknowledging the help from overseas.  Women’s Rights in China, and China Aid brought in some extra pressure from outside  from U.S. Congressman Chris Smith, which helped to persuade the local government not to forcibly abort the baby.

Check out the details, and a video explaining the chain of events  HERE

Trouble still remains for the family, as there are fines pending, and a refusal by the government to register the child, so that he can eventually go to school and participate in other basic activities as a citizen.

Check the next link to get  some perspective on the crazy family planning program of China and the destruction it has wrought in the last 40 plus years.    They’ve aborted the equivalent of the United States in that time. 

Rimjin-gang -Reports from Inside North Korea

Rimjin-gang – Report, Column and Survey – ASIAPRESS.

North Koreans are able to get news to the outside via Rimjin Gang, which is compiled by Asia Press.   What’s up now is a series of stories about the starvation.  Now is the time that food stores from the fall  are running out, (bori-kage) and people are the most malnourished.  It’s the worst time of year until May, when early crops are harvested.

There’s a  spate of stories about cannibalism in North Korea.  Reportedly, some people are cooking and eating their own children.  Devolution is a bit further along in that starving country, than here in the U.S. where food is plentiful, but people have other uses for the tissue of their offspring.

Typhoons Pummel Korea, Japan, Okinawa

It’s been a memorable typhoon season.  Jelawat is the second big September storm to come through and mess things up in eastern Asia, injuring hundreds and wreaking havoc.  Two weeks ago it was Typhoon Sanba, with Bolaven and Tembin striking in August. Below are a couple of Jelawat videos from Okinawa, brought to you by U.S. military personnel. Expect expletives.

Car gets rolled at Camp Kinser:

Dumpster Trashes Van, behind Kadena BX.

Unable to pay fine, a woman in Hubei province is forcibly aborted of her near-term baby girl ~ CHINAaid

Unable to pay fine, a woman in Hubei province is forcibly aborted of her near-term baby girl ~ CHINAaid.

Hu Xia’s name is being trashed by her township government, which claims that the induced abortion of her nearly 8 month unborn baby was voluntary.
Because she could not pay the fine for having a second child, Hu Xia, of Zhengjiamen village, Schangsche township, was taken forcibly to ‘People’s Hospital” and given an injection to induce abortion. She delivered a dead baby girl two days later.

The photo is taken on June 25, showing a despondent mother, 4 days after her abortion, appearing extremely displeased with the government’s decision to kill her baby.

Keep your eyes on the news that the U.S. media loses: CHINA AID

The Obama administration is completing the next to last steps prior to forced abortion policy in the United States. All are being forced to pay for the procedures, and health care professionals in many localities are being coerced to participate. Once this has become entrenched, women will be given no choice in the matter. The U.S. government, like that of China, will determine who may bear children and how many. It is to be presented as a “green” policy to preserve the earth.

Health pills from China, the Ultimate in Recycling,

if the thought of contracting KURU doesn’t bother you.   That particular neurodegenerative disease is caused by transmission of prions, most famously through cannibalism.

China Still Selling “Health Pills” Made From Aborted, Dead Babies | LifeNews.com.

The Chinese are said to be recycling the babies from “dying rooms” and those who are aborted or miscarried.  They’re desiccating the bodies, and grinding them up for use in health pills.

The ongoing practice of the Chinese in producing and exporting these pills is related to the belief that the fetus is useful as a general tonic and an enhancer of male sexual potency.  A documentary from South Korea  depicts the customs war that nation has waged  against the importation of the fetus pills.

Doesn’t Look Good for Activist Chen Guangcheng:

Activist Chen Guangcheng: Let Me Leave China on Hillary Clinton’s Plane – The Daily Beast.

Hillary appears to have more economic things in mind rather than the fate of Chen Guangcheng, China’s most well known activist.   He had escaped from house arrest in Shandong to the U.S. embassy in Beijing.  Hillary’s latest statement made during her visit in China does not mention Chen.

Various factors fueled his decision to leave the embassy and have his injuries treated at the hospital.  One of those was to prevent the Chinese from taking his family, who had come to Beijing,  back to Shandong.

Chen has changed his mind about staying in China, and now wishes for Hillary to fly him and his family out of there.

Pharmer is not expecting Hillary to grant his wish, as she does not sufficiently  share Chen’s  opposition to the forced abortion policies of China.