Mom Escapes Forced Abortion in China

Pressure from groups inside China, and from the U.S.  stopped the execution of  Cao Ruyi’s baby by abortion.

China Cao Ruyi baby escapes forced abortion

Shown above are Cao Ruyi, with her husband Li Fu, and baby boy, whom she named Li Dahai, acknowledging the help from overseas.  Women’s Rights in China, and China Aid brought in some extra pressure from outside  from U.S. Congressman Chris Smith, which helped to persuade the local government not to forcibly abort the baby.

Check out the details, and a video explaining the chain of events  HERE

Trouble still remains for the family, as there are fines pending, and a refusal by the government to register the child, so that he can eventually go to school and participate in other basic activities as a citizen.

Check the next link to get  some perspective on the crazy family planning program of China and the destruction it has wrought in the last 40 plus years.    They’ve aborted the equivalent of the United States in that time. 

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