Mom Escapes Forced Abortion in China

Pressure from groups inside China, and from the U.S.  stopped the execution of  Cao Ruyi’s baby by abortion.

China Cao Ruyi baby escapes forced abortion

Shown above are Cao Ruyi, with her husband Li Fu, and baby boy, whom she named Li Dahai, acknowledging the help from overseas.  Women’s Rights in China, and China Aid brought in some extra pressure from outside  from U.S. Congressman Chris Smith, which helped to persuade the local government not to forcibly abort the baby.

Check out the details, and a video explaining the chain of events  HERE

Trouble still remains for the family, as there are fines pending, and a refusal by the government to register the child, so that he can eventually go to school and participate in other basic activities as a citizen.

Check the next link to get  some perspective on the crazy family planning program of China and the destruction it has wrought in the last 40 plus years.    They’ve aborted the equivalent of the United States in that time. 

Unable to pay fine, a woman in Hubei province is forcibly aborted of her near-term baby girl ~ CHINAaid

Unable to pay fine, a woman in Hubei province is forcibly aborted of her near-term baby girl ~ CHINAaid.

Hu Xia’s name is being trashed by her township government, which claims that the induced abortion of her nearly 8 month unborn baby was voluntary.
Because she could not pay the fine for having a second child, Hu Xia, of Zhengjiamen village, Schangsche township, was taken forcibly to ‘People’s Hospital” and given an injection to induce abortion. She delivered a dead baby girl two days later.

The photo is taken on June 25, showing a despondent mother, 4 days after her abortion, appearing extremely displeased with the government’s decision to kill her baby.

Keep your eyes on the news that the U.S. media loses: CHINA AID

The Obama administration is completing the next to last steps prior to forced abortion policy in the United States. All are being forced to pay for the procedures, and health care professionals in many localities are being coerced to participate. Once this has become entrenched, women will be given no choice in the matter. The U.S. government, like that of China, will determine who may bear children and how many. It is to be presented as a “green” policy to preserve the earth.

Busted: China admits to forced late term abortion

China confirms forced abortion case after uproar – Yahoo! News Canada.

China admits to a forced late term abortion of a 7 month old baby which has the world quite upset at the “news”.

Of course, it’s not really “news” that  the forced late term abortions have been occurring.   China has been at this practice for a very long time.

This blog is getting hits on an article linked to older incidents, as outraged internet surfers attempt to locate the info.

The newer case is HERE at Life News and many other places. Click to see the pic of Feng Jianmei and the baby which was aborted because she did not have money to pay the fine to the family planners.

Some news articles report that China has apologized to the woman, and says that the actions of dragging her from her home for the abortion were illegal.

Here’s the older article showing Wang Liping and her 7 month baby, killed by forced abortion.Details are HERE.   <– Read for info smuggled out of China on numerous women assaulted, and their babies killed by  Chinese government officials.

The Worst Time for Chen Guangcheng to Escape

….is with Obama in the White House.

China: Forced Abortion Opponent Chen Guangcheng Escapes |

Chen is a renowned human rights activist and self taught lawyer, in mainland China, who has taken up the cause of women who are forced by the government to abort their children.

Chen has been imprisoned and he and his family have suffered many abuses at the hands of the Chinese government. This past week Chen made an escape from house arrest. It’s believed that he might have made it to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing. The saddest difficulty is that he is unlikely to receive any aid or protection from the most pro abortion, U.S. government in history. Neither Obama nor Planned Parenthood oppose forced abortion in china, or sex selective abortions enough to oppose either practice.

Perhaps if enough people are made aware of the situation, Obama might be compelled by election year realities, not to hand Chen Guangcheng back to Chinese authorities. This might compensate for the absent moral compass.

Chinese Octo mom (with helpers)

Rich couple beat Chinese one-child family law by secretly having EIGHT babies | Mail Online.

No, this couple did not beat the system.  But they do have eight babies, a big fine, and have lost their home in Guangzhou.

This is a big violation of the one child policy.

There was some trouble with fertility which caused the mom to seek treatment, and at the same time hire two surrogate mothers.

What they wound up with was three triplets from the mom, and a total of five kids from the two surrogates.  Eight babies was waaaaay more than the Chinese reproductive regulators could stand.


Remarks by Vice President Biden on U.S.-China Relations | IIP Digital

Remarks by Vice President Biden on U.S.-China Relations | IIP Digital.
Here it is….. Biden on China’s one child policy:
“But as I was talking to some of your leaders, you share a similar concern here in China.  You have no safety net.  Your policy has been one which I fully understand — I’m not second-guessing — of one child per family.  The result being that you’re in a position where one wage earner will be taking care of four retired people.  Not sustainable.
So hopefully we can act in a way on a problem that’s much less severe than yours, and maybe we can learn together from how we can do that. “

What a guy!   Jill Stanek found a pretty good pic of what Biden would not second-guess, and following the links at her site leads to this NAUSEATING DOCUMENT of one-child-policy killings which was  presented to a US congressional hearing on human rights, Nov. 1o, 2009.

UPDATE: Below is Wang Liping, and her baby, killed by forced abortion. This is an older story. The latest news, which includes an admission of guilt by China is of Feng Jianmei. Click HERE for more info.


Women's Rights Without Frontiers

LOOK: All Girls Allowed

Home | All Girls Allowed.  < –  –  –   click here.

Check out this non-governmental organization which works in China to encourage women not to abort, kill or abandon their female offspring.  Boys outnumber girls by more than 35 million in China now, due to cultural and economic pressures and the strict governmental limits on reproduction.

This group operates in places with the most significant shortages of girls, to encourage the moms to  keep  their female babies.  This is done through education and by supplying funds for child care to the women who decide not to get rid of their  baby girls.