Busted: China admits to forced late term abortion

China confirms forced abortion case after uproar – Yahoo! News Canada.

China admits to a forced late term abortion of a 7 month old baby which has the world quite upset at the “news”.

Of course, it’s not really “news” that  the forced late term abortions have been occurring.   China has been at this practice for a very long time.

This blog is getting hits on an article linked to older incidents, as outraged internet surfers attempt to locate the info.

The newer case is HERE at Life News and many other places. Click to see the pic of Feng Jianmei and the baby which was aborted because she did not have money to pay the fine to the family planners.

Some news articles report that China has apologized to the woman, and says that the actions of dragging her from her home for the abortion were illegal.

Here’s the older article showing Wang Liping and her 7 month baby, killed by forced abortion.Details are HERE.   <– Read for info smuggled out of China on numerous women assaulted, and their babies killed by  Chinese government officials.

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