Obama is following the path of Hitler and Stalin, Says Bishop

Archbishop Daniel R. Jenky, Peoria, Illinois, speaks up about Obama in a sermon:
“Hitler and Stalin, at their better moments, would just barely tolerate some churches remaining open, but would not tolerate any competition with the state in education, social services, and health care,” Jenky said. “In clear violation of our First Amendment rights, Barack Obama – with his radical, pro abortion and extreme secularist agenda, now seems intent on following a similar path.”

3 thoughts on “Obama is following the path of Hitler and Stalin, Says Bishop

  1. Bravo Bishop Jenky! Too bad the AmChurch prelates had been so pro-Dem and not willing to guard the flock till now. I pray it is not too late. start by forcing universities, hospitals, etc to actually following Church teachings and doctrine and not allow disobedience, heresy and unorthodox practices (eg abortion, contraception, pro-sodomite coddling, etc)

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