Spreads Word of Democrat War on Women: PRENDA legislation Killed in Congress

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The Lifenews site was fine when Pharmer first accessed it this afternoon, 5/31, but it appears that desperate people have hacked their news page about PRENDA and installed a trojan. Pharmer’s antivirus blocked it at 6 pm.
Just wait awhile for Lifenews to fix it up, and be sure to go there later to see how the Democrats killed the PRENDA bill which would have made sex selection abortions illegal in the US.

Understand that the Dems are desperate to prevent the news of their actual war on women, which involves killing them prior to birth, from being widely promulgated.

It’s too late.

In one way, the current Democrat response to PRENDA is a good thing. It helps more of the religious minded Democrat voters know their party’s agenda, and will afford them opportunity to adjust their votes accordingly this November.

How Planned Parenthood “Helps” Women -Live Action Films

by KILLING their unborn little girls.

Here it is…… Planned Parenthood, Austin Texas, and there is no mistake about the assistance being given to this woman, to abort at five months if the baby is a girl, and try again immediately for a boy. Lady Shredder, “Rebecca”, might be obtaining some gratification in recommending a late term abortion, to be sure it is actually a girl who will be torn up.

You knew it was coming…… after the latest discussion of sex selection abortions, and Planned Parenthood’s paranoia that they were going to be stung by Live Action concerning their sex selection abortions. By the time planned parenthood gets that feeling, it’s already too late.

The definition of equal rights for women, in the minds of our feminazis is to be able to kill unborn girls, because they’d prefer a preponderance of boys. It’s Stockholm syndrome by proxy. It must be a severe and insidious kind of abuse which has twisted their brains into pretzels.

The ultimate control of women is exhibited by getting them to preferentially kill girls and call it women’s rights.

Live Action Petition Protect Our Girls

Briton Sues NHS for Firing Her Over Her Pro-Life Views |

Briton Sues NHS for Firing Her Over Her Pro-Life Views |

Margaret Forrester, a psychological wellbeing practitioner with the Central and North West London NHS Trust, has filed suit against her employer for breaching her freedom of religion and freedom of speach. Mrs. Forrester was disciplined and suspended after an informal conversation with a colleague during which she presented a booklet and her views that abortion adversely affects the physical and mental health of women.

Mrs. Forrester, a Roman Catholic, is represented by the Thomas More Legal Centre. One of their spokespersons is wondering why the NHS objects to a discussion of abortion among their health service professionals: “If the NHS is not willing to allow the effects of Abortion to be discussed by NHS staff it raises a real question as to what the NHS is afraid of.”

Texas Judge Sentences Honors Student Diane Tran to Jail for Missing School | Video |

Texas Judge Sentences Honors Student Diane Tran to Jail for Missing School | Video |

Seventeen year old Diane Tran, who appears not to need to attend classes to keep her grades up, was sentenced to jail and fined for repeated truancy, by Montgomery Republican judge Lanny Moriarity. She is said to be working two jobs, and helping to support siblings, after her parents divorced suddenly and apparently bailed out on the kids.
Likely no one knows the whole story of this family.

Lanny Moriarity ran in 2010 unopposed in his district in Montgomery County. Yes he is a Republican. The Teaparty could send a primary challenger to make his life interesting in the next election cycle.

Moriarity is, at best, a lazy judge. He apparently encountered Diane Tran’s case more than once (a prior warning is mentioned) and did not investigate the cause of her truancy for 2 minutes. Much more time had to have been spent on the paperwork than consideration of the case.

This kind of use of the legal system leads very motivated and talented young people to develop disrespect and hatred of authority and government.

Teen’s Video Banned on Youtube

Sixteen-year-old Madeleine McAulay, of North Carolina produced a video of her opinion on the definition of marriage. She thinks it should remain between one man and one women. Youtube found this video to be not in keeping with their policies. is promulgating the video in order to counteract the censorship.

McAulay has a Bible based view, which will not please the anti-religion crowd.

Most are confused about the reasons for a social (governmental) recognition of marriage. It is not for the couple getting married. It is an institution to protect the process of producing and bringing up children. They do better in homes which have a father and a mother, and so this situation has been endorsed by society for many thousands of years. Gay unions do not result in the production of children. That kind of social, governmental protection is therefore not necessary.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Tentatively Calls Wis. Recall a ‘Dry Run’ for Obama Campaign Before Clarifying Comments |

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Tentatively Calls Wis. Recall a ‘Dry Run’ for Obama Campaign Before Clarifying Comments |

It’s best just to Quote what DNC head, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, said. It’s lifted from CNN’s “State of the Union”:

“I think what’s going to happen, because of our on-the-ground operation, we’ve had an opportunity in this election…to give this a test run….Ultimately, I think Tom Barrett will pull this out, but regardless, it’s given the Obama for America operation an opportunity to do a dry run that we need.”

Wisconsin voters have the chance to demonstrate that no amount of Democrat cheating can move Scott Walker out of office.
Show Obama a dry run of his election results!

Obama Testing to see how many U.S. Catholics are Unsalvagable for Dems

Obama, the born-again Catholic | The Daily Caller.

The Obama campaign is touting Obama’s leftist Catholic connections during his community organizer days in Chicago. He is blaming his activism on lessons he learned while working with the likes of Father Pfleger who has since been censured by the church for placing political advocacy above Catholic teaching.
Obama’s campaign move is in response to his marked drop in approval among Catholics, due to his Abortion Healthcare Mandate. His recent advocacy of gay marriage is likely to affect his standing among Hispanic Catholics significantly.

*The media continues to ignore the tsunami of lawsuits filed by religious organizations against the Healthcare Mandate, which forces participation in abortion, artificial birth control and sterilization, all of which are antithetical to Catholic beliefs, and those of many other denominations.