Cursing the Children – The Party that Brought You Obamacare

When the Lefties  tell you about how much they care for the children, remind yourself that this love and compassion often comes  to a screeching halt when they lose their tempers.

Professor David Guth is suspended at the University of Kansas for his response to the (Obama supporting) gunman who killed a douzen peole at the Navy Yard in Washington DC.

He tweeted:  “#Navyyartshooting  The Blood is on the hands of the #NRA. Next time, let it be YOUR sons and daughters. Shame on you. May God Damn you.” 

What a delightful guy.  He was even able to embarrass a University with his vitriol.  David Guth, who stands by his tweet,  is the poster boy of academic tenure.

Next up is Allan Brauer, the current communications chairman of the Sacramento, CA Democrat party.  Check out what he had to say Amanda Carpenter, in response to her tweet exhorting Republicans to stop Obamacare.  Allan’s first luminous COMMUNICATION:  “@amandacarpenter May your children all die from debilitating, painful and incurable diseases.” Amanda Carpenter  retweeted his curse, saying that he “deserves some unfollows” from Twitter-ites.   You’ll have to click the above link to see Allan’s further replies, which describe infestations by cestodes  and pthiris species.   This Dem Communicator has perhaps been cruising the underbelly of the internet too long, and has REALLY forgotten how to behave in public.

Later, feeling a loss of popularity, Allan Brauer apologized for the death curse on Amanda Carpenter’s kids, but, as of this afternoon, no  such statement was forthcoming from the Sacramento Dems, nor California Democratic Party spokesman.

Write Your Congressman: DEFUND Obamacare Friday

As soon as Friday, (Tomorrow) 9/20, the House of Representatives might be voting to defund Obamacare.  Tell your congressman that you really want Obamacare defunded, no fake bills, no shell games, no loopholes.   Pharmer always has a quick route to your congress-critters on the sidebar under LINKS.  Please use it whenever you feel the need.

Here they are, pulled up for your convenience.  Use the U.S. Representatives link today, put in your zipcode to find your Rep. fast, …...and tell your congressman how much you think Obamacare sux.



Grammy Award Winning Producer Tells Story of His Daughter and Her Mom

Kansas John Elefante prolife vid
“This time” by John Elefante

John Elefante, former lead singer of the band, Kansas, has an adopted daughter who inspired his latest pro-life work.  He produced “This Time, a song and video telling the story of how his daughter’s life was saved.   The song appears on his latest album,. “On My Way to the Sun”.

Elefante is supporting Online for Life, a group which reaches out to women and men who are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy, and offering them life affirming assistance and local  resources.

Listen up!

DC Navy Yard : A Single Mentally Ill Suspect

Aaron Alexis, the single suspect in Washington DC Navy Yard Shootings is said to have been under treatment at the Veterans Administration for severe mental problems, including paranoia, hearing voices, and inability to sleep.   The Navy did not declare him mentally unfit, since this would have rescinded his security clearance which had been obtained during earlier service in the Navy Reserves.  It appears that Alexis was attempting to self-treat his bad temper.

From CNN, it appears that earlier reports that an AR-15 was used in the shootings was wrong.  A shotgun and two handguns have been recovered from the scene.  The shotgun is believed to have been brought in by the shooter, and the handguns might have bben taken from guards at the Navy Yard.  It is suggested that Alexis had rented an AR-15, but returned it sometime prior to the rampage on Monday.

Thus far, the death toll attributed to Alexis is up to 12 Americans.

There of course is clamoring for more gun restrictions nationally, although this shooting occurred in a place with the most restrictive gun laws.

Washington DC Navy Yard Shootings

There is a report of 16 people having been shot at the Navy Yard in Washington DC, with 4 said to be killed thus far.  It is claimed that one gun operator has been shot and killed and that another is “down”.   There is the suggestion that three people are involved.

Similarly to  the case of Major Nidal Malik Hasan, we are being assured that this is not an act of terrorism.

It will probably be a long time before this story has coalesced into something that is believable.  Do not hold your breath.

At The Blaze, a news timeline is being published.

Prayers for the wounded and deceased.

Rion Paige Blows them Away

Rion Paige – Blown Away

Rion Paige blew the X Factor judges away, covering a Carrie Underwood song.  She’s got great vocal chops for a 13 year old, and is somewhat of a celebrity already, in Jacksonville, Florida.   Click HERE to listen up.   She’s going to get big fame. Pharmer hopes that she rides the wave well and goes far.

While you’re at it, here’s another mini-star from Australia, Jai Waetford.  He sang his pre-arranged cover, Different Worlds,  and then fulfilled a request to sing a song he wrote himself, Don’t Let Me Go. Check him out HERE.

Jai Waetford, mini-star from Australia

Two Colorado State Legislators Recalled over Gun Control Bill

Two democrat senators,  the president of the Colorado State Senate, John Morse, and Angela Giron, from a heavily democrat district, have been recalled and replaced with republicans.

These successful recall elections were fueled by voter backlash against the ridiculous gun restrictions which these two, and other Democrats had touted, and pushed upon their electorate.

Dems are whining that the NRA spent money in Colorado, but leftist national funding sources (including NYC Mayor Bloomberg)  spent more on these elections, trying to bolster the two former senators.

Perhaps other politicians will take note that supporting such gun restrictions will cost them their political careers.

Obama Humiliates the United States in Syria Debacle

Is it true??? that Pelosi said we have to bomb Syria in order to find out whose chemical weapons are in it.  😉

Very briefly,  John Kerry, the formerly anti-war Secretary of State made an off the cuff comment about Bashir Assad giving up his chemical weapons, in order to stop an attack from the U.S.

This gaffe, which he tried to take back, because it did not agree with U.S. policy  (He even explained the gaffe to the Russians), has now BECOME U.S. Policy.  Putin jumped on the opportunity to give his side of the world a laugh at Obama’s expense, making an offer that could not be refused.  Assad will give up his chemical weapons  (i.e. let Russia store them for awhile) and Putin will continue to arm Assad and Iran, the latter of which is promising to destroy the U.S.   The only ones not pretending to be happy are the Syrian rebels.

Assad has resumed bombing Damascus with conventional weapons…….. and everything is all good with Obama now.  The media has resumed singing praise of his brilliance, calling this a great success, and crediting the machismo of Obama for causing Assad sending his weapons of mass destruction to the Russian storage facility for awhile.

Yes, it is the third term of Jimmy Carter.  The U.S. is the laughingstock of the world.

Putin Emerges as Top Dog in Syrian Debacle

To lead off, here’s  another report, this time from the Germans,  that casts doubt on whether Assad is responsible for the use of chemical weapons on Syrian forces. According to this source, intercepted communications showed Assad denying permission for the use of chemical weapons.

Bashir Assad appears to have accepted Vladimir Putin’s proposal to put his chemical weapons under international control, for subsequent dismantling.

After an attack on Syria has been spun  as an effort to reduce the influence of Iran, perhaps Obama will have to make up another story, explaining why firing missiles on Syria is no longer necessary, and we don’t have to worry about Iran anymore.

Every few hours brings a new shift in the Middle East policy and plans.  It’s making Putin look almost reasonable, and Obama appear indecisive and incompetent.   Who would want to rely on U.S. foreign policy now?

Obama’s agenda to diminish the stature of the U.S. in the world is proceeding as well as any leftist could hope.

****Meanwhile, don’t forget to tell your congress critters to DEFUND obamacare and to kiss off the latest immigration amnesty package, while you voice your opinion on the Syrian mess.