“Free Health Care” Deleted from Obamacare website

Obamacare Website Quietly Deletes Reference to ‘Free Health Care’ | The Weekly Standard.

A stealth retraction of the offer of free health care to those who cannot afford a health plan has taken place, some time on or after Sept 15, at the Obamacare website with the following link:


Yup, it is still in the link, but the word “free” is gone gone gone from Obamacare.

Check out details above, at the Weekly standard.

Embracing post-fertilisation methods of family planning: Flushable Women

Embracing post-fertilisation methods of family planning: a call to action — Raymond et al. 39 4: 244 — Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care.

Elizabeth G Raymond of Gynuity Health Projects, and her colleagues suggest flushing women chemically every time they think they might be pregnant.  They even suggest the possibility of flushing women once per month  to be sure that no undesirable embryos are clinging to life in their reproductive tracts.  This type of chemical birth control is touted as possibly  preferable to the forms which have been designed largely to reduce the possibility of fertilization.

The group calls for more research targeting drugs which kill early human embryos.   It’s getting to be a brave new world, with flushable women to fulfill the sexual desires of guys who do not care about them.  Perhaps our overseers think that bringing this new class of drugs to market could enhance the financial position of the new class of part time female, service providers springing up in this economic “recovery”.

Tired Old Party Ties One Year Delay of Obamacare to Continuing Resolution

After the Republicans in the Senate refused to stop cloture on the bill which funds Obamacare, the Republican Congress is showing agreement on a plan to tie a one year delay of the Obamacare individual mandate to passage of a continuing resolution. 

The continuing resolution (for those who prevent nausea by ignoring Washington DC) is how spending is done these days, in lieu of the constitutionally required Budgets which used to govern spending.

Shutdown is said to be much more likely with this move by congress.   Shutdown is probably a good thing, but delaying Obamacare by one year simply makes it more likely that people will not be mad enough  to vote out the corrupt old guard of Washington in 2014.

The delay of Obamacare is a means for incumbents in the Senate and congress to keep their jobs after next year.

Republican FAILure to Defund Obamacare

Dear Sen Coats,
Senator Dan Coats (R.) of Indiana replied to requests that he vote against cloture on the bill which allows Obamacare to be defunded. He, as expected, supported cloture.

The Republican response is to delay the individual mandate of Obamacare, so that people cannot feel so much damage until after 2014, thereby ensuring that the leftists keep control of the Senate after the 2014 election. (DUH!)

The Pharmer wrote back to him as follows:

Re: Obamacare vs government shut down.

Those of us who have memory, recall that the government has “shut down” numerous times in the past, and the U.S. has survived.
We know that a “shut down” has never caused the total stoppage of all services.
We are not made afraid by the term “government shut down”.
Delaying the Individual Mandate will do only one thing…… prevent people from blaming the Dems for Obamacare damages, and keep that party in power after 2014. Delaying the individual mandate will ensure that Dems keep the Senate. (Repubs should fire their political consultants.)
We wonder why the Republicans have become so fearful. Have their cushie jobs become more important than the U.S.A. itself? Are their lives being threatened by the Chicago mob in Washington? What has caused the loss of testosterone in the Republican party?
Is it time for the Republicans to be replaced by a party which puts the people (who oppose Obamacare by a large margin) first?
My first presidential vote was for Ronald Reagan, but the party has thrown me, and other conservatives aside as it tries to recast itself as leftist-lite.
What the Republicans do next determines whether I continue on as an independent conservative, or assist a third party to supplant the GOP.

Obamacare Expected to Cover up to 111,500 Abortions Yearly.

Twenty seven states and the District of Columbia have laws permitting them to offer abortion supporting insurance plans in their Obamacre exchanges. Twenty three other states have Hyde Amendment-like laws which forbid elective abortions from their medicaid plans and they have likewise banned abortion covering insurance plans  from their exchanges.

Seventeen states (thirteen by enforcement of court order) fully fund elective abortion using state money in their health programs for the poor.  Obamacare also provides for medicaid expansions for states which agree to sign on, and this is a secondary mechanism to fund abortions.

The result, according to the Charlotte Lozier Institute analysis, is that 71,000 to 111,500 abortion per year will be heavily subsidized by federal tax payer dollars.  Click HERE for the short story from Institute’s president, Chuck Donovan.

Those being forced to get insurance through the government exchanges will likely be prodded towards the abortion supporting insurance programs  by such euphemisms describing their complete coverage of women’s health care  Watch out for that.   Just say no to insurance that covers elective abortion.  Help keep civilization alive for a year or two longer.

Check out the full story here. 

Forty Days for Life, Out and About, Abortion Clinics Closing

The fearsome Forty Days For Life Campaign, that biennial event that has abortionist quaking, is doing it’s Autumn thing. This is a nationwide prayer and rally effort which is strongly associated with abortion clinic closures. Forty one of the clinics visited by this group have shut down, with the latest being in Livingston Montana.

Call a waaaaaaaaaaambulance for abortion sellers from Sept. 25, to Nov. 3, because these 40 days are bad for their business.  When people become more educated about the nature of abortion, it naturally becomes more unwanted.

Forty days prayer vigils have sprung up in 501 different cities around the world thus far.  There are 306 participating cities on the roster this fall.  You can use this map to find a prayer vigil near you, if you’d like to participate.  It’s a big part of the multi-tentacled effort to end the demand for killing babies prior to birth, and bring respect for all human life.

Follow the Forty Days for Life Fall campaign HERE.

Cardinal Raymond Burke: Deny Communion to Pelosi

Cardinal Raymond Burke, as prefect of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura in the Vatican, says that the time has come for Nancy Pelosi to be denied communion.  She has been publicly flouting Catholic teaching, and ignoring all requests to cease and desist promoting and supporting such Obamanations as Abortion and same sex marriage.  Apparently Cardinal Burke, now ensconced in a lofty perch in Rome,  has had enough.

Archbishop Donald Wuerl of Washington DC, still loves him some Nancy P.,  and has said that he will not stop giving Communion to her.   One wonders if he answers at all to the authorities in the Vatican.

NewsMax, which exhibits a greater than usual interest in things Catholic, has more if you click HERE. 

Before you read the inanity from Archbishop Wuerl, that the Church does not use Communion as a weapon, consider this:  Excommunication is not revenge or punishment.  It is an urgent call from the Church to cease a severely sinful practice or lifestyle.  It is, metaphorically speaking, for the purpose of preventing humans  from being flushed down the cosmic toilet, into an eternal sewer…… far worse than the dredges of the Potomac.

Third Time Could Be a Charm for the World’s Biggest Tick

George Soros with a mouthfull
The World’s Biggest Tick

It’s wedding bells for the third time for George Soros. Tamiko Bolton is the lucky 42 year old woman, hitched up to a guy twice her age. Those Billions of Bucks will make the happy couple forget all about little medical details such as BPH, CHF and the occasional incontinence episode. Wealth is a most powerful pheromone.

In his wake, Soros had left Annaliese Witschak in 1983, Susan Weber Soros in 2005, and the girlfriends in between. Click HERE for further notes on the surreal, Sept 20, wedding celebration of  the “World’s Biggest Tick” and bride number 3.