More Government Priorities

The NIH has stopped  therapy dog visits for kids who are sick with cancer, due to the government shut down, but the U.S. Army contracted on October 7 to buy a $47,000 dollar mechanical bull.

The  police arrested Vietnam veterans at the War Memorial in New York City because they stayed out too late during  a protest of the war in Afghanistan.  If you recall,  Occupoopers protesting Wall Street were able to camp out 24/7, and disrupt travel and commerce in the city.

The Park Service in in Washington is permitting a pro-amnesty rally on the supposedly closed National Mall.   You just have to be on the left side for your protests and rallies to be allowed to proceed in Obamaville.

Truth Revolt

Truth Revolt.   This site will enable you to see who funds the lying, leftist lamestream media.  You can use the information from this site to direct your money elsewhere, to the best of your ability.  This site will remain linked on the sidebar of the Pharm.

Sex Selection Abortion Comes to the UK

The UK telegraph had uncovered a sex selection abortion scandal in Great Britain, and revealed it with the assumption that such practices are illegal.  However, the Crown Prosecution Service is refusing to charge the two doctors who were found to be agreeing to abort babies because they were GIRLS.

The Director of Public Prosecutions has put forth a memorandum explaining the decision not to prosecute, and the British Medical Association is advising doctors that “there may be circumstances in which termination of pregnancy on the grounds of fetal sex would be lawful”.

The UK is allowing sex selection abortions.  Chalk up another big victory for those whacko feminazis.

Petulant Party Pooper

The government remains 85 percent functional during the so-called “shutdown”.  Picking and choosing what is closed during the shutdown is the job of the executive branch, which is the government entity which enforces rules and regulations.  Additional money is actually being used to enforce the shutdown, with examples to follow:

Cones are put up to block scenic overlooks on the roadside, which normally allow drivers to view Mt. Rushmore safely.

The petulant one spends money to block the views of Mt. Rushmore
The petulant one spends money to block the views of Mt. Rushmore

People are being driven out of their vacation homes, even if they own the homes, that are located on federal land.  This is something like having a condo, and being forced to leave it because the land is not yours.   It’s a bad deal. Consider what the feds are doing to people such as 77 year old Joyce Spencer and her 80 year old husband Ralph, who were tossed out of their Lake Mead property in Nevada.   Do not buy a vacation home on federal land.  It’s not a good idea to make a contract with such an unstable business as the U.S. government, which can be headed up by any unknown freak to whom the media takes a liking. (No link is provided to KNTV news, which is ABC.)

Park Rangers have been instructed to make life as difficult for people as possible.  They are ordered to keep people away from private businesses which are located on federal land.   Do not start a tourism business which is tied to a federal park.  This administration is just too insane to run a business, and makes a very poor partner.

The TSA is blaming the government shut down for their inability to stop a 9 year old boy from successfully stowing away on a plane, with no accompanying adult.

The Obama administration has shut down the Amber alert website, but has left up Michelle’s “Let’s Move” website.  LMAO  at their priorities.

Harry Reid, aligning with the Zero Negotiation stance of his president, asked “why would he want to” ? fund NIH cancer treatment trials for sick children.

One bright spot amid the hostile activity of the Obama administration is that government regulations are not currently being written and promulgated.  Let’s hope this continues.

The republicans even offered to commit suicide, by delaying the individual mandate TAX until after 2014, so the Democrats would not suffer losses based upon the anger of people who find that they can’t afford Obamacare.  Obama refused this republican self immolation because he did not want it to appear that his opponents  could move him one millimeter in any direction.

The Petulant one is running around telling people that the government will default on its debt if he does not get his way.  This, of course, will be his choice, because the government continues to take in enough revenue to pay the interest on the debt.  That means no default is necessary unless Obama wants it.

While you are observing the vindictiveness of  the executive branch: the Obama administration, as it reacts to the resistance from Congress, remember that America put him in charge of health care, and this is the guy EXECUTING  policy, willy-nilly,  that might mean death for you.

10/11/13 UPDATE:  The Blaze catches up with Pharmer on the expense of closing federal parks and monuments.  CLICK.

Transpoosion in Pill Form

WOW!!  Now you can have your transpoosion by mouth (PO).   YUM!  The fecal transplant method of curing serious and sometimes life threatening gut infections such as Clostridium difficile was developed in the UK.  This treatment, has heretofore been delivered rectally in enema form, or using invasive gastric intubation.  Now the Canadians are tailoring transpoosions “in pill form” so that they can be taken orally.   The success of this method appears to be superior, as the delivery of replacement microorganisms to the intestine, encased in capsules,  appears to be more complete.

Dr Thomas Louie, of the University of Calgary custom designs transpoosions by extracting the gut bacteria from fecal samples,  and delivering them in triple coated gel capsules which can make their way past the stomach to the small intestine before dissolving.  The necessary population of fecal bacteria is packed into 24 to 34 capsules.  So, rather than the whole “tootsie roll” patients are receiving only the microbial essence of poo, freshly compounded  in pharmaceutically elegant form.  Dr. Louie has had big success with his group of 27 patients, each of whom had suffered at least 4 flareups of C. difficile.  None of his volunteers have relapsed since their transpoosions by mouth.   PO poopie therapy appears to have a 1.000 batting average.


Shots fired at U.S. Capitol, woman killed |

Shots fired at U.S. Capitol, woman killed |

A woman reportedly rammed a white house barricade, then led a multiple car police chase to the capitol until she rammed another barricade.

Reportedly the woman is now dead, and the child riding in the back seat has been taken to the hospital.   One injured cop is said to be hospitalized.

Pharmer suggests visiting the Drudge Report to find out what happened once the smoke clears.

Catholic Churches Press for Amnesty, Side with Pro-Abortion Politicians

Catholic Churches Press for Amnesty, Side with Pro-Abortion Politicians.

The American Catholic Church has been shooting itself in the foot for years, and shows no signs of holding back on this now.

Dr. Susan Berry tells us about ‘Justice for Immigrants’, which runs the USCCB campaign to replace American workers with illegal immigrant workers who are not eligible for Obamacare.  That organization is working hard to recruit Catholic support for the very same Democrat politicians who are restricting freedom of religion for adherents to the faith.  They’re also supporting corporate interests to obtain a cheaper labor force, leaving American workers out in the cold.

Not all of the parishes are so gung-ho to cooperate with this effort, and you should be grateful if this is the case.   Those in parishes which have decided to assist in replacing the American work force, and who are working with the death-culture-Dems, might wish to divert their regular contributions to the collection basket.  Look up Pregnancy Care Centers, or Crisis Pregnancy centers.   There are many better uses for your money than supporting those who have abandoned you and your religion.

Government Shutdown: Dems Stonewall

Reid refuses specific funding for NIH
Reid refuses specific funding for NIH

A reporter tripped Harry Reid up by asking why the Senate would not want to fund the National Institutes of Health (NIH) open if it would help one kid with cancer. Why would we want to do that?”, Reid  asked.

Drudge converted it toa classic headline, exemplifying the spirit of the government drive to inflict Obamacare on us.  From the beginning, the Dems have refused to negotiate on the issue of Obamacare, and the stonewalling continues, resulting in the present, partial government shutdown.

CLICK to see the VID

Why would we want to do that?
Why would we want to do that?

Just Noticing the Inefficiency of Obamacare

Remember when it was said that 47 million Americans  had no access to health care, and that this is why we needed Obamacare?

Now a poll is out saying that 25% of those Americans are paying the penalty, and not getting health care insurance under Obamacare.
Countless more have been switched to part time or have lost their jobs and will have no money to pay for Obamacare health insurance.  Those with adequate jobs and income are paying more, most particularly the young.

Another significant group is represented by Troy Newman, of Operation Rescue:  those who will avoid purchasing insurance plans under Obamacare, in order to avoid funding abortion.

Government control is always less efficient and more expensive.

Dissatisfaction with Sex Change Operation Leads Belgian to Choose Physician Assisted Suicide

Dr. Wim Distelmans, the same guy who killed two congenitally deaf twins who feared that they were going blind, has ended the life of 44 year old transsexual Nathan (Nancy)  Verhelst.

Nathan Verhelst - Het Laatste Nieuws
Nathan Verhelst – Het Laatste Nieuws

Verhelst, claimed to have been raised by parents who wished he had been born a boy.  He started hormone therapy in 2009, followed by a mastectomy and penile construction in 2012.  The results proved to be less than satisfactory.  After six months of counseling, Distelmans concurred that Verhelst’s suffering was both unbearable and incurable, and proceeded to end the man’s life by lethal injection.

Belgium is currently deciding whether to extend euthanasia to children.  If this comes to pass, the expense of transsexual surgeries might be eliminated, as parents who are dissatisfied with their child’s sex  might opt for the faster and cheaper alternative.   Euthanasia deaths are up in that country, by 25% in 2012,  to a record of 1432 cases.