Republicans: Just let Obamacare proceed and implode on its own

Proof that the Republicans, like the Democrats in Washington, live in a rarified atmosphere totally apart from us, is given in their operating theory that they should allow Obamacare to roll out and implode on its own.

Both parties have proven that they have not one bit of concern for the lives of regular Americans.  The Democrats want Obamacare to cull the human population, which many of them consider to be a pestilence on the environment.  The Republicans, who are willing to allow funding and let Obamacare implode on its own, have established without a shadow of doubt, that they don’t care how many more people die unnecessary deaths, victimized by the extra cost, reduced access and general inadequacy of Obamacare, as compared to the healthcare  it is replacing.

Leftist Tavis Smiley- Still OK with Aborting Black Americans

Tavis Smiley Says Black Americans Not Better Off After Five Years of Obama.

Tavis Smiley delivering the bad news
Tavis Smiley delivering the bad news

HANNITY: “Are Black Americans better off five years into the Obama presidency?”

SMILEY : “Let me answer your question very forthrightly. No, they are not. The data is going to indicate sadly that when the Obama administration is over, black people will have lost ground in every single leading economic indicator category. On that regard, the president ought to be held responsible.”

This is a message that Smiley has been delivering publicly for quite some time. Not withstanding, Smiley says that he still respects and would protect the president.

This is one of those strange things that fly in the face of the expected human instinct for self preservation.   Black Leftists continue to support the guy who is instrumental in the lifelong abortion program that kills one half of Black Americans before they are born, fragments their families, reduces their economic stature, and  increases their  mortality rates throughout life.  This might be the most glaring modern example of leftist self hatred.

Scroll down for the flip side: Dr Ben Carson.

We Could Have Waited a Few Years and Had a Real Black American President

instead of this America-hating, abortophilic, socialist Obama.  Pro-life activists knew who Obama was, all along.  Now all of you are finding out what a vindictive, power hungry ego-maniac he is.  He’s purposely spending extra money during the government slowdown to harm individual Americans in a myriad of ways, from cutting off military benefits, disrespecting the families of fallen service-people, to harming the private tourism businesses by closing off the access of their customers.

While the Republican establishment prepares to cower once more, and snatch one more defeat from the jaws of victory, Pharmer has spotted  one more shining light of courage to show you.

Dr Ben Carson, famed pediatric neurosurgeon, who spoke of the joys of limited government right to Obama’s face, at the National Prayer Breakfast this year, earned himself a “rectal exam” from Obama’s IRS henchmen.  Dr. Carson, in stark contrast to the faint hearted Republican establishment, is now blasting at  Obama with both barrels. A clip of his speech at the Frideay 10/11 Value Voter’s summit is linked below.

Says Carson: “Obamacare is really, I think, the worst thing that has happened to this nation since slavery.  It is slavery in a way because it is making us all subservient to the government.”

You can click the link above to see the video, or when that one is gone, click this: Ben Carson Obamacare-slavery.

While Pharmer thinks that abortion has been the closest national abomination to slavery, Obamacare will certainly reach this mark eventually, as the government rations care and determines which people will die.

Conservatives are finding a stalwart voice of leadership in Dr. Benjamin Carson, and Pharmer would be happy to support his candidacy for Senator, Governor or President. Below, the recently retired neurosurgeon is shown in scrubs.

Dr. Ben Carson
Dr. Ben Carson

Obama Administration Wants Full Control of Your Health Care, but can’t even design a web site.

After $630 MILLION dollar expenditure, which is more than Facebook and Twitter cost, the government has produced a major FAIL.  Hawaii, the blue state of Obama’s  supposed birth, has to relaunch a new site, after achieving a big fat ZERO signups. Their taxpayers will pay the cost for this with a 2 percent rate hike on all the health plans.

Obamacare Website COST -Drudge


Yes, if you pay taxes, this horrendous fail has been added on to the cost of your health care. It is hoped that more of those who don’t pay attention to politics, will realize that the government is not the best entity to oversee your health care, and that you’d be better off utilizing private industries which have to compete with each other for business.
The eventual design of Obamacare was to force private health care insurers and entities out of business, leaving only the government to provide this service. As you can see from the inability of 99 percent of applicants to sign up for Obamacare insurance, expectations of the quality of health coverage and care from this administration will have to be lowered.

In times past, those who could afford private health care insurance and providers would always choose this option over public services. The current Obamacare FAIL is a reminder of the reasons why. Private industry has always had to be faster, more efficient and better than government.

Fear of Life Branded as Sex Offender Causes 15 Year Old to Commit Suicide

Christian Adamek: Boy, 15, kills himself after ‘facing expulsion and being put on sex offender registry’ for STREAKING at high school football game | Mail Online

After Cristian Adamek of Madison County, Alabama streaked at a football game, the heavy hand of the state came down on him. He faced expulsion from his school and the possibility of forever being branded as a sex offender. The Sparkman High School administrators had recommended that Christian be remanded to the Madison County court system to possibly face formal charges. The details of the school disciplinary proceedings had not yet been made public.
All of that was too much for Christian, and the normally fun-loving kid hung himself and died two days later of his injuries.

Pharmer has noted the trend of State run school systems teaching methods of sexual deviance our children, and supplying birth control / abortions, but the state would permanently brand kids as sex offenders for running naked.
This is the upside down world run by leftists.

It’s difficult for a young person’s brain to process such illogic, inconsistency, and stupidity.
Prayers for Christian Adamek and his family.

Government Shutdown: The Left is Trolling for Sad Stories.

The lefties at Generation Progress sent your friendly Pharmer an email, asking for a story of woe and dispair related to the government shut down. They want you to pray to Obama for relief from those dastardly Republicans, who function as blame bodies for all government failure.  It was only necessary to click on the email link, and be directed to a form which asked for personal information and for a story of whatever deprivation has been suffered as a result of the 17 percent government slow down.

Take a look at the lower part of the Generation Progress Tale of Woe Form.    Of particular interest to them is  Pharmer’s race and what kind of sex she likes  See also: the categories of social issues interest them the most.  These leftists are kinky.

If you are bored, you might want to click on their form and tell them some interesting stories, and which party is REALLY being inflexible and refusing to help reduce the liabilities and debt of our failed government.

Generation progress


California’s Brown Signs Bill Permitting Non-Physician Abortions

California’s Brown Signs Bill Permitting Non-Physician Abortions.

Apparently there is a perception that California has too many women.  The government has found a two pronged method for adjusting the ratio of women to men Downward.  The prevalent cultural preference to abort girls will enhance the effectiveness of allowing non-physicians to perform abortions.  It’s a double whammy for reducing the population of females in California.   We know already that abortionists who are physicians have a poor performance record.  It would be irrational to expect that people with less medical training would  have a better safety record than those who have to undergo four years of medical school and four years of residency.

Governor Brown and the feminazis have cemented women’s place FAR BELOW that of veterinary patients.

White House, IRS exchanged confidential taxpayer info

White House, IRS exchanged confidential taxpayer info | The Daily Caller.

Sarah Hall Ingram, who is running the IRS arm of Obamacare, has given up confidential taxpayer information to the Obama White House.  This illegal leakage of information occurred in conjunction with Ingram’s attempt to counsel the Obama administration on a religious descrimination lawsuit filed regarding the HHS mandate (forcing payment and participation in abortion).

This is an example of the rectal exam given to pro-life religious organizations on a routine basis by this tyrannical government.

Ingram had headed up the corrupt division of the IRS which oversees the granting of tax exemption, and which had been delaying or refusing this status to organizations which were thought to be conservative, or in opposition to the Obama administration.

Darrel Issa’s House Oversight committee appears to be digging up fresh bones in its investigation of the ever unfolding IRS misuse of information and power.  It would appear from the exposed practices, that Obamacare could expose every single American individual who opposes an Obama policy  to life threatening discrimination.


‘You don’t have the government’s permission to have a dream’: MLK memorial Barry-caded [pics] | Twitchy

‘You don’t have the government’s permission to have a dream’: MLK memorial Barry-caded [pics] | Twitchy.

Over at is a set of pics showing the government shutdown of the Martin Luther King Memorial.  The government has apparently paid extra for this open air, 365 day a year memorial to be closed off to the public.  Yes indeed……… the first Black president has shut down the MLK memorial site.  Pharmer thinks it’s because Obama found out that Rev. King was a REPUBLICAN.  😉

Click that top link, and as you view the links………. remember that Obama’s government funded golf courses (located on military bases)  are still open.  (Also remember that President Bush gave up golf while he had soldiers over in Iraq.)

People………. remember that this vindictive, petty little man wishes to oversee your access to health care.