Fear of Life Branded as Sex Offender Causes 15 Year Old to Commit Suicide

Christian Adamek: Boy, 15, kills himself after ‘facing expulsion and being put on sex offender registry’ for STREAKING at high school football game | Mail Online

After Cristian Adamek of Madison County, Alabama streaked at a football game, the heavy hand of the state came down on him. He faced expulsion from his school and the possibility of forever being branded as a sex offender. The Sparkman High School administrators had recommended that Christian be remanded to the Madison County court system to possibly face formal charges. The details of the school disciplinary proceedings had not yet been made public.
All of that was too much for Christian, and the normally fun-loving kid hung himself and died two days later of his injuries.

Pharmer has noted the trend of State run school systems teaching methods of sexual deviance our children, and supplying birth control / abortions, but the state would permanently brand kids as sex offenders for running naked.
This is the upside down world run by leftists.

It’s difficult for a young person’s brain to process such illogic, inconsistency, and stupidity.
Prayers for Christian Adamek and his family.