Celestial Discharge: Phyllis Schlafly

God’s blessings are requested for the  first lady of American Conservatism,  her family, and countless right wingers who will miss her presence.

The honorable head of the Eagle Forum, Phyllis Schlafly, has passed to the next life, at age 92.   It would behoove the more curious readers of this blog to enjoy Ms. Schlafly’s very last article published at World Net Daily, noting a similarity between Ronald Reagan and Donald Trump in the unapologetic forcefulness of  their respective desires to defend the U.S.A..  The rest of us should pray to remain as active and lucid as this intellectual giant, so near to the very end of our time on this planet.

The leader of the Eagle Forum, and the natural force of conservatism might be best known for her opposition to the “Equal Rights Amendment”.  Ms. Schlafly noted that the U.S. Constitution really was written as gender neutral, as she opposed the idea that women should try to adopt the physiology of men and try to function in the exact same way.  Supposed legal experts sneered as she correctly pointed out that passage of the ERA would subject women to the draft.  After Ms. Schlafly took on the ERA five more states approved it, but five other states reversed their approval, leaving the ERA with a net zero further progress, and final defeat.

Many, but certainly not all feminists held bitter opinions of Phyllis Schlafly as she earned her law degree, wrote 27 books, raised six children and led the Eagle Forum these many years.  She was the force of nature and superwoman that they perhaps wished they could be.


Celestial Discharge: Mother Angelica

Born with the name Rita Rizzo, the famous nun who ran the Catholic broadcasting powerhouse, EWTN, joined the Poor Clares at age 21, becoming Sister Mary Angelica of the Annunciation.  She became one of the founders of a new monastery in Canton Ohio, and eventually won permission to build a new Monastery in the South in Feb of 1961.  At that time, the Catholics in her target city of Irondale, Alabama, comprised just 2 percent of the population.  With initial plans to broadcast some programs on a local station, Mother Angelica, found some other television content of that station to be severely incompatible with her own.  Her objections fell on deaf ears, so she decided to build her own television station in the garage of her facility.  This was the beginning of EWTN, Eternal Word Television Network, which has brought traditional Catholicism into homes it might never have reached by conventional means.  This network has served since 1981, as a major support of the teachings of the Catholic Church during a period in which it is being opposed from all sides. The extensive influence Mother Angelica’s ministry has been recognized world wide by both friends and foes.

In 2000, Mother Angelica stepped down from leading EWTN, but remained actively broadcasting, even after a stroke in Sept. of 2001.   During this brief period, some famous imagery of the “Pirate Nun” became available as she continued to convert people and transform lives. She later suffered a more severe stroke and underwent a thrombectomy which relieved the paralysis in her face, but led to more paralysis on the opposite side of her body, as well as damage to her speech centers.  From that time forward, she stopped hosting television programs, although she taped the 2003 “Recitation of the Holy Rosary with Mother Angelica and the Nuns”.

At EWTN, it is felt that their ministry has been supported by the prayers of Mother Angelica during the many years of being effectively cloistered in the aftermath of her strokes. Her prayer became strong as her speech became weak.  Yesterday, on  Easter Sunday, the Creator granted Mother Angelica her Celestial Discharge.   Prayers for her and her Sisters and the continuance of their ministry.

Going up!
Going up!



Celestial Discharge: Justice Antonin Scalia

Normally this would be time to recognize the contributions of Supreme Court Justice Scalia and his efforts to forestall  the slide of the U.S. into the scrap heap of civilization.   However, the circumstances and timing of his demise leave many questions, and a sense of foreboding for our future.  Most pro-life people are mourning this loss of a significant supporter of the human right to life.

Prayers for Antonin Scalia and those he leaves behind.

Bad News for Our Nation
Bad News for Our Nation

Celestial Discharge: Pro – Life Pioneer Dr. Jack Willke

Dr Jack Willke, who with his wife Barbara, was a  pioneering force of the pro-life movement,  left planet Earth on Friday, 2-10-15. 

He leaves behind six kids and 22 grandchildren, and a legacy of educational work in the area of human sexuality, and the logic of opposition to abortion.  Dr Willke practiced family medicine in an era when it was common for such practitioners to  “do it all”, including gynecological and obstetric care.  He was the one who noted that rape, as a stress factor, was naturally less conducive to pregnancy.   Although fertility docs have long advised stress reduction to address infertility issues, such an idea became anathema when uttered by conservative politicians.

Your friendly Pharmer, has  some incidental connection with the Willkes, due to geographical location, profession, and having sought advice from the media savvy Dr. Willke, after being fired from a retail pharmacy for pro-life reasons.   He minced no words when describing what to expect from encounters with journalists, and he was absolutely correct.

Just before his death, Dr. Willke released a final book “Abortion and the Pro-Life Movement: an Inside View.  It is available HERE, and may soon be out on Amazon.  His earlier book, Abortion Questions and Answers: Love Them Both is available Online at Life Issues Institute.  There are some used copies of The Handbook on Abortion, (1979) being on Amazon.com, which might sell out pretty fast.

Be sure to listen to an interview given by the good physician shortly before his death.  Dr. Willke was an ambulatory history of medicine, as well as of the pro-life movement. He and his wife are both sorely missed on this planet, but he has assured us that the pro-lifers will eventually will defeat abortion and the culture of death, by means of reproduction, as well as through the efforts to save both moms and babies.

Prayers and Respect for Jack and Barbara Willke,  their friends and family, and for pro-life people everywhere.

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Senior Undergrad Teaching Assistant Shot at Purdue

Prayers for the family of Andrew Boldt, 21, of West Bend Wisconsin, who was killed today in the Electrical Engineering building at Purdue University.

Yours truly was face timing with kid number 2, today, when some warning sirens on the men’s portion of Earhart hall blared, and a text message came across her phone, warning the students of a shooting at EE, and to shelter in place.

purdue shooting 1-21-2014

FOX news tells of students freaking out, but this appeared not to be the case in Earhart hall. The girls daily routine went on uninterrupted, as they waited patiently for further info. None of them appeared panicked. Within minutes, they appeared aware that the crime was a single incident, and not a terrorist or psycho attack. Kid number 2 was texting a friend and making plans to meet at lunch. Her room mate had come back from lunch, dropped by the room and was planning to head out again.

The suspect, 23 year old Cody Cousins of Warsaw, IN surrendered to police outside the building within minutes of the incident. Activities of the university resumed very quickly, with only the EE building remaining locked down for a bit longer.

The reality at Purdue was not so much panic and terror as the news media would suggest. Even the film outside of the EE building showed students going about their usual business bypassing a clot of police cars and emergency vehicles.

A candlelight vigil was held outside in the blistering cold tonight to express sympathy for the family and friends of Andrew Boldt, the victim of violence.  The family of Cody Cousins is  probably in a state of misery too, and both families need prayers.

Purdue Candlelight Vigil for Andrew Boldt
Purdue Candlelight Vigil for Andrew Boldt

More Grief, less panic.

While classes are suspended at Purdue tomorrow maybe people should remind themselves that killing royally screws everything up forever, and that is the objective reason not to do it.  That’ll do till people get their religion back and recognize more good reasons to respect life.

Fear of Life Branded as Sex Offender Causes 15 Year Old to Commit Suicide

Christian Adamek: Boy, 15, kills himself after ‘facing expulsion and being put on sex offender registry’ for STREAKING at high school football game | Mail Online

After Cristian Adamek of Madison County, Alabama streaked at a football game, the heavy hand of the state came down on him. He faced expulsion from his school and the possibility of forever being branded as a sex offender. The Sparkman High School administrators had recommended that Christian be remanded to the Madison County court system to possibly face formal charges. The details of the school disciplinary proceedings had not yet been made public.
All of that was too much for Christian, and the normally fun-loving kid hung himself and died two days later of his injuries.

Pharmer has noted the trend of State run school systems teaching methods of sexual deviance our children, and supplying birth control / abortions, but the state would permanently brand kids as sex offenders for running naked.
This is the upside down world run by leftists.

It’s difficult for a young person’s brain to process such illogic, inconsistency, and stupidity.
Prayers for Christian Adamek and his family.

Celestial Discharge: Barbara Willke, BS, RN

Barbara Willke, 90 year old nurse, mother, and grandma of the pro-life movement, has gone to God this weekend.  She was married almost 65 years to Dr. Jack Willke, and both of them traveled all over  the U.S. and to scores of other countries on the lecture circuit, educating people about the right to life and about  human sexuality.  They co-founded Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati,  and headed up Life Issues Institute which are left behind to continue their work.

The Willkes published the Handbook on Abortion in 1971, prior to Roe V Wade, and it became an early  reference book of the pro-life movement.   They have since published numerous other books, and have a history of the movement in the works, which is yet to be published.

Barbara has said that “abortion contains the seeds of its own destruction”.   She noted that those who have suffered the ill effects of abortion in the past remain to advise younger people against it, and this is fueling the  huge decline in abortions among teens.

Mrs. Willke was mom to six children, one of them adopted, 22 grandchildren, and a number of foster children. She kept a schedule which would wear out most people, mentoring and inspiring numerous younger pro-life advocates.  She talked and walked Prolife-ism.

Profound respect and prayers for Barbara Willke, her husband and family from the Pharmer.

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Celestial Discharge: The Iron Lady


Thatcher 1982
Thatcher at 1982 Conservative Convention

Margaret Thatcher, Britain’s first female prime minister, and a special pal of Ronald Reagan,  has passed away today, after a stroke, at the age of 87. 

Where did she get that nickname, the Iron Lady?    The Russians gave it to her….. and she is said to have liked it.

Thatcher and Reagan
Best Buddies

Baroness Thatcher leaned a bit to the right, particularly on fiscal matters, and on the role of government. From the European point of view, she was a right wing extremist.

Brought up as a Methodist, and later leaning Anglican,   Thatcher was not in the same camp as your friendly Pharmer, on the social issues, but this interview,  gives a good inside look at her views, both personal and political, on a wide range of topics.

Saying goodbye to her friend
Saying goodbye to her friend

Prayers and respect for a strong lady who, even after her passing, is still driving the lefties crazy.

Celestial Discharge: Republican Party Has Announced its Own Demise

The Republican Party  has performed an autopsy on its own dead carcass, and has issued a 100 page report.

This report addresses the reasons for their federal losses in 2012.  The name “autopsy” for their report is completely apt, because the Republican party has assumed room temperature. 

The Republican brand is irreparably damaged by the media, which has kept the elites of that party so  paralyzed with fear, that it morphed into a faint shadow of the Democrat party.   The name “republican” will not occupy a respectful compartment in the memory of any American.  This is a sad thing.  The media could not have destroyed the name so completely, without the help of the republican establishment.

The Tea Party needs to  get busy, because we’re what remains of the conservatives of the United States.   It should not repeat the mistakes of abandoning members for saying a single wrong word, or allowing the media to compartmentalize them, define them or interrupt their message of conservatism and optimism for America.  The Tea Party needs to speak over the media, bypass them, and address all Americans.

Let us recycle the Republican carcass as fertilizer, be the TEA Party, and  work to restore the United States.

Sister of Charity, Marge Kloos Agrees to Plead Guilty of Vote Fraud

Sister Marge Kloos, 54, of the Sisters of Charity has agreed to plead guilty to a charge of fraudulent voting. She apparently sent in an absentee ballot for Sister Rose Marie Hewitt, who had been celestially discharged’ on October 4th 2012.

Is Sister Marge a democrat? Pharmer bets the Pharm on it. The Chicago native joins the embarrassing list of Catholic left-leaners who signed  this Letter to John Boehner, which exhorts him to stop his cooperation with the “reckless Teaparty”.

Sister Marge  has resigned from her position as the dean of the Division of Arts and Humanities at Mount Saint Joseph College, in Delhi twp., Cincinnati, Ohio.

Sister Joan Cook, president of the Sisters of Charity says that her organization is  cooperating with the investigation of Sister Marge Kloos.