Celestial Discharge: Barbara Willke, BS, RN

Barbara Willke, 90 year old nurse, mother, and grandma of the pro-life movement, has gone to God this weekend.  She was married almost 65 years to Dr. Jack Willke, and both of them traveled all over  the U.S. and to scores of other countries on the lecture circuit, educating people about the right to life and about  human sexuality.  They co-founded Right to Life of Greater Cincinnati,  and headed up Life Issues Institute which are left behind to continue their work.

The Willkes published the Handbook on Abortion in 1971, prior to Roe V Wade, and it became an early  reference book of the pro-life movement.   They have since published numerous other books, and have a history of the movement in the works, which is yet to be published.

Barbara has said that “abortion contains the seeds of its own destruction”.   She noted that those who have suffered the ill effects of abortion in the past remain to advise younger people against it, and this is fueling the  huge decline in abortions among teens.

Mrs. Willke was mom to six children, one of them adopted, 22 grandchildren, and a number of foster children. She kept a schedule which would wear out most people, mentoring and inspiring numerous younger pro-life advocates.  She talked and walked Prolife-ism.

Profound respect and prayers for Barbara Willke, her husband and family from the Pharmer.

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