Live Action Uncovers Plaza Inn Abortions, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Live Action Films has done an expose  of the close relationship that the Plaza Inn  in Albuquerque, NM has with the Southwestern Women’s Options. Plaza Hotel offers discount rates and transportation and is helping to bring late term abortion tourism to Albuquerque, NM.

Wichita, KS had been the late term abortion capitol of the U.S. until George Tiller was unnaturally caused to meet the same fate as his almost-born patients. Since New Mexico has no abortion restrictions, it was natural for late term abortionists to settle there.

This film, CLICK IT HERE, features phone call inquiries to the abortion clinic and  to the Plaza hotel, juxtaposed with an earlier undercover visit to Southwestern Women’s Options.

Live Action Films present Abortion Hotel Plaza Inn, Albuquerque
Live Action Films presents Abortion Hotel Plaza Inn, Albuquerque
Live Action Films- What the Southwestern Women's Center Counselor tells women to do at the hotel
Live Action Films What the Southwestern Women’s Options Counselor tells women to do at the hotel

Jill Stanek is wondering how guests at the Plaza Inn would feel, knowing that the room they are using had been the labor and delivery room during a late term abortion, and questioned the ability of the hotel staff to maintain appropriate sanitation.

UPDATE:   The abortion supporters had to spend a million bucks to defeat legislation which would have banned abortions after 20 weeks gestation in Abuquerque.  There are more voters registered in that locality than there were in the previous election.  Early and absentee ballots were the key to defeating the abortion ban.   By all indications, Pro-lifers will continue this locally based strategy of restricting abortions with a more clearly worded bills, and wring more resources from the Lefties.

Just for FUN: that Jean-Claude Van Damme Volvo Commercial

Click right HERE for the Auto Channel’s “full story” that explains the purpose and production of the Volvo commercial, and gives a demonstration of the dynamic steering feature which Van Damme’s stunt was designed to highlight.  Included in the video is the Epic Split commercial which has so many people buzzing.   Pharmer envies Van Damme’s flexibility, and ability to hold the position.  She’s 17 months older than him and is still doing martial arts with what’s left of herself.  Check out the Pharmer eye view below, after you watch that commercial.

Martial Artist's Whacko Stunt for Volvo
Martial Artist’s Whacko Stunt for Volvo

-Yes those trucks are going backwards, not too fast, but it’s still impressive.
-The visible breaks in the film probably have to do with splicing the films from the cameras taking this shot from the -various positions. It is said to have been done in one take.
-There are two people in each truck, with eyes seemingly riveted on the mirror or view finder in Van Damme’s direction.
-The Drivers keep those trucks aligned perfectly with the marker lines below.
-Only the truck on the left steers outward. The Truck on the right stays aligned with the original line.
-The left truck appears to key off a second solid line, and a broken line to stop moving outward and hold position.
-The speed of those trucks might be computer synchronized, but Volvo is claiming that the steering is done manually by the drivers.
-Take some time to watch Van Damme adjusting his feet, on the platforms above the mirrors, as the truck on the left drives outward. The guy has muscles.

Respect to the performers and Volvo’s marketing department, for making such a memorable commercial.

Stop digging. Demolish Obamacare. –

Stop digging. Demolish Obamacare. –

A historical change-  The Chicago Tribune (which endorsed the Obamanator twice)  has put out an editorial calling for the complete repeal of Obamacare.  Their solution is to start over.

Pharmer’s solution is to leave health care to the private sector, because it’s more efficient.  The Feds should get out of the way while localities and charities deal with the issues of the medically under served.

Pro-lifers Show up at Portland School Meeting to Support Bill Diss

Friday’s Hearing for  Math Teacher Bill Diss, who was suspended for his opposition to Planned Parenthood,  was well attended by pro-lifers showing support.
Says Brendan O’Morchoe for “The principal of Diss’ school (who has a documented history of attacking and reprimanding Diss for his pro-life views) and vice principal testified against Diss citing instances of students “feeling uncomfortable” with some of the assignments Diss required from them in his math classes. Curiously, evaluations of Diss prior to 2007 were all exemplary.
Only after Diss’ public opposition to Planned Parenthood in his community did the scrutiny and harassment begin. Fellow teachers and a teachers’ union representative dismissed the concerns raised by the principal and vice principal, citing evidence supported by Portland school laws that Diss had not committed any legitimate wrongdoings in his classroom over the course of his career.”

The name of the principal not given in the LifeNews article, but there has been a change of staff. The Old list from last year  shows Bill Diss, still teaching, and Carol Campbell as Principal The New List,  mostly shown below shows Curtis Wilson as the current principal, and the exemplary math teacher, Mr. Diss is unfortunately gone.   One wonders why there was a change of principals for this school year.  It’s a mystery.

Lifenews says that Mr. Diss has a lot of support among the students, parents and other teachers.  Students for life will be providing the updates and outcome of the decision at the Portland Public School district.

Benson High school without diss, new principal
Benson High school without Bill Diss,  new principal shown BELOW 2013-2014
Benson High School without diss, new principal bottom
Benson High School without diss, new principal bottom

Bottom of list shows the new principal

Which Party is Really Regulating Bedroom Activity?

Blue State Blues: From ‘Porn Goggles’ to ‘Back-Alley’ Abortions.

Joel Pollak of Breitbart comments on the big sex regulators who accuse the conservatives of intrusion into people’s private lives.   He notes that the left wing in California passed legislation which imposes condom inspections on the porn industry.   Even now they’re suggesting that safety goggles be worn by porn actors to prevent transmission of diseases through fluids getting into the eyes.

The left has laid itself open for all sorts of backlash against the intrusive nature of its governance, from safety seats for 12 year olds, to the myriad smoking regulations and prohibitions.

The latest in the leftie  war on women is a law  allowing non physicians to perform abortions on women.  Californians are now working on a referendum to overturn AB-154, which effectively had legalized back alley style abortion in that state.


Tennessee High School Student Speaks His Opposition to Common Core Education Standards

Listen up!  Ethan Young is far more eloquent and in command of the language than the current president, as he gives a brief history of the Common Core standards, and his reason for opposing them.

Ethan says that good teachers develop the drivers of learning (creativity, appreciation, inquisitiveness) within students, and this process is not quantifiable.   He’s worth your Click, for Sure!  Pass it on!

Ethan Young of Farragut HS in Knox County, TN
Ethan Young of Farragut HS in Knox County, TN

Priceless: Obama has just discovered that buying insurance is complicated

Click here for the opportunity to hear President Obama say that he really does not know what he’s doing with respect to his signature legislation.  However his overarching plan to dismantle the health care system, and U.S. economy is proceeding apace.

At this point, Obama is pretending that he will allow insurance companies to keep selling the plans that his law has already wiped away.   In other words, he can talk about keeping his promise to the American people, but he can’t (won’t) do it.

Remember that the cancellations occurring presently are affecting mostly people who buy their own insurance.  Yet to come are Additional cancellations of policies that employers purchase for their employees.

Update: LA Teacher, Bondage Abuser, Pleading No Contest to Charges

Mark Berndt, the LA teacher at Miramonte Elementary, who played bondage and ‘special sauce’ tasting games with his students had managed to hold onto his health benefits, and tie up his firing in legal processes since his activities were exposed in 2009.

Things have finally caught up with Berndt, and he plans to plead no contest to 23 charges of child molestation on Friday.   The plea agreement is for a prison sentence of 25 years.  Legal settlements for the LA Unified School district run into Eight figures.

Seventy six teachers at Miramont were cooling their heels at an empty high school while restructuring occurred, and 46 are returning to Miramonte under a new principal.  A second Miramonte teacher, Martin Springer,  awaits trial for fondling a second grader in class.

Unmentioned is whether Berndt has lost his health benefits yet.

Portland Schools to Take Math Teacher’s License Because He Opposed Planned Parenthood

It appears that Bill Diss, a respected and much loved math teacher in Portland Oregon might be declared Unfit to Teach because of his open opposition to Planned Parenthood and its baby killing ways.  His formal hearing is tomorrow, at the headquarters for the Portland Public School which is located at 501 N. Dixon Street in Portland, Oregon, beginning at 4 p.m. on November 14.

You might have read this story about Mr. Diss, walking out of a planned parenthood sex ed class that had invaded his classroom at the behest of his superiors.

It’s a fact that public school teachers might be put on probation or given unpaid leave if they molest their own students, but if they oppose planned parenthood………. they can lose their license to teach.

Is your school district as miserable as that of Portland (the U.S. capital of child sex slavery) Oregon?

If You Get Obamacare News from WebMD

You should know that they have a 4.8 million dollar contract with the government to “educate” physicians  about the joys of Obamacare.  This news comes after Sebelius praised WebMD for its online resource to “help” Americans understand the labyrinthine law.

With this in mind, you should not expect unbiased info about  Obamacare from this company on either of its venues, WebMD (News), and its Medscape platform that serves health care professionals.  It wouldn’t be nice to make Obama and Sebelius mad after accepting government funds from them.