Leftist Misogyny Exposed

Miami Dolphins’ offensive lineman, Richie Incognito remains suspended for his hazing treatment of a Rookie teammate.

MSLSD fires Alec Baldwin over using anti-homosexual epithets as insults.

Martin Bashir is still hanging on at MSLSD because they think it’s OK to call down atrocities and tortures upon women.

Update, 12/4/13:  Bashir has tendered his resignation at MSLSD.  It appears that the barrage of criticism has proven too much for him to bear.  Technically he was not fired for those prepared (scripted) comments, calling down Jamaican style, slave era punishments upon Sarah Palin.

Obama Administration Revving Up for Christmas

The first Christmas Present from Obama is to delay the Obamacare Mandate for Small businesses (unilaterally, without an act of Congress) so that fewer people will find out how much his health-kill plan sux until after the 2014 elections.  The other reason for the delay is that these incompetents could not get the website up and running in time to implement the requirements of the law as it was written.  The delayed, Dec 1 deadline also can’t be met.  This should increase your longing for  a totally socialized system, with the current administration of idiots running it.

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Obama Evil Santa from The People’s Cube

You can head to The People’s Cube to find out the 12 burdens of Obamacare that SantObama has for us… in a parody of the classic song.

Evil SantObama’s IRS  is now auditing a cancer patient who dared to tell Fox news that his insurance policy had been cancelled because of Obamacare.  The man’s luck changed when  insurance company subsequently found a way for him to keep a policy, but the IRS is going to audit his 2009 books and punish an insurance broker, who dared to lend him assistance, with an audit back to 2003.

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Take your Medicine -The Looking Spoon

The message is that you are to keep silent while Obama screws your life away.


Happy Thanksgiving

When Pharmer’s youngest son shot his first wild turkey, we discovered that it tastes a lot different than those Butterballs we buy at the grocery store.  It’s meatier, almost like pork roast.  Wild turkeys actually fly a bit, and can really bend a branch when they land. It’s actual working muscle that gets converted to dinner.  Turkey is much too tasty to be a national bird.  The hunting seasons here are short, and hunters are permitted to take only one. Tom was spring food this year.

The family is divided into two on this day.  Pharmer goes to work for those people who are stuck in the hospital on Thanksgiving and day 1 of Hanukkah.  The rest are heading to celebrate Thanksgiving  with the in-laws.  Accompanying  them is the daughter’s college room-mate, from mainland China, who will be experiencing her first such American observance.

Wishing you a Blessed Thanksgiving.  Celebrate what’s left of American freedom, drive safe …… keep yourself out of Pharmer’s hospital.

don't waste the pretty part
a little like pork roast

Non News: Plan B Morning After Pill Does Not Work Well for Big Girls

The European manufacturer of Norlevo, which is their version of Plan B  (Levonorgestrel) has very kindly decided to warn people that their product does not work for women over 176 lbs, and is less effective for women over 165 lbs.

Thanks, HRA Pharma.

Check out the new warning in the Norlevo Package insert for yourself.  It discourages women over 75 Kg from relying on the drug.

This comes under the “told you so” dept. of Pharm information.  In fact, people ALSO could learn here that the newer morning after pill, Ella (ulipristal acetate) has the same problem

All of this  is obvious to those who pay attention to how drugs are designed.   Pharmer has openly warned people for years not to expect good efficacy for birth control pills designed for 130lb women  t0 be as efficacious in women who are much larger.

The U.S. recently moved the  snake oil drug, Plan B, over the counter.   Perhaps this was a crony capitalist effort to help manufacturers snap up as much profit as they could before the general news came out that the drug is not reliable for any women, and really worthless for the larger set.

It appears that Mother Jones is the first of the mainstream media to let the kitty out of the bag in the United States.  They note that the average weight of American girls is 166.2 lbs, which puts them over the weight limit for Plan B to  work at its touted 60 percent effectiveness.   The avg weight of Black and Hispanic women from 20-39 years of age is 186 lbs, which means that they can completely forget about Plan B.

Any hospital or clinic  using  this drug as a part of rape treatment is therefore pushing ineffective treatment and  charging fraudulently.   Planned Parenthood and its ilk are doing the same.

Pharmer’s favorite and oft cited birth control researcher, Anna Glasier, sent up a warning flare in 2011. Click on her effort to identify the groups for which morning after pills do not work.

The American manufacturers have not put out this warning in their product package inserts yet.   Please help your female friends  who will be paying $50 bucks for this drug at the pharmacy,  to understand that Plan B One-Step, Next Choice One Dose, My Way, and various generic one and two pill packs of levonorgestrel morning after pills are fairly worthless as birth control, and when they do work, can have an objectionable mechanism that operates AFTER fertilization.    (As a practical matter,  any perverts who are abusing underaged girls ought to be made aware of this too, so that at least one aspect of the abuse might cease.)

Noting that these hormone analogs have weight dependent efficacy, how much should women be relying on the daily or continuously administered birth control drugs????

Who is REALLY waging the war on women, who remain the  medical underclass????

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A comprehensive review of Planned Parenthood’s Plan B Scam


Reid Changes Senate Rules: Now Obama Can Appoint any Judge He Wants

Harry Reid and his Dems have changes long standing Senate rules which have stripped the Republicans of any power to stop such things as judicial appointments and cabinet appointments. It will no longer take a 60 percent majority to stop debate on a judicial appointment. Apparently this rule change is designed to apply only when the Democrats are in power. It becomes void if the Democrats lose the majority.

Pro-lifers, Greenies,  Anti-war protesters, and Tea Partiers get ready for some jail time. You know how sensitive the Dems  are about any public dissent to their policies. Remember when pro-lifers were being fined and jailed under the RICO laws?? It’s going to be worse now, and not just for those of us who don’t like abortion.

By the way, Harry Reid cried and moaned whenever the Republicans even thought about such a power grab.

Preaching and praying in public is going to bring jail time, just as it does in so many other countries without first amendment rights. Just you wait.

Republicans, how’s that bi-partisanship working out for you?

2014 is a good year to go and vote against your democrat senator.  One wonders if this is enough to pry  the U.S. Catholic hierarchy loose of their attachment to the lefties.

Students For Life Reveal How a 15 Year Old Girl Can Buy the Morning After Pill

Pharmer has been telling you that the lefties wanted Plan B over the counter to increase the availability of children for sex.

Now you can see their plans in action. Students for Life made undercover videos in Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aid Pharmacies in August and September of 2013 in order to demonstrate that kids need an ID and to be 18 years old to buy Sudafed, but that ANYONE of any age can buy Plan B, the morning after pill.
The first video highlights the sudafed comparison.
The second video highlights that the pharmacies will sell Plan B to an adult male with an underage girlfriend who does not have her parents’ permission to be taking the pill.

You’ll see one of the employees saying that she was not comfortable selling Plan B to a 15 year old, but felt that she had to in order to keep her job. Pharmer sez…….. sometimes you just have to get a new job

Learn a little more about abortive birth control here. 


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Fix the Family: Reasons to NOT Send Your Daughter to College

Raylan Alleman at the Fix the Family website has gotten some press on The Blaze, stirring up quite a bit of controversy, over his negative view of college for women. Most are foaming at the mouth over the perceived sexism but a few have noted that Alleman has a point, when he calls College for girls a “near occasion of sin”.

Possibly the concise list of concerns provided by Proverbs 17-12NLT (commenting on The Blaze) are a driving force of this Catholic group’s negative view of college. See below:

What College Teaches- By Proverbs17-12NLT, commenter on The Blaze
What College Teaches- By Proverbs17-12NLT, commenter on The Blaze

Most of the schools are a negative overall influence on women AND men. Your friendly Pharmer determined that none of her kids would go to the IVY league, (Parents, don’t pay for that!) and am sending them to institutions which are not so screamingly leftist. Her kids have been  prepared for encounters with “the other side”, and its  general  intolerance of conservatism.

What’s interesting is that people are ‘going off’ on this Catholic group as extremist, but would not castigate the Amish (one of the fastest growing religious sects in the U.S.) for an even more contrarian view toward higher education.
Proverbs 17-12NLT‘s last point is a huge, and it applies big time to women who gravitate towards the non-math oriented fields, which drive them into lower paying jobs, and inability to pay the ginormous college debt.

Think of Raylan Alleman as turning a little bit Amish as you read through his  list of why parents should not send their daughters to college.  It might help with tolerance of another family oriented culture, the conservative Catholics.  There is quite a bit of practicality in the list from the standpoint of those who would naturally want to live a conservative or family based lifestyle.  He finds college education to be forming a kind of prison for women, because the time and money investment of it will drive the parents who fund the education to limit their family size, and the women themselves to do the same, or skip having a family altogether.  Alleman’s number one reason “She will attract the wrong types of men.”  He’s talking about lazy drones.   Pharmer has listened to the tales of working women and their marriages for years.  Nurses, those compassionate types, who want to help and heal the sick, seem often to suffer from marrying “Mr. Wrong”, a guy who contributes little to the family life, and thinks that his wife should work hard at a job, come home and take care of him full time also.    Alleman states that women wish to build a family might  think more deeply about what kind of man they will marry.

Women with a practical mind might want to balance their future desires  by educating themselves in the construction skills of domestic life, as well as a lower cost, technical education that can  bring needed income.   Domestic engineers (formerly called housewives)  are constantly making, building, and fixing things, as well as people.   It is highly skilled labor, and that’s what is currently in precariously short supply in our industrialized world.

Your friendly Pharmer supports women’s freedom to ignore the expectations of feminazis, and choose to major in the field of domestic engineering.

Obamacare Website Went Online Long Before it was Finished

Obamacare Official Admits Something So Incredible You’ll Wonder Why You’re Just Now Hearing About It | Video | TheBlaze.com.

From the discussion between Rep Cory Gardner and Henry Chao, (deputy chief information officer for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services), one might surmise that the Obamacare Website is about 60 percent complete, and it is the payment systems  which send money to the companies which issue policies.

“There’s the back office systems, the accounting systems, the payment systems … they still need to be done,” said Chao.

This ought to make the health insurance companies really comfortable…..

Meanwhile, David Kennedy, head of TrustedSEC, an information security firm, has testified before the house Science, Space and Technology committee that the Obamacare website is prime hacker bait, because security wasn’t built into the site from the beginning.  He thinks that the SQL injection attacks against the healthcare.gov website mean that it’s being hacked right now.   That should make everyone feel more secure in doing business with the Obama administration.