Students For Life Reveal How a 15 Year Old Girl Can Buy the Morning After Pill

Pharmer has been telling you that the lefties wanted Plan B over the counter to increase the availability of children for sex.

Now you can see their plans in action. Students for Life made undercover videos in Walgreens, CVS and Rite-Aid Pharmacies in August and September of 2013 in order to demonstrate that kids need an ID and to be 18 years old to buy Sudafed, but that ANYONE of any age can buy Plan B, the morning after pill.
The first video highlights the sudafed comparison.
The second video highlights that the pharmacies will sell Plan B to an adult male with an underage girlfriend who does not have her parents’ permission to be taking the pill.

You’ll see one of the employees saying that she was not comfortable selling Plan B to a 15 year old, but felt that she had to in order to keep her job. Pharmer sez…….. sometimes you just have to get a new job

Learn a little more about abortive birth control here. 


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