Viral TSA Blogger Unmasks (Capitalist System at Work)

The man behind the Taking Sense Away, TSA blog on WordPress decided to reveal himself to the world, publishing yesterday in the Politico.

see modern survival blog
see Modern Survival Blog

Jason Edward Harrington is working on a novel based upon his experiences as a TSA employee (paid to grope passengers at airports).  Hopefully the remaining, capitalist vestige of the economic system will reward his efforts.  Up to this time he’s been exposing the antics and inside stories of the TSA anonymously, first as an employee, working through college, then from the outside while in graduate school.

A portion of what news stories have carried about the workings of the TSA has come from Harrington’s blog.  Be sure to take a look, if you haven’t seen it already.  The January 30 entry will lead you to his piece at the Politico, entitled: Dear America, I Saw You Naked, and yes we were laughing.  Confessions of an ex-TSA agent.

Giving Men a Taste of Women’s Medicine

Pharmer has long asserted that men would not put up with the things which are done to women medically.  For one example, birth control hormones for men have not made it to market.

Now, the Dallas based  American Board of Obstetricians and Gynecologists wants to give men a taste of women’s medicine. Formerly the physicians were not certified to treat men for anything outside of circumcision, transgendered conditions, and in conjunction with couples’ fertility problems.

According to Reuters News, the board will now permit certified ob-gyns  to treat men so long as a majority of their practice is devoted to obstetrics and gynecology.  This will allow more latitude for the docs who are branching out into such things as plastic surgery.

It will be interesting to see if men prefer treatment from  these docs, along with their Obamacare.

Forward This to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops, Please.

Jason Ferrell at The Daily Reckoning has posted the basic plans for Momentum Machines new creation, the Burger Robot.   It can make about 400 hamburgers per hour, with meat freshly ground to customer specs, and using freshly sliced toppings.

Burger Robot by Millenium Machines
Burger Robot by Millenium Machines

If you don’t believe that fast food chains would automate this process….Jason tells us  that McDonald’s has purchased 7000 self checkout machines to test in their U.K. stores. The labor laws and wage mandates there have been such a huge inspiration to replace workers with machines.  There is no criticism for the inventors of Burger Robot, who are addressing necessity with inventiveness.  There is criticism of the social engineers of government and the Churches speeding up the robotic replacement of human workers faster than adaptation can occur, as evidenced by the unprecedented numbers of Americans who have left the work force.

Would the readers kindly forward this info in a polite manner to the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops who have been  lobbying for an increase in the minimum wage.   Tweet it @USCCB using the tweeter below,  and maybe drop it on their Poverty USA facebook page.  

Another good thing to send to them is the relationship of increasing minimum wage to UNemployment. 

Mark Horne, at the Last Resistance, explains why raising the minimum wage will make his son UNemployed.


Blue Grass Cover of Avicii’s “Hey Brother”

The Beef Seeds are racking up You Tube  views for their cover of the mega hit: “Hey Brother”   This little Blue Grass band from Wales has recorded  improvements on a number of the songs that you have heard on the radio, Pandora, or whatever.  Click HERE to listen.  One more time, only Better!

The Beef Seeds "Hey Brother"
The Beef Seeds “Hey Brother”

And if you haven’t heard “What does the Fox Say?” enough already click….. LOL!!

Boycott of Girl Scouts of America Gathers Steam

When the Girl Scouts of America decided to honor Abortion Barbie, Wendy Davis, as an outstanding female role model for their girls, it gave further inspiration to the pro-life efforts to boycott the organization.

The Girl Scouts are said to have lost membership, dropping 20 percent  from almost  2.9 to 2.3 million  during the time since John Pisciotta started up his first boycott in 2003. In the same period, donations dropped more than 30 percent, from about 140 million to 104 million, annually.

Piscotti’s boycott was  a local effort addressing the hookup between a regional council and Planned Parenthood, presenting “Nobody’s Fool” and presenting literature to kids which showed various sex acts. He is still at it, and has been joined by numerous other religious and pro-life groups, as more chapters of girl scouts, including some in Indiana, have jumped into bed with Planned Parenthood.

When the Girl Scouts organization put Abortion Barbie (and Kathleen Sebelius)  on their list of Women of the Year, gas was poured on the flames of the GSA boycott.  It’s expected that cookie sales will be poor in 2014.

GSA says that the cookie proceeds go to individual chapters of the organization, but the licensing money that cookie producers pay to the Girl Scout organization is used to promote their leftie organizations of choice, and that includes Planned Parenthood and the leftist World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

Surf the Pharm, for more reasons to keep your daughter out of the Girl Scouts.  There are alternatives, such as Frontier Girls Club and American Heritage Girls, etc…

Lawsuit by Slaves for Obamacare: Working Unpaid Overtime

Lawsuit by Obamacare call center trainers alleges unpaid overtime – The Denver Post.

Nine Obamacare exchange call center workers have filed suit   against Maximus, a company which has contracted to provide services for the federal government.  They allege being forced to work overtime without pay, and to put in over 60 hour weeks, with skipped breaks and lunches. The company is said to have incorrectly classified the workers, who apparently have no managerial duties,  as exempt from overtime.  The Federal lawsuit filed in U.S. district court cites violations of the federal Fair Labor Standards Act. It is thought that the conditions cited in the lawsuit  could apply to thousands of other misclassified workers.

Ann Coulter Catches Up with Tea Party


Ann Coulter, who will say just about anything, to anyone, has come on board with those who realize that the republican party is moribund.  Click above to see what she has to say about the suicidal immigration plan that the party has cooked up, in order to supply servants and cheap labor to their  larger donors.

It will take too long to replace the festering rot of the republican national committee.  Forming a conservative alliance could be a much faster process.

The best thing to do is take the GOP off of the ventilator.  We will suffer under Leftists  for a few more years, but this will be the only means to sweep away the republicans who really are leftists in disguise.

Don’t stay home from elections.  Remember that you need to bring up some good conservatives in your state and local area.  If you need to skip some of the national elections, go ahead and do that, or vote for an actual (non democrat funded) conservative third party candidate.


Etiology of Leftism

Apparently Cher’s mom, Georgia Holt, the veteran of many divorces and remarriages, had scheduled the abortion of her daughter.  Obviously she didn’t go through with it.  Apparently Cher also spent some time in an orphanage.  Read more at the Blaze.

It seems that so many leftists have a traumatic early life, and seem unable to recover from the damage. Cher appears to have become whackier with age, or perhaps it’s  just out of the closet.

A new category, Etiology of Leftism,  will be dedicated to such stories.

Abortion Barbie Suddenly Supports Gun Rights

Wendy Davis Distracts from Bio Scandal with New ‘Pro-Gun’ Stance.

Wendie has U-turned away from her past record of voting against gun-rights bills.  She apparently wants to shed her “F” rating from the NRA, and distract from her bogus life story of struggle as a single mom.

Wendy Davis has given lukewarm support to background checks in the past.  One wonders if she has reconsidered, now that she has been nailed by a “background” check which exposed that her education and political rise was backed by her second ex-husband.