Boycott of Girl Scouts of America Gathers Steam

When the Girl Scouts of America decided to honor Abortion Barbie, Wendy Davis, as an outstanding female role model for their girls, it gave further inspiration to the pro-life efforts to boycott the organization.

The Girl Scouts are said to have lost membership, dropping 20 percent  from almost  2.9 to 2.3 million  during the time since John Pisciotta started up his first boycott in 2003. In the same period, donations dropped more than 30 percent, from about 140 million to 104 million, annually.

Piscotti’s boycott was  a local effort addressing the hookup between a regional council and Planned Parenthood, presenting “Nobody’s Fool” and presenting literature to kids which showed various sex acts. He is still at it, and has been joined by numerous other religious and pro-life groups, as more chapters of girl scouts, including some in Indiana, have jumped into bed with Planned Parenthood.

When the Girl Scouts organization put Abortion Barbie (and Kathleen Sebelius)  on their list of Women of the Year, gas was poured on the flames of the GSA boycott.  It’s expected that cookie sales will be poor in 2014.

GSA says that the cookie proceeds go to individual chapters of the organization, but the licensing money that cookie producers pay to the Girl Scout organization is used to promote their leftie organizations of choice, and that includes Planned Parenthood and the leftist World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts.

Surf the Pharm, for more reasons to keep your daughter out of the Girl Scouts.  There are alternatives, such as Frontier Girls Club and American Heritage Girls, etc…