Planned Parenthood Down to 666 Clinics

It’s one of those numerical milestones.  Planned Unparenthood closed 2014 with 668 clinics, but two more (in Issaquah, Washington and Battle Creek Michigan) closed in January, bringing the number down to the symbolic 666.

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Screen Shot of Stanek Report 1-29-15 04:00 EDT

Jill Stanek has posted statistical and graphical details showing decline in numbers of abortion clinics, and changes in Planned Parenthood’s overall market share.  Check it out HERE.

Sarah Palin Channels Martin Luther King. Media Calls it a Gaffe.

Zach Noble, ‘Assistant Editor’ at The Blaze has noted the Democrats thanking Sarah Palin for some things she said during her Freedom Summit Speech in Iowa.

Zach went on to to quote what he considered to be a  “gaffe” uttered by Palin,  for which the Dems might be thankful:

““The man can only ride you when your back is bent,” she said amid stammers. “So strengthen it! Then the man can’t ride you, America won’t get taken for a ride, because so much is at stake.””

A commenter, ATEAMAMA, at the Blaze correctly  noted the source of Palin’s comment:

“Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle. And so we must straighten our backs and work for our freedom. A man can’t ride you unless your back is bent.” -Martin Luther King

Yours truly has written to Zach Noble, asking him to explain what he thinks is the gaffe in Sarah Palin’s comment, and why he finds it to be such.   He is informed that  that  his explanation will be appended to this article if he replies.

[Starting 12:57 EST]

Zach is pretty fast.  Here is his reply:

“The gaffe, as heard by this reporter and most of the rest of the media, is not so much that line in particular — its meaning is clear, despite the juvenile double entendre some other news outlets have pulled from it — but rather the fact that it came as part of what appeared to be a free-association ramble.
Her teleprompter seemed to go out, prompting lots of stammering and a rambling segment of her speech — hence the media coverage and the DNC’s “Thank you” response.

I’d love to read your post when it’s up! Please let me know where to find it.”

It appears that  what the media (not recognizing the Martin Luther King reference)  got out of Palin’s line is a big rear entry joke.

This might be the main reason why America is circling the drain.  Instead of being taught about the ideas  of significant leaders and orators,  students receive lessons on how to enter the exit.

The Rest of America Learns that Incest is Legal in Blue New Jersey.

We, the people of rural-flyover country, have heard thousands of snide comments from leftists about kissing cousins, incest, banjos, ad nauseam.   Columbia University professor, David Epstein has already demonstrated to us all that lefties should be pointing fingers at themselves.  He had a four year affair with his adult daughter which went very public about the same time his wife found out, and his facebook page disappeared.  In an effort to decipher the first hints of this news, yours truly did some research, and discovered that it is legal in New York state for cousins to marry, but NOT in Kentucky.  Apparently it is also OK for an uncle and niece to marry in that state.

A new story of father daughter incest has revealed that it is legal for an adult parent to marry his offspring in the very blue state of New Jersey.  The internet is ablaze with a story of a 18 year old woman from the Great Lakes area who intends to move to New Jersey with her father, with whom she had recently reunited, and discovered a sexual attraction.  They hope to be married and raise a family there.

Fade to the memorable Dueling Banjos theme from “Deliverance”.

NHS Pedophilia Promoters Give Birth Control Implants to Girls as Young as 10

Nexplanon, (etonogestrel) a progestin containing implant has been given to at least 3 10 year old girls by NHS trusts in the UK.  They’ve also admitted to implanting the device into
an 11 year old,
53 12 year olds,
281 13 year olds,
3032 14 year olds and
6208 15 year olds.
Yes, for the perverts at the NHS, making girls available for sex abuse is the way to go.
In addition, they are not concerned about what the implants can do to the kids. For example, the long term, progestin only class of  BC is strongly associated with osteoporosis. Giving this drug to girls while their bones are still growing is  therefore not a good idea.
If a girl becomes pregnant, the drug affects the developing human embryo or fetus. Progestin only birth control is also associated with increases in susceptibility to STDs.  Etonongestrel is the active metabolite of desogestrel, which gained fame  from thrombotic events in so many patients, and the ensuing class action law suits.
Ladies, the clinical trials of Nexplanon EXCLUDED those who weigh more than 130 percent of ideal weight, and this drug  is associated with further weight gain.

Stuffing young girls full of progestins is the kind of perverted  policy we have come to expect from government run health care programs.


Oxford: Reason #6954 Why University Education has Lost Attractiveness

Who would want to fund a young person’s education at Oxford University after hearing that their publishing arm has banned all mention of pigs and pork in future publications. A directive sent out from the publisher to authors directed them to avoid the mention of “Pigs plus sausages or anything else which could be perceived as pork”.

Numerous media outlets in the UK, as well as Muslim MP Khalid Mahmood have called the ban ‘absolute utter nonsense’.  Mahmood noted “when people go too far, that brings the whole discussion into disrepute.”

In other words, cowardly leftists of the Oxford University Press, one cannot even debate whether or not pork should be eaten if one cannot say the words “pig”, “pork”, “ham” or “bacon”.  That’s only one reason why such politically correct claptrap should be met with boycotts and cancelling of alumni donations to Oxford.

Muslims everywhere are likely laughing at the Oxford University crazies.  People contemplating further education should seriously reconsider any thoughts of accepting  injections of stupidity and cowardice at Oxford.

Left is Still Whining that the Right Wants to Ban Birth Control

You can head over to Mother Jones if you want to watch the wailing and gnashing of teeth.  Basically their author, Molly Redden, says that pro-lifers are conflating abortion and birth control, and want to ban both.  It’s been fun to see the left finally admit (after years of being derided for their science illiteracy)  that stopping implantation is a significant mechanism of birth control hormones.

Yours truly dropped the following comment. It’s an opportunity to inform leftists about the Plan B scam, and other problems with birth control hormones.  Maybe it will stir the denizens of the left-cloud  up a bit. You might want to join in the debate.

Unmentioned in this article is Ella (ulipristal acetate) the newly touted morning after pill which takes the place of Plan B, since the latter drug known to be ineffective for average sized American women.  Ella is an analog of mifepristone (RU-486), and of course it shares the the same mechanisms of action.
The  various mechanisms of birth control pills are not new.  The only thing that has changed is that more people know about it, thanks to the coercive actions of employers and governments.  The newer “development” is the religious belief that implantation confers a different status upon the growing human organism.  Killing the human organism prior to implantation, according to this religion, is birth control, and after implantation, the act becomes worthy of the name, “abortion”.
This tired article pushes the meme that women are too incompetent to obtain their own birth control, and that Obama should provide it (with our money).  One amusing fact is that Obama care provides only limited access, and many women are being forced to buy their preferred types of birth control hormones because their Obamacare does not “care” enough.
Meanwhile, women continue to troop through the hospitals with thromboembolic (blood clotting) events and various other untoward side effects of birth control hormones.  They have been very tolerant of life threatening “medical care”, so this is all OK as far as the lefties are concerned.
Some day, women might get tired of routine chemical alterations to their bodies, and learn how to regulate their reproductive potential using natural, safer, more ethical, and more effective means.

Lame Stream Media Fights “Obama is Gay” Rumors

Out of nowhere pops a story from the Washington Post, averring that Reggie Love likes women.  With the above linked  story is a priceless pic of Reggie and Barrie on a date.

The claim is that, during the 2008 campaign, candidate Obama walked in on Reggie Love while he and a lady friend were in bed.  This claim comes from Reggie’s yet to be released memoir.   What’s the rush on this story?  Perhaps Joan River’s comments pricked a little too deeply.

According to the memoir, Obama later in the day referred to this event, saying “Well Reggie, it’s actually not a consolation to me that my campaign for president can help subsidize your love life.” 

Reggie’s book is expected to be published by Simon and Schuster in February.

screen shot of WaPo
screen shot of WaPo

Jonathan Gruber: Killing for Crime Control

Mona Charen has dredged up more Jonathan Gruber sludge, linking him to the Killing for Crime Control thesis made famous in the Freakonomics book and ensuing debate.

Referencing this 1998 article by Jonathan Gruber, et al, Freakonomics author Steven Levitt and colleague, John Donahue argued in a 2002 Quarterly Journal of Economics  article  that the availability of abortion had significant influence in lowering the crime rate.  This later was made available for public consumption in the 2005 Freakonomics chapter on abortion.

Besides connecting Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber with more of his macabre plans for social engineering, this underscores another leftist inconsistency.  Usually these people are arguing to mitigate penalties against established criminals, yet here you see them supporting the idea of aborting babies from groups considered  more likely to become social liabilities.  That’s the same as a death penalty exacted before a crime is even contemplated.

Gruber’s own conclusions from 1998: “Perhaps more importantly, these findings may also have implications for the lifelong prospects of the average child born after legalization. The children not born due to abortion availability would have grown up in adverse living circumstances that other studies have shown may be detrimental to later prospects.”

What other interesting ideas from the mind of Johnathan Gruber have made their way into the intrinsic design of Obamacare?

Replace Boehner

A number of conservative groups are encouraging Congress to replace John Boehner as Speaker of the House.  Rep Louie Gohmert has thrown his hat into the ring.  A recent poll suggests that 60 percent of those still calling themselves Republican favor a new Speaker.

Yours truly has dropped email to Rep. Luke Messer, asking him to oppose Boehner as speaker.

Conservatives please  write to your representative today and suggest some fresh air for Congress.

Kara and Brittany

Kara Tippetts, who openly pleaded with Brittany Maynard not to commit suicide, remains other-directed as she takes up the final leg of her life journey. She has entered hospice care.  Tippetts has written “The Hardest Peace” addressing her own battle with stage IV cancer, and facing the end of life.

Yesterday, there appeared a post on Kara’s blog, ostensibly from Brittany’s mom, about support for a “right” to choose one’s own manner of dying. People are finding so many new “rights” these days, and with each one there is a class of slaves who are assigned the job of providing for these things.

Prayers for God to cover Kara, and her family with His peace.