Berkeley Bed Bugs

"I saw a berkeley bedbug, sucking up a pint of blood"
I saw a berkeley bedbug, sucking up a pint of blood…..

In California, where almost everything is considered toxic, and is therefore regulated or banned by the government,  there’s a price to pay. Bay area KRON brings us news that  the North Branch Berkeley Public library has been closed down due to the presence of bedbugs in the restrooms, computer areas and reading areas of the facility.  Possibly to blame is transport of these critters on University of California, Berkeley students, who have been suffering chronic problems with bed bug infestation in their dorms.

One wonders how this problem will be addressed with the limited arsenal of insecticides available there, and in light of the fact that bedbugs have pretty good resistance to these measures.

Maybe bagging up the library 😉 or heating the interior above 110 degrees F will get the job done. provides some information on eradication which might benefit the People of Berkeley, and others who must fight the hordes of invading insects.

Did the Pope Have Anything to Do with This?

One should not be trying to legislate in an incapacitated state, and so it was a sensible decision by Speaker of the House, John Boehner to resign. Thanks to him and to Matt Drudge for making Pharmer’s day.

Prayers for Boehner and for the rest of the troubled politicians in Washington DC who likewise  need to resign.


Today is a Good Day
Today is a Good Day

A Health Care Professional Response to Killing and Selling Babies


Help yourself to this letter, health care professionals. The author likes to share.  Use it, sign it, send it to your congress critter, pass it on.

The video series currently being released by the Center for Medical Progress graphically depicts the depths to which medicine has fallen after it became legal and accepted to kill humans prior to, during, and shortly after birth. 
At this point, referring for abortions of supposedly ‘defective’ humans, or those resulting from sexual assault,  has become standard medical  practice.  Health care providers are considered negligent (and may even be successfully be sued) if they do not at least mention this option of killing unwanted offspring to patients.
Selling the body parts of killed humans naturally flows from accepting the inhumane processes by which their lives are snuffed.  Abortion providers and related personnel have joined the sex traffickers and slavers in the heinous practice of selling humans.
We hope that seeing the videos which expose Planned Parenthood and the various distributors of baby body parts will awaken the hearts of Americans and people around the globe, and allow them to understand the following:
We, the undersigned  health care professionals, would rather give up our practices than be forced to participate in the inhumane, and often tortuous killing of very young humans, and the sale of their body parts.   We pledge our assistance in replacing the government officials who appropriate  tax money and public resources in support of these profoundly immoral practices.

Karen L. Brauer MS, RPh

Use the form below  if you wish to have your name added here.

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Fire the Bureaucrats

Life News has reported that Arkansas child protective services officials have arranged an abortion for a 10 year old girl.  The mother of the girl had apparently reached out for help to Choices4life, a pro-life group which supports girls who have been impregnated by rapists.  Despite this, CPS took the girl for an abortion, although the guardian apparently refused to sign for it.

Elected officials attempted to intervene in this matter to no avail.  One of the problems with allowing leftists to run bureaucracies such as child “protective” services, is that they do not seem to have to answer to anyone.  The bureaucrats govern by default, and are not generally held accountable for their decisions.

Forced abortion is not a new thing in the United States.  It has been quietly carried out  by various branches of  misnamed “child protective services” for decades.  These particular organizations, (with the wrong people in charge)  have behaved little better than child traffickers in this regard, as the victims of rape have often been returned to their abusers.

In recent years, electing supposed conservatives to office has not yielded the desired effects, because these people have been too weak willed to clean the leftists out of the bureaucracies.

Is it possible that any elected, executive officials will have the courage to pink slip the entrenched leftist bureaucrats and effect a significant transformation of government?

The Darwin Award goes to LGBT Activist

Vance Day, a judge in Marion County Oregon has come under fire for opting to avoid officiating any marriages in order to dodge the conscience problems associated with putting his imprimatur on same sex weddings.

Jonathan J Cooper of AP quotes a gay ‘rights’ activist Jeana Frazzini as follows: “Taking that kind of a step really calls into question how an LGBTQ person could expect to be treated in a court of law,  It goes beyond marriage and gets to serious questions about judicial integrity.”

We should remember the reality that the mainline religious groups who ran to the aid of all people suffering from HIV, and who opposed  the culture of killing and abusing homosexuals are the same ones who disagree with gay marriage.

Frazzini comes from the same illogical  leftist ilk that calls pro lifers terrorists because they oppose killing very young humans.

It is time for the more reasonable of gay people in the U.S. to speak up for the religious groups which have advocated for their basic human right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.   They’ll need to be loud and proud to counter the leftist frauds which pretend to speak for their interests.  Who will assist them when the Christians, (who are taught to love all people = sinners) are persecuted, deprived of their jobs, jailed or killed?

Do lefties expect life with  with ISIS to be friendlier?

Frazzini apparently is counting on similarly incompetent leftists to provide for her health and  well being.  A good outcome is not expected.

She has earned the first place Darwin Award this week.

Advanced Bioscience Resources Procures Baby Parts from Planned Parenthood

Perrin Larton of Advanced BioScience Resources explains how her company obtains baby parts from abortions at Planned Parenthood, and how the babies are sometimes born alive.

Look for details about the difficulties of obtaining whole abdominal parts such as livers.

Remember, all of the vids in this series have been presented alongside their full footage.   Explained in this film is that  there have been federal regulations  against  funding embryonic stem cell research, but funding to fetal tissue research has continued.