ABC Inciting? Violence By Embedding Bombing Video in Live Action Story

Activists Targeting Planned Parenthood Release Second Undercover Video – ABC News.

Live Action has used a peaceful and effective means to oppose the unethical practices of planned parenthood.

ABC appears to be  most Uncivilly Inciting Violence by including an abortion clinic bombing video from 1998 in their presentation of Live Action’s efforts.  Pharmer is preserving a screen shot for posterity

The Aim of ABC is seems to be to  inspire some crazy person to do more bombings in response to the information revealed by Live Action of Planned Parenthood’s corruption, then try to smear the pro-lifers for this.

Live Action’s own aim is to see that planned parenthood is no longer funded by tax dollars, and that it stops aiding sex slavery, and stops doing abortions.

2 thoughts on “ABC Inciting? Violence By Embedding Bombing Video in Live Action Story

  1. The drive by state run liberal media is in the tank for the sexual predator-setter-uppers at PP. This is all they can do when the facts are against them. Kind of like the cheater Squeelers who have to play dirty to try to get back in the game against the Packers tonight.

    1. I was astonished that, after Obama called the media to be more civil, that they would risk putting the idea of violence into people's minds with that video. This is a hot contentious issue. Who knows what ABC could set off with that kind of uncivil news reporting. After all we couldn't start holding individuals responsible for their own actions just because the ideas and images are implanted by leftists.

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