Live Action: Late Term Abortion/Infanticide in New York

Live Action Films is in the process of uncovering American Infanticides.
The first portion of the film is done at Dr. Emily Women’s Health Center, 560 Southern BLVD, Bronx, New York, which does abortions up to 24 weeks gestation.
Hear the description from an abortion employee of the manner in which a born alive baby is killed at an abortion clinic in New York.

And what if the baby is born alive at home? “Flush it!”

The full footage of this video is offered online HERE

How Planned Parenthood “Helps” Women -Live Action Films

by KILLING their unborn little girls.

Here it is…… Planned Parenthood, Austin Texas, and there is no mistake about the assistance being given to this woman, to abort at five months if the baby is a girl, and try again immediately for a boy. Lady Shredder, “Rebecca”, might be obtaining some gratification in recommending a late term abortion, to be sure it is actually a girl who will be torn up.

You knew it was coming…… after the latest discussion of sex selection abortions, and Planned Parenthood’s paranoia that they were going to be stung by Live Action concerning their sex selection abortions. By the time planned parenthood gets that feeling, it’s already too late.

The definition of equal rights for women, in the minds of our feminazis is to be able to kill unborn girls, because they’d prefer a preponderance of boys. It’s Stockholm syndrome by proxy. It must be a severe and insidious kind of abuse which has twisted their brains into pretzels.

The ultimate control of women is exhibited by getting them to preferentially kill girls and call it women’s rights.

Live Action Petition Protect Our Girls

Is Planned Unparenthood Seeing Ghosts?

Planned Parenthood in red alert over undercover sex-selection abortion exposé |

RED ALERT!!! They’re freaking out over at planned unparenthood.. seeing apparitions of Live Action Actors, asking about determining the sex of their unborn baby, and about obtaining a sex-selective abortion. PP spokesperson Chloe Cooney complained to the Huffington post about suspicious incidents occurring at various clinics, which they suspect to be tied to impending exposure by the very famous Live Action Films or possibly some other pro-life groups.
Though planned unparenthood claims to find sex selective abortions “disturbing” it has opposed legislation to prohibit the practice.   Business is business – wouldn’t want to be turning away customers.

Read the Planned Paranoia HERE at Reality Check.

Obama Loves Planned Parenthood

Some people arrange flowers, and Pharmer arranges videos.

Obama forgets that Planned Parenthood does not provide mammograms.

Mammograms are not a money maker, and Planned Parenthood does not offer them.

Planned Parenthood is caught accepting a donation specifically to abort a Black baby.

Live Action Classic films show  Planned parenthood aiding and abetting sex slavery:  Click HERE for the VIDEO SERIES that the launched state and federal investigations, which caused Komen Foundation’s attempt  to withdraw funding.  Unfortunately Komen was not able to shake free of its abuser, and is suffering as a result.   There will be repeated media reminders to Komen that they must stay with their abusive “spouse”.

Celestial Discharge: Andrew Breitbart

Conservatives grieve the loss of another happy warrior, Andrew Breitbart, who fearlessly defended his profession, truth in journalism, and his beliefs publicly. Pharmer expresses gratitude to Breitbart for giving a forum to James O’Keefe, Live Action Films, the Memorial Day Weekend, Springer Scoop on Anthony Wiener, Fraud at the Dept. of Agriculture, the real Occupooper agenda, and so many other stories the old media chose to lose. Pharmer has this to say about Mr. Breitbart going to God so early : Good for him and BAD for US. Prayers for his family, and thanks for sharing him with America. His fearlessness and desire for truth is a model for conservatives to emulate

This one is up on my blog because this H.S. aged Gurl is responding in thoughtful and rational manner to the loss of Andrew Breitbart, whom she admired.

Thoughtful and rational at age 17……… yep she’s a real conservative.

Does Planned Parenthood provide Mammograms?


courtesy of Live Action Films.

Senior Vice President for Policy, Karen Handel has resigned from the Komen Foundation. She has been credited with initiating the Komen decision to stop funding Planned Parenthood. Handel says she supported the decision but that the idea was initiated before she was hired into her position, in April 2011.

Jill Stanek notes that Karen Handel has declined a severance package from Komen. What this means is that her departure is probably about as good for Komen as the departure of Abby Johnson was for planned unparenthood. Know what I mean?? 😉

Head over to Jill’s place to see what happened when ATT disconnected planned unparenthood.