Live Action: Late Term Abortion/Infanticide in New York

Live Action Films is in the process of uncovering American Infanticides.
The first portion of the film is done at Dr. Emily Women’s Health Center, 560 Southern BLVD, Bronx, New York, which does abortions up to 24 weeks gestation.
Hear the description from an abortion employee of the manner in which a born alive baby is killed at an abortion clinic in New York.

And what if the baby is born alive at home? “Flush it!”

The full footage of this video is offered online HERE

2 thoughts on “Live Action: Late Term Abortion/Infanticide in New York

  1. I think people are reading things into this that aren't there. The "counselor" clearly just starts making stuff up when she doesn't know the answer. Most of what she says is nonsensical.

    She is *not* a reliable source of information and I think *nothing* that she says is credible.

    1. Much of what is in science and medical journals, and from the FDA, CDC, NIH, etc. has similar lack of credibility. Unfortunately, the constant stream of misinformation is affecting policy and behavior.

      This woman is influencing behavior in her current position as an abortion clinic employee. She has now become useful for helping people to understand the quality and attitudes of those who provide abortion services.

      Without legal constraints, the toilet delivery clinical pathway would be the protocol of choice in every clinic in which third trimester abortions occur.

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