TX Late Term Abortionist, Douglas Karpen, Cleared by Grand Jury

After seven months, a grand jury in Texas has cleared Douglas Karpen of infanticide charges (killing babies born alive after late term abortions) in his Houston clinic.

No Indictment for Abortionist Accused of Killing Babies Born Alive.

Karpen’s accusers were his former employees, who photographed the clinic and some of the dead babies, and provided information to Life Dynamics and Operation Rescue. They claimed that he had falsified records, had done abortions after the 24 week limit, and killed babies who were born alive after his procedures.

Linked here is a video of protests, calling for the investigation of Douglas Karpen, and a little detail about his political connections.

Click here to listen to an interview of some of Karpen’s accusers by the folks at Life Dynamics.  There’s also an option at that link to see very sick photographic evidence, but you have to actively scroll an embedded Scribd document to see it.



Live Action Uncovers Plaza Inn Abortions, Albuquerque, New Mexico

Live Action Films has done an expose  of the close relationship that the Plaza Inn  in Albuquerque, NM has with the Southwestern Women’s Options. Plaza Hotel offers discount rates and transportation and is helping to bring late term abortion tourism to Albuquerque, NM.

Wichita, KS had been the late term abortion capitol of the U.S. until George Tiller was unnaturally caused to meet the same fate as his almost-born patients. Since New Mexico has no abortion restrictions, it was natural for late term abortionists to settle there.

This film, CLICK IT HERE, features phone call inquiries to the abortion clinic and  to the Plaza hotel, juxtaposed with an earlier undercover visit to Southwestern Women’s Options.

Live Action Films present Abortion Hotel Plaza Inn, Albuquerque
Live Action Films presents Abortion Hotel Plaza Inn, Albuquerque
Live Action Films- What the Southwestern Women's Center Counselor tells women to do at the hotel
Live Action Films What the Southwestern Women’s Options Counselor tells women to do at the hotel

Jill Stanek is wondering how guests at the Plaza Inn would feel, knowing that the room they are using had been the labor and delivery room during a late term abortion, and questioned the ability of the hotel staff to maintain appropriate sanitation.

UPDATE:   The abortion supporters had to spend a million bucks to defeat legislation which would have banned abortions after 20 weeks gestation in Abuquerque.  There are more voters registered in that locality than there were in the previous election.  Early and absentee ballots were the key to defeating the abortion ban.   By all indications, Pro-lifers will continue this locally based strategy of restricting abortions with a more clearly worded bills, and wring more resources from the Lefties.

Pro-life “Ninja Spies” BUST Obama Left for Supporting Late Term Abortion

Operation Rescue is known in pro-life circles for having “ninja spy” tentacles which diligently keep tabs on the abortion sellers and supporters.  This time, they have busted Barack Obama’s far left, Organizing for Action group for nationalizing the local Albuquerque, NM issue of limiting abortion to 20 weeks gestation.  A petition in that city brought up a referendum to protect pain capable unborn children by prohibiting abortions after 20 weeks.  At this point, protection for late term babies appears to have majority support from likely voters.

Obama’s minions are attempting to bring outside volunteers and money to oppose the municipal  late term abortion ban in Albuquerque.  A email by Kelli Lamb of BarackObama.com,  and the womens’ issues coordinator for Obama’s Organizing for Action, brought leftists together to hear from Jennifer Lawson, field director of the Planned Parenthood Action Fund. She solicited funds and volunteers from the OFA  national conference call, to overcome the initiative to prohibit late term abortions after 20 weeks.

Operation Rescue reminds us that Obama is still all about abortion, more abortion, tax funded abortion, and late term abortion.  The one promise that our infanticidal president seems to keep is his pledge to back Planned Parenthood, and back the killing of unborn, intrapartum, and post partum babies.

Recycling Gone Mad

Baby Found Dead On Conveyor Belt At Victorville Recycling Plant « CBS Los Angeles.

A newborn baby girl, wrapped in a blanket was found on the conveyor belt of a San Bernardino County recycling plant in Victorville, CA.

Police are asking help from citizens to help them find the mother and asking them to call homicide detective Bryan Zierdt at 909-387-3589.

The cause of death is yet to be determined.

Maybe someone had an excessive dose of the recycling dogma.

What Motivates Obama to Punish the Babies with Inhumane Execution ?

The Memory Dept., Down on the Pharm,  pulls up Obama’s town hall in Johnstown, PA, 3-29-2008,  in which he mentioned not wanting his daughters (then 6 and 9 years old) to be punished with a baby. 

Obama: "I don't want them punished with a baby"
Obama: “I don’t want them punished with a baby”

Why is our abortionist in chief  so hell bent on punishing babies both newborn and preborn, by means of painful execution methods employed by the abortion industry?  Obama’s advisors are telling him to to veto Rep.Trent Franks’  Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which has just been passed (today) in the House.

Life News has provided  today’s  house voting record  (click HERE)  so  you can see how your representative weighed in on this decision.  The new Act bans abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy except in cases of rape, incest and to save a mother’s life, although the latter is actually inapplicable.

Does the Church have a Nathan to Stand Up to the Ruling Class?

Pelosi abortion sacred ground
Nancy Pelosi on Trent Frank’s Pain Capable Unborn Child Act. 6-13-13

Crazy Nancy Pelosi has been at it again.  Her latest abominations are  designating abortion and infanticide decisions as sacred ground, and citing her Catholic faith to justify her support of these genocidal practices.  (Watch video HERE.)

The first reading from the Bible at Sunday Mass was 2 Samuel 12:7-10, 13 in which the prophet, Nathan, got in King David’s face about his sinful ingratitude for God’s blessings on him.  David had arranged for the death of one of his generals, Uriah, so that he could take the man’s wife, Bathsheba.

This got your friendly Pharmer thinking about the tremendous vacuum in the leadership of the church regarding the horrid moral performance of our current ruling class.  Nathan was surely risking his head when he addressed King David in this manner”  “Why have you despised the word of the LORD, to do what is evil in his sight? You have smitten Uri’ah the Hittite with the sword, and have taken his wife to be your wife, and have slain him with the sword of the Ammonites.”

Nathan admonishes King David

Is there a Nathan among the church leadership  who is willing  to get up in Pelosi’s face concerning her latest statement about her sacrament of abortion, and using her supposed Catholic background to justify it?  We know that the strong arm of the IRS, with a projected  force of 16,000 new employees, and its AR-15  training program, is daunting.

We do have some courageous pastors, of various denominations, who have directly addressed the transgressions of Nancy Pelosi and  our government, but among the bulk of  Church leadership, the silence has been deafening.

Update:   Fr. Frank Pavone has sent Pelosi a letter  castigating her for referencing her so-called Catholic faith while defending late term abortion  (which, as practiced in the U.S., includes infanticide).

Demand A Funeral For Gosnell’s Victims

Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist, was convicted of murdering live born babies. Since that time, pro-life groups have requested that the babies, found at his clinic, be buried like any other deceased humans. The Philadelphia Medical Examiner has refused a request by Fr. Frank Pavone to allow him to provide burial services for the murder victims.

Today there is a pro-life tweetfest, to encourage the medical examiner to change his mind. This very well might happen if enough people find out about the issue. Tweet your requests for funeral services for the babies using hashtag #Gosnellbabies. Please pass it on.

Chinese Firefighters Rescue Newborn Flushed Down Toilet

Tenants in the Chinese city of Jinhua called firefighters when they heard a baby crying on the fourth floor, Saturday, 5/25/13.  The responders rescued a baby boy from a toilet sewage pipe. He was a new born with the placenta still attached. The infant has survived the ordeal, and, as expected after a post-birth abortion attempt,  no parent has come to claim him. The U.S., with its Gosnell, Karpen, and others, can claim no moral superiority in this matter.

Video is available HERE
firefighter rescues baby flushed down toilet

toilet baby rescued in China

Watch video here. <—

UPDATE with more pics:   Mom claims it was an accident. 


Three Former Clinic Employees from the Abortion/Infanticide Interface

Gosnell’s trial is wrapped up, and now it’s time to move on to deal with the rest of the clinics at which infanticide occurs regularly.

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics interviewed three former employees of a late term abortion clinic which was still operating at the time this film was made.
Click HERE to view the video, for information about how the babies are killed at a late term abortion clinic.  

Gosnell is not alone.

In this film, the real names of the clinic workers are given, obviously with their permission. The  actual clinic is not named, in order to avoid interfering with a criminal investigation.

Abortion clinic employees life dynamics LTA 5-13

Prayers for total conversion and peace for  these former clinic workers, who are ‘divorcing’ from this industry, and have decided to speak out publicly.

Here’s where any abortion clinic employees can get assistance to bail out of the killing industry. CLICK!! They can choose to exit publicly or as anonymously as they want.

Here’s another approach at the Life Dynamics Clinic Worker Site.

UPDATE  They say everything in Texas is bigger……. abortions too!!

The investigation of this clinic goes way back and  the decision has been made to release the information to the public since criminal investigation has been stalled.  It seems that Texas officials think that there is not enough evidence to pursue action.  Check out some of the pics taken by employees at the clinic to see if you think Texas abortion restrictions have been broken.  Warning, they are extremely disturbing.

Photos of Babies 1 &amp; 2

Three informants, Gigi Aguliar, Deborah Edge and Krystal Rodriguez have supplied evidence and affidavits to the Texas Medical Board and Attorney General Greg Abbott in 2012. They had responded to an Operation Rescue postcard urging clinic workers to report if they suspected illegal activities at their place of employment. The three had been working with Alliance Defending Freedom, And Then Their Were None, and Operation Rescue to submit this info to TX authorities, who, in February 2013, wrote that there was not sufficient evidence to pursue action against abortionist Douglas Karpen and Aaron Women’s Clinic in Houston TX. See video of the interior.

Working around the lamestream media to expose the Kermit Gosnell case is part of what delayed  submission of the abortion atrocities in Houston for public consideration, after authorities refused to take action.  It will only be this exposure that induces the Texas medical board and attorney general to do the right thing.

From Operation Rescue comes the contact information for Texas authorities.  We know that pro-lifers will be supremely courteous as they fill up the email boxes and ring the phones of state officials who balk at enforcing abortion restrictions and regulations.  Please keep  our public servants busy.

Mike Anderson, District Attorney Harris County, Texas
1201 Franklin Street, Suite 600, Houston, Texas 77002-1923
Voice: (713)-755-5800
E-Mail: Armand_Stephanie@dao.hctx.net

Greg Abbott, Attorney General of Texas
Office of the Attorney General
PO Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711-2548
Voice: (512) 463-2050
E-Mail: robert.allen@texasattorneygeneral.gov

Texas Medical Board
333 Guadalupe
Tower 3, Suite 610
Austin, TX 78701
Voice: (512) 305-7010
E-Mail: verifcic@tmb.state.tx.us


Per Tweet News, Kermit Gosnell Found Guilty

….. of murdering 3 live born Babies, and of involuntary manslaughter of one Mom, Karnamaya Mongar.

None of the media outlets can agree on how many charges Gosnell faced, with the numbers ranging from the 230’s to above 260, but the huge burden is the likely reason that the jury took so long in deliberating the many verdicts.

This hugely significant trial is most notable for having been ignored by the media, most of which only began covering the issue when forced to by its repetition in the social media.

The practices by Gosnell are not so notable, as many abortion clinics exhibit deplorable standards of practice and unsanitary conditions.  Also, the practice of infanticide is widespread at late term abortion clinics, in which babies who are born alive are killed by neglect, suffocation or other methods.