Three Former Clinic Employees from the Abortion/Infanticide Interface

Gosnell’s trial is wrapped up, and now it’s time to move on to deal with the rest of the clinics at which infanticide occurs regularly.

Mark Crutcher of Life Dynamics interviewed three former employees of a late term abortion clinic which was still operating at the time this film was made.
Click HERE to view the video, for information about how the babies are killed at a late term abortion clinic.  

Gosnell is not alone.

In this film, the real names of the clinic workers are given, obviously with their permission. The  actual clinic is not named, in order to avoid interfering with a criminal investigation.

Abortion clinic employees life dynamics LTA 5-13

Prayers for total conversion and peace for  these former clinic workers, who are ‘divorcing’ from this industry, and have decided to speak out publicly.

Here’s where any abortion clinic employees can get assistance to bail out of the killing industry. CLICK!! They can choose to exit publicly or as anonymously as they want.

Here’s another approach at the Life Dynamics Clinic Worker Site.

UPDATE  They say everything in Texas is bigger……. abortions too!!

The investigation of this clinic goes way back and  the decision has been made to release the information to the public since criminal investigation has been stalled.  It seems that Texas officials think that there is not enough evidence to pursue action.  Check out some of the pics taken by employees at the clinic to see if you think Texas abortion restrictions have been broken.  Warning, they are extremely disturbing.

Photos of Babies 1 & 2

Three informants, Gigi Aguliar, Deborah Edge and Krystal Rodriguez have supplied evidence and affidavits to the Texas Medical Board and Attorney General Greg Abbott in 2012. They had responded to an Operation Rescue postcard urging clinic workers to report if they suspected illegal activities at their place of employment. The three had been working with Alliance Defending Freedom, And Then Their Were None, and Operation Rescue to submit this info to TX authorities, who, in February 2013, wrote that there was not sufficient evidence to pursue action against abortionist Douglas Karpen and Aaron Women’s Clinic in Houston TX. See video of the interior.

Working around the lamestream media to expose the Kermit Gosnell case is part of what delayed  submission of the abortion atrocities in Houston for public consideration, after authorities refused to take action.  It will only be this exposure that induces the Texas medical board and attorney general to do the right thing.

From Operation Rescue comes the contact information for Texas authorities.  We know that pro-lifers will be supremely courteous as they fill up the email boxes and ring the phones of state officials who balk at enforcing abortion restrictions and regulations.  Please keep  our public servants busy.

Mike Anderson, District Attorney Harris County, Texas
1201 Franklin Street, Suite 600, Houston, Texas 77002-1923
Voice: (713)-755-5800

Greg Abbott, Attorney General of Texas
Office of the Attorney General
PO Box 12548
Austin, TX 78711-2548
Voice: (512) 463-2050

Texas Medical Board
333 Guadalupe
Tower 3, Suite 610
Austin, TX 78701
Voice: (512) 305-7010


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