TX Late Term Abortionist, Douglas Karpen, Cleared by Grand Jury

After seven months, a grand jury in Texas has cleared Douglas Karpen of infanticide charges (killing babies born alive after late term abortions) in his Houston clinic.

No Indictment for Abortionist Accused of Killing Babies Born Alive.

Karpen’s accusers were his former employees, who photographed the clinic and some of the dead babies, and provided information to Life Dynamics and Operation Rescue. They claimed that he had falsified records, had done abortions after the 24 week limit, and killed babies who were born alive after his procedures.

Linked here is a video of protests, calling for the investigation of Douglas Karpen, and a little detail about his political connections.

Click here to listen to an interview of some of Karpen’s accusers by the folks at Life Dynamics.  There’s also an option at that link to see very sick photographic evidence, but you have to actively scroll an embedded Scribd document to see it.